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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The journey to success is a process, don’t be fooled.

Marilyn Oma Anona
Host and producer of Omaliving Show

People should stop deceiving people and tell them the reality on ground.
Stop making life and it’s processes seem like a bed of roses and conveniently omitting the part that tells them know that ROSES have thorns too.

Some of this MOTIVATIONAL speakers are experts at ruining lives with the type of lies they tell.

Tell people the truth!

Let them understand that the process and journey to true success is a very tough one.

Stop telling them or making them believe that becoming an entrepreneur is the only thing they need to do to succeed.
Tell them the bitter truth of the tough processes involved beyond the start up capital.

I am a different kind of speaker and won’t tell you things to make you unnecessarily excited.

I will tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly!

Tell people the truth…
That is the real empowerment!
That is the real motivation!
That is the real inspiration!
MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS please stop lying to people.
Let them know that LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES.
Of course I know by just looking at your shoes and wristwatch but many of my age mates are not as deep.

I have been on this journey as an entrepreneur in a male dominated industry that is not so straight forward like buying and selling for some time now.

It requires patience and a long time for you to even talk of breaking even.

It requires a strong labour force made up of very passionate people.

It’s an industry that thrives on nepotism and not merit.
As such, if you don’t know A or B, you will toil and sweat even with a good product.

Ideas, talents are not even enough.

We live in a society made up of predators and people who do not support growth.

We live in a society where corporate sponsorship is a not easy to come by despite how valuable your product or idea is.

We live in a society where people only want to latch on to something that is already grown, established and popular.

Nobody supports growth.

Being an enterpreneur in this part of the world is difficult.

Motivational speakers need to let people know this.

There is a lot of work and it is not bread and butter.

Stop lying and damaging the brains of our youths.
You encourage the get rich quick syndrome.


POSHMARILYN POETRY AND POEMS: Hopeful yet Helpless by Abimbola Geraldine Salau.

Abimbola Salau

I wrote this poem thinking about the state of society.Its really heart wrenching to see people struggle and go through all forms of humiliation just to provide daily needs.The poverty rate in Nigeria is so appalling.These individuals need help.For the Love of mankind…

‘hopeful yet helpless’
In abject poverty and squalor,
They live in immense horror,
You see them from dawn to dusk,
Faces covered in a mask,
The common man who feeds from dirt-bread crust,
The man made from dust,

From sunrise to sunset;they toil,
Tilling the soil,
Praying for rain,
Not reminiscing the pain,
They are of high spirit,even in this difficulty
But who will we find faulty?
Is it those who feed till they are bloated?
While we are starved and repressed,
Is it those converged in the assembly?
While we cry with lips cracked dry!

It is that time,
No sooner we believe their lies,
Heads and feet in lines,
You see them with bags and bags,
But here-after we return to our rags,
Hopeful yet helpless!
Again I say! Who will we find faulty?
We need an emancipation of our minds,
An overhaul of our spirit,
In our bodies,souls and hearts,
Then and only then will we be free from these bounds.

By:Salau Abimbola Geraldine.

The Exemplary Father: Meet Chike Delic Obi and his son “young Delic”.

Chike Delic Obi and young Delic

The society seems to be concentrating on the females alone.
Every turn you take, you hear of and see programs and event all geared towards empowering and enlightening women. It is not a bad thing.

But without the males, the system won’t be so balanced and as such marital and relationship problems will continue. So the men also need to be empowered, enlightened, encouraged and celebrated.

Chike Delic Obi and his son

A good home needs to have a good father and a good mother. A good mother is not enough.

We know that the man especially in Africa has the traditional role of providing and fending for his household and this is likely to get him choked or deny him the opportunity of sharing the desired amount or level of bond and closeness with his children. But then, to be truly successful we must strive to be all rounded.

Chike Delic Obi

There are various aspects of every individual’s life and care should be taken to share and devote time to most of these aspects and fatherhood is not exempted.

What is fatherhood?
A quick definition may tell us that fatherhood is about getting a woman pregnant and having a child at the end of the day, providing for that child till he grows.

But providing for a child is just one aspect of the big job and it is not enough to make you a father.

A true and exemplary father must create time for his child or children to nurture and bond with them.

*** Nurture is not just for the woman.
*** Bonding is not just for the woman. *** Playing with the kids is not just for the woman.
*** Helping the kids out with their assignments is not just for the woman. *** Taking the kids out on a date is not just for the woman.
The examples are just inexhaustible.

Young Delic Obi

A good father must understand his roles. They are as much as a woman’s role. Bringing up children in a home requires the concerted efforts of the man and his wife in order to have children who are happy and balanced in their thinking and behaviour.

Today, “POSHMARILYN” features a Nigerian man who from all indication is an exemplary father.
His name is “CHIKE DELIC OBI”. He has such a busy schedule just like most men who reside in the US and do legitimate jobs. But Delic is seen with young Delic almost on daily basis.
The bonding is “out of this world” and makes most young and “yet to be” married females yearn to have a husband that will be such a father as Delic.

“CHIKE DELIC OBI” is not just an exemplary father but a very devoted, respectful and living husband.

In this age and time when negative stories of bad and broken marriages fill the media and social media space, a tour on his profile gives hope to people who are already giving up on society, marriage and family.

Chike Delic Obi is a father and a husband worthy of emulation.

We need more Wise mothers and more exemplary fathers in our society.

Follow Delic on Facebook : CHIKE DELIC OBI.

Be Enlightened! Be inspired! Be motivated!

Poshmarilyn Society.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: No to jungle justice.

It was 5:45am on Tuesday, he woke up having an unusual tight feeling in his chest. A feeling he couldn’t explain being a mere human. But he was ill at ease. He knelt down and prayed as is his morning tradition. After his prayers, he brought out his “MacBook” to do some work, send his mails before heading out for his morning jogging/power walk. When he was done, he put on his sneakers and jogging suit and made for the door. But on a second thought, he decided to call his precious wife. Normally he should do that when he comes back from his morning exercise but on that day, it was different. He called her and they spoke before he hit the road of the small and remote community he had been posted to for his assignment as a military man in a west African country.

He bolted the door of his apartment, and made for the road. For more than 4 weeks, he has been doing his work out on regular basis. Often greeting the villagers as he passed them. But on this fateful day, he decided to take another route in a bid to get used to other parts of the community. He got confused as he couldn’t find his way back. He decided to ask a woman he saw by the road for directions. He came close to her and in a friendly manner asked her for directions back to his abode.

But on seeing the pistol fastened to his belt, the woman raised an alarm calling on the villagers to come and see a thief an armed robber in their land.
He was confident and therefore didn’t take to his heels because he wasn’t a robber. He patiently tried to explain to the woman that he is an army officer but in a space of seconds, a large crowd not eager to hear him out had drowned his voice and are more concerned with harming him than listen to him or take him to the police station as should be the case even if an armed robber was caught in the scene of a crime.

No they didn’t listen to him and even handing the pistol over to them couldn’t stop them from the task which they were bent on accomplishing. He pleaded, he showed his “IDENTITY CARD” but the responses he got were hard beatings descending on him, people beating him with big planks and sticks, and then others carrying blocks and hurling them directly on his head and chest.
In just a minute, he was dead!
And as if that was not enough, they dragged him on the rough ground to the road and set him ablaze!!!

In less than 3 minutes, the deed was done. A promising future and an entire generation wiped out of the surface of the earth for no just cause. A harmless man who was on assignment to protect was killed for absolutely no reason.
They didn’t know him, at least that’s their claim.
But an entire village showed the actual practice of “DIVISION OF LABOUR” in committing this act against humanity.

After the deed was done, they were all satisfied.

But soon, they realised they had made a horrible mistake and they had killed an innocent man for nothing. Even if he was indeed a thief, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way. But he was not a thief and not close to one. He was a noble man, he was so young, he had a young wife and kids, he had a great future but all that was cut short because of the irrationality, anger and rage of men.

Jungle justice…
There is absolutely no justification!

There has been so many incidents of jungle justice and mobbing in Africa and it’s so disturbing as it seems to be a daily affair now.
There is no day we don’t wake up to hear very disturbing stories of people being beaten and set ablaze for reasons that can’t be justified. The worst part of it is that some of these people are very innocent.

Many cases come to our mind when we think jungle justice.

The ALUU 4.
This shook Nigeria. It was a very sad one. 4 young men were paraded, beaten to death and burnt for absolutely nothing. They were not thieves, they were not murderers. They were young men with none amongst them older than 23 as at that time. One was even an only child but a group of angry villagers descended on them and today, they are history.

The Bakassi.
This was a group known to use all sorts of barbaric activities to destroy thieves and criminals but as always, a lot of people who were innocent fell prey to their practices.
With Bakassi, there was nothing like judgement. You are killed immediately their detection matches flashes red the moment you pass them. That alone shows you are guilty. Imagine that.

And the instances go on and on!!!

Jungle justice is very unacceptable and we cannot sit back and watch it become a culture and tradition.

We must all say no to jungle justice.

Being present in the scene and being a spectator makes you as guilty. It is something to be frowned at and condemned.

Thieves are very evil and destructive. I have had my terrible experiences with them but then, the police and the courts are there for a reason even though I know the system has some reforms to do.

Jungle justice is a no no!

We must say no to it at all levels.

Can go a long way to help curb this menace.

It’s not something to be neglected, ignored or overlooked.


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: 10 Nigerians who use Facebook positively.

Social media has made life a lot easier and there are many of them. But amongst all,Facebook was the best for a long time until Instagram took over. A lot of people, companies, brands and organisations have benefitted from Facebook. But like everything, it comes with it’s own disadvantages especially if used negatively.

Facebook is one of the wonders of the modern world and we will forever appreciate Mark Zuckerberg for this innovation and invention.

I threw out questions to fans and followers asking to know who they would nominate for the positive use of Facebook. Funny, some of them mentioned me but I can’t be part of it as the writer. But these 10 people are not my choice but the choice of the people.

Best use of Facebook doesn’t necessarily have to do with number of likes or comments or traffic but the impact made through the things that you post on your profile.

So meet the 10 Nigerians who have been recognised for using Facebook for the right purpose.


Dr Chibuike

Dr Chibuike

Chibuike is a young medical doctor whose passion for medicine is seen once you take a look at his Facebook wall. He uses his Facebook profile to enlighten Nigerians on health issues. If you like quality and meaningful stuff, you should follow him. Kudos Dr.

2. Okolo Oteri Eme.

Okolo Oteri

Okolo Oteri

She is a medical doctor who has a strong passion for the society and it’s inhabitants. She uses her Facebook to talk about social issues, family and career. If you love substance, you should follow her.




A media practitioner and a publisher, SIMBO uses his Facebook as a platform to enlighten the youths on issues that would help them live a life of purpose. By the time you will go through 3 posts on his Facebook wall, you will be glued.




Mike ILE is a Nigerian man who uses his Facebook as a platform to do charity and reach out to the less privileged in the society. He has also used his FACEBOOK to empower lots of Nigerians. He is someone who uses the Facebook platform to make real impact in the society. You should follow him.




A young woman who is vibrant in the things of God and strives to use her Facebook as a platform to draw souls to God. She may not be so popular because of the path she has chosen but believe me, if you really want to be spiritually conscious, she is someone you should follow. She makes lots of sense.




A historian. Chijioke is a lover of the Igbo tribe in the south east Nigeria. He uses his Facebook basically for enlightening his followers who are mostly Igbo especially on the success of the Igbo race and everything worth knowing about the Igbos. If you love history and love Igbos, you should follow him.




If there is anyone who has an I depth knowledge about politics especially Nigerian politics, this is the man. He uses his Facebook as a platform to educate Nigerians about politics. What makes it so cool is the fact that no matter who he supports, he doesn’t do about it the crude way by dishing out insults to those who are in opposition. He is the man to follow if you need more knowledge on Nigerian politic.




Finding a single photo of this young woman was a bit difficult and the reason is why she made it to this list of exceptional FACEBOOK users.
OMERCY is one woman who believes in love, faithfulness and marriage. She gives us hope in a world filled with tales of woe about marriages. On opening her Facebook, all you see is positivity and glaring fulfilment with her marriage and her husband. We love more of this instead of negative stories. Follow her.




Ifunanya a young and highly intelligent Nigerian lawyer uses her Facebook page to inspire Nigerians and give them tips on how to make their ideas work. She is a consultant and this is seen clearly from her page. Need ideas and implementation, she is someone to contact. So follow her.




The stress in the world is too much especially with tough economy, so we all need to laugh once in a while. A visit to this man’s Facebook wall will change your mood no matter how sour it was. If you need to cool off after a hard day’s stress, then visit his wall and I bet you will laugh and laugh.

These are our 10 best.
Endeavour to make good use of this great platform, you never know who takes notice.

Stay inspired!

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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: she said the body odour is a spiritual attack.

Body odours are bad. It’s one thing that can irritate every normal human being in minutes. Many are impatient with it and do not have the time to offer solutions… So they just dismiss you and never want to have you around them!
For some of us that would want to help either by telling you privately or buying you deodorant and colognes, most times we enter into trouble being so kind.

I have come in contact with people men and women who have body odour.

While some are temporary as a result of over sweating and repeating clothes… It seems some are permanent and more dangerous.

Either way, body odour is bad and can cost you a lot of things.

In 2014, I met a very pretty lady with a nice figure but she has this bad odour that makes every room she enters smell as though a decomposing corpse is there.
Everyone despised her. One day I decided to talk to her and I was glad when she said she knows about her problem and explained how it has cost her a lot of good things especially friends and romantic relationships.

I tried to tell her things she should do to get rid of or at least minimise the bad odour but she confused me when she said the BODY ODOUR was a spiritual attack that she never had it before. She said it was a tool by her enemies to always disgrace and embarrass her!

Wow! I exclaimed.
Whatever it is, just try and be 10 times cleaner.
Shave pubic hairs, never repeat clothes, wash your body often, use deodorants and of course pray fervently to God for deliverance since you said it is spiritual.
I was happy she took all I said well.

She opened up that she is so depressed concerning the situation. And promised to do all I have said.

Body odour is a great problem and what makes it worse is we live in the tropics.
Those in the temperate regions can get away with a lot of unhygienic practices… But honey please don’t try it here!

What are the causes of Body Odour?

Apart from hygiene, there are several other cause of body odour.

It could be the food you eat!
Infections can make ooze bad odours!
Birth control pills can also cause odours!
It could be that you have sweaty feet!

What ever it is, try so much to eliminate or control whatever it is that makes you smell.

Ladies, you may claim to be neat but repeating your bra ie wearing a bra for over 3 days without washing can make you smell. There is this subtle odour most people don’t perceive that only sensitive people perceive… Dirty bra odour!
Please wash your bras at least after the 3rd day.

And guys, oh my God! That shorts you wear all through the week. The odour makes one want to puke! Stop being lazy… Wash often!

Guys, please if you have sweaty feet… Always air your shoes! This is applicable to some ladies too.

Body odour is not a good thing… It’s very bad!
Please try to be presentable and acceptable in all ways and not just by makeup or the clothes you wear.

Stay inspired!