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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The Unity and Restructuring of Nigeria.

I am for the unity and restructuring of our nation Nigeria.

Marilyn Oma Anona

But I want IGBOS to understand one thing…
The Hausa man doesn’t hate you and the south south man that you cling to and call your brother, famzing them in the most embarrassing manner even when they clearly say they are not part of you don’t love you.

I have spent time in Calabar…
I lived in Calabar and I saw the hatred of the calabar man for the Igbo man first hand.

I lived in a place called Spring road by Ekorinim…
They are very antagonistic and very vocal about their hatred!

One day I asked one of them the reason for this hatred…
He said; ” you Igbo people are very domineering… You want to come and take our land and we will not allow that!”
He went on; “very soon, we will chase you all and all these your so called properties will belong to us.

I don’t want to go deeper into some of the things I saw and experienced there. But when I hear; “Hausa people hate us and see the desperate attempt of some IGBOS to make the SS people appear as though SE and SS are inseparable twins, I just shake my head.

What am I saying?
If you really want to analyse hatred and disdain…
You will find out that even in your immediate family to your shock, you have siblings from the same parents as you who hate you for no reason sometimes.

Should we therefore keep demarcating and dividing just because you assume, sense or fear that some people or a certain group don’t like you.

For one person who hates you… There are thousands that love you!

Anybody can decide to hate because it is easier to hate than to love.

And one thing that brings about hatred or resentment is reminding people consciously or unconsciously about their weaknesses which may be through your achievement.

Once you stand out from the crowd… You attract all sorts including hate!

Should we therefore choose failure, mediocrity and smallness because we are afraid of being hated?

Nigeria is great!
As a kid I went to schools that had people from all nations as my classmates.
I had Muslims and Christians as classmates in primary school.
I had Lebanese, Ghanaians, Indians, mullatos, Hausas and Yorubas as classmates.
My headmistress was a Ghanaian.

I didn’t see anything bad about that.
It was beautiful to have such people all around me.

In fact, as a kid I wanted to marry a Yoruba man when I grow up because I saw them as very enlightened people.
You see, love is such a natural thing!
We learned to hate.

My secondary school was a multi ethnic one. Different tribes were in my school and it was so fascinating. I loved them all and never for a second thought there was a difference between us.
We had Christians and Muslims and I remember that during their fasting period, they observed it even while in school.

But the minute I became grown and a young adult, I started hearing about hate and all!

We spoil humanity and everyone of us need to purge our heart of evil.

Hate is evil and most of us are guilty of it.

The IGBO man, the HAUSA man, the YORUBA man and all the minor ethnic groups in Nigeria are guilty of hate and we all need to PURGE our hearts, minds and souls of this evil called HATE for us to succeed as individuals and as a nation.

Narrowing it down!!!


The IMO man hates the ANAMBRA man and I keep wondering what they are struggling for.
So if we are dividing on the basis of hate, it means soon, Anambra will start asking for a republic of their own.


I don’t want you to deceive yourself but we all know that even as IGBOS some of us see certain part of Igboland as less.
The Ebonyi people are seen as less Igbo and despised by a lot of IGBOS.
The Nsukka peopl are scorned and laughed at. It’s almost as though being an indigene of Nsukka makes you a less privileged person.
So in the Biafra, it’s obvious that there will still be marginalisation.

Isn’t it clear that what we need is thorough orientation and reorientation?
Education and sensitisation?
Restructuring of the existing system?

We want a recreation and it starts by individually purging our hearts of hate and all forms of superiority and inferiority complex.
We are one and we must see ourselves as one.


PoshMarilyn Personality and Profile: August Secrets taking over.

PoshMarilyn Personality and Profile.

Today PoshMarilyn blog features a food artist and author popularly known as Toyin ONIGBANJO.
She is the CEO of August Secrets, a company that focuses on creating healthy meal plans for infants, toddlers and children.
Her plans are not only nutritious but also very affordable and organic. Prepared with 100% Nigerian recipe.

August Secrets is 100% indigenous and they are located in lagos state Nigeria.

Toyin ONIGBANJO also recently launched her book and the event was a grand success.

Their address is ;
Technology Incubation Centre,
1, Pen Cinema Agege.

Mobile number is;

Contact them today for a healthy, nutritious, affordable and 100% organic meal plan.

Our children must eat well and eat healthy.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be motivated!!!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The earth is fine… The people are messed up!


You are so self-important because all of a sudden things seem to be well with you…
You are now so arrogant, all of a sudden you have forgotten when you used to beg to eat…
You feel so privileged, you don’t care about the sick and hungry…
And what is more annoying?
You are going about the whole place SCREAMING that you want to change and save something!

Everyone is saving something now👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Save the trees…
Save the cockroaches…
Save the dogs…
Save the bla bla bla…

And the height of arrogance…
Save the earth!
Are you serious?
Save the earth?

You don’t even know how to take care of people…
You haven’t learned how to care for one another.
And you want to save the earth?
Hilarious and annoying too!!!

Hey Mr brain dead and self important,
There is nothing wrong with the earth in the first place.
The earth is fine.
The people are messed up !
You are messed up!
Leave the earth alone!!!
Compared to the people, the earth is marvellous.
It’s been here for billions of years . . .
The earth will be here even when we leave.
And we will leave.
The earth isn’t ours, we are just being accommodated by it yet we forget our stay is temporary and want to overburden the earth!

We are leaving one day.
Stop amassing wealth for generations unborn and care for the people you see.
When you are gone, there will be no sign of you left.
The only sign will be the people you have cared for and the things you have done to make the earth more beautiful than how you met it.
Thank God for that.
The earth will be here, and we will be gone.

Marilyn Oma Anona