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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Our multi ethnicity is one of the best things about Nigeria.


One of the many causes of our numerous problems as a nation is the belief that some parts of the country is more blessed than the other.

I want every right thinking person to erase that thought from his or her mind.

Every part of this beautiful country is blessed.
We all have our endowment.
We all have our gifts.

No gift is superior!
None is inferior!

All that is needed to make us thrive and succeed is every part producing the best of what they are endowed with.

There are good people in all parts!

Just like we have the bad and the ugly in all parts.
No part is made up entirely of good people.
That should get into our heads.

One of our biggest strengths as a nation is our “Multi Ethnicity!”
It’s so beautiful to have people with different languages, culture and religion in a country.

Yesterday, I had an outing for my charity/empowerment foundation and I observed a lot of things from these young people.

I took time to make them introduce themselves, their state of origin and lots more.

Afterwards, I asked them all to point out who their best friend is.

An Igbo girl has an Hausa or Fulani girl as a best friend and they love each other.
A Yoruba boy has an Igbo boy as best friend and they love each other.

At that level, they see no difference or demarcation.
Love and innocence in their purest forms.

What does this tell you?
We were not born with hatred for each or one another…
It was learnt …
It was brought about by a lot of man made factors…
And I want every right thinking person to stand up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Growing up…
I used to hear a lot of things from IGBOS who are old people now and who even experienced the much talked about Biafran war.

I used to hear things that connote in many ways that the man from the “NORTH” is peaceful, free spirited and without problems!

When you are perceived as peaceful…
They say things like;

“Ina eme Ka Hausa” meaning ( you act like the Hausa people)!

I used to also hear; “Imana o bu Hausa… Onwero nsogbu!” Meaning “she is just like the Hausa person without problems!”

So I am asking now…
What changed?

I have heard many IGBOS say openly that the Hausa man is very honest and content and not greedy.
I know people (IGBO people) who tell me confidently that once they do business with an Hausa person, they are sure of not being cheated!

So what changed?

If the Hausa man is so terrible and hates the IGBO man so much…
Why did many IGBOS settle down comfortably in the north?
Why was land sold to them?

(Don’t tell me it’s because IGBOS bring progress o because apart from Anambra state and maybe some parts of Abia, many parts of Igbo land lack progress and are grossly under developed)

What ever hatred or rift etc that exists between us in Nigeria is man made.
Brought about by greed and corruption of the highest order.

Now the hallelujah challenge is on going and we are a religious set of people so the challenge has a lot of followers.
But the state of the country goes beyond singing hallelujah for one hour in the midnight.

There is work to be done and it starts by everyone of us purging our individual hearts of hate and all manners of negativity that stand in the way of the advancement and progress of humanity and our nation NIGERIA.

Beyond chanting hallelujah, our attitude and life must change for the better.
We must love our neighbours as ourself.

We must play our part to make Nigeria and humanity better.

We have work to do.
Our collective effort is the only thing that can change Nigeria for the better.

Get involved.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: LETS FIGHT CANCER.


Cancer is becoming or has become so common these days.
Diseases that used to be rare are now everywhere like Malaria.
It is worrisome!

In as much as we don’t have control over some things that happen to us, precautionary measures can go a long way to help prevent some of these things!

Cancer is strange.
Cancer is complex.
Cancer is extremely ugly.

Genetics and lifestyle are major factors that bring about #cancer

We can’t guarantee that we can live 100% free from some things that can cause cancer but we can try to reduce the risk of cancer by watching what we consume and the kind of lifestyle we lead.

Do you know that smoking can increase your chances of having cancer. Smoking alone can cause more than 10 different types of cancer.
Yes I know you had an uncle who smoked and was healthy till he was 150 years old. But you may not be as lucky as that uncle of yours. I don’t see any advantage associated with smoking. Socially and health wise, it’s bad.

Obesity and excess accumulation of fat in the body can lead to a lot of terrible ailments. Cancer is one of such ailments. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of colon, breast (in women who have been through menopause), and endometrial cancer, among several others.

Lack of exercise (which I am very guilty of) can also cause cancer. People who have very high activity level at all times hardly fall sick and that’s a known fact.

Sleeping with the TV on etc.
This cancer risk factor isn’t as well studied as, say, smoking or excessive sun exposure, but it’s still worth mentioning. Studies suggest that exposing our bodies to artificial light at night increases risk for certain cancers, such as breast and prostate (which require hormones to grow), according to a paper in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. There is some evidence that women who work night shifts have shown slightly higher rates of breast cancer, whereas blind women have shown decreased risks. And a study of 164 countries indicated those with higher overall levels of artificial light at night were associated with higher incidences of breast cancer. One possible explanation is exposure to artificial light at night suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps control the sleep cycle, and works as a powerful antioxidant. Some research suggests lower levels of melatonin are linked to a higher risk of breast cancer.

Alcohol consumption.
Alcohol consumption can expose you to the risk of cancer.

We can’t control the genetic factors except of cause by knowing the family health history of people we are getting married to.

If you have had incidents of cancer in your home (maybe your parents or siblings), the chances are there.
It’s not a crime to ask to know these things so that adequate care will be taken and a healthy lifestyle maintained.


More than 50% of all cancer cases are preventable.

There are more than 200 types and subtypes of #cancer

There are about 28 million #cancer survivors world wide. Cancer is not a death sentence.

Only 5-10% of all cancers are hereditary.
Lifestyle and environment play major roles.
Diets, activity level, obesity and fatness, alcohol, smoking and exposure to UV light and sunlight etc play major roles.

The left #breast is more prone to cancer than the right.

We can prevent it!
We should know about it!
We should talk about it!
We should improve on out lifestyle!
We should take care!
We should be enlightened!


#cancer causes more deaths than tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS combined.

Any part of the #body can be affected by cancer.

Over 30% of cancer could be prevented by staying away from tobacco, alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet, having increased activity level etc.

#walking as a form of exercise can reduce the #risk of #breastcancer by 25%

A single cigarette contains more than 4800 chemicals and about 69 of them are known to cause cancer.

Listen, multi-vitamins increase the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Taller women are more likely to suffer cancer.

Pre diabetes increases cancer risk by 15%

Red wine kills cancer cells.

Well trained dogs can sniff out prostrate cancers with 98% accuracy.

A man is 35% more likely to be diagnosed with #prostrate cancer than a woman is likely to be diagnosed of #breast cancer.

#Plants suffer cancer too.

Air #pollution causes lung cancer and can also lead to increased risk of #bladder cancer.

Cancers are primarily #environmental diseases. 90-95% of the cases are attributed to environmental factors and 5-10% due to genetics.

Most cases of cancer are linked to #alcohol intake. WHO has classified alcohol as group 1 #carcinogens


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Love does not have to be earned!


We live in a world where kindness is taken or regarded as weakness… But nope!
Kindness is a sign of strength. Kindness for me is a way I connect to my fellow humans emotionally.
It’s my little way of helping to build people instead of tearing or bringing them down.

Again, we live in a world where people think you are weak when you show your emotions… But nope!
I show my emotions and darling, I am a strong woman. I never get ashamed and will never be ashamed for showing how I feel. If I am happy, everyone around me knows that… And if I am sad, I will sob shamelessly and everyone around me will know too and that does not mean I am weak!
Suppressing one’s emotions is a very bad thing to do. It makes you hoard feelings good or bad. When you hoard your feelings good or bad… It has adverse effects on you and the people around you and you can’t inspire anyone!
A lot of people feel very comfortable talking to me about their problems and sharing their bliss with me because I have not painted the picture of a being with a perfect life by covering up my emotions and giving the impression that I am overly happy.
Showing how you feel means you are real and real people are strong people!!! Then again, showing unconditional love isn’t a sign of weakness. Some people will say; “Oma, but this person has not done anything to deserve this love you give them!” And I always say; “love is not earned… If it is earned, then it is not love!”
And I saw something one day that says; “a woman who takes you back after you have cheated, insulted and maltreated her is not loyal… She is weak!” And I laughed because I just knew the writer doesn’t understand!
Only strong people love unconditionally…
Only strong people give when they have not received!
Only strong people forgive when the worst has been done to them!
Unconditional love isn’t weakness… It is one of the best form of strength!

I am not a weak woman… I am a very strong woman!
And I will remain me!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Being successful isn’t dependent on the certificates you have.


Your level of formal education does not determine how successful you will be. Acquiring tons of certificates is not what is needed to make you great.
Formal education is very important… There is also nothing wrong with upgrading yourself if you really “need” to. I mean I need to upgrade in some areas too and I have my heart set on one of the IVY LEAGUE schools. But if you think that just acquiring papers is enough to make you great or successful, then you are a practical joker.
Being successful isn’t dependent on the certificates you have. It is dependent on who you are as a person… Do you possess certain traits?
Do you have goals?
What do you want out of life?
What drives you?

Let me tell you something…
Do you know that most people hide their weaknesses, laziness and inadequacies behind certificates?
When they now feel like they have acquired enough, they start to carry this huge sense of entitlement about. You often hear them say; “I have my PhD therefore I should be employed by so so and so. I have my M.Sc, I should be doing this and this.
Listen, if with all the papers you have acquired, you are still totally dependent on the society for job creation, then you are a total waste and burden!
Should the society not benefit from your so called wealth of knowledge? Why are you still a burden?
I should think that the essence of spending so much time and money plus energy to acquire a paper is to make our society better… Like I was saying, acquiring papers doesn’t make one successful!
More so what I see around are folks who have paper knowledge but totally disable when it comes to practice. They can define all terms but can’t put to practice what they have learned or claim to have learned… So what’s the point?
Many people really have no business acquiring these papers. For most, it has killed talents, natural abilities and lots more!
There are a lot of educated of people who are not successful because they do not know how to use what they know.
Having all the papers in the world cannot transform a dullard to a smart person.
To be successful, you need to be extremely smart, have set goals, hardworking, focused, be a risk taker and lots more…

Be inspired!!!