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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The earth is fine… The people are messed up!


You are so self-important because all of a sudden things seem to be well with you…
You are now so arrogant, all of a sudden you have forgotten when you used to beg to eat…
You feel so privileged, you don’t care about the sick and hungry…
And what is more annoying?
You are going about the whole place SCREAMING that you want to change and save something!

Everyone is saving something now👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Save the trees…
Save the cockroaches…
Save the dogs…
Save the bla bla bla…

And the height of arrogance…
Save the earth!
Are you serious?
Save the earth?

You don’t even know how to take care of people…
You haven’t learned how to care for one another.
And you want to save the earth?
Hilarious and annoying too!!!

Hey Mr brain dead and self important,
There is nothing wrong with the earth in the first place.
The earth is fine.
The people are messed up !
You are messed up!
Leave the earth alone!!!
Compared to the people, the earth is marvellous.
It’s been here for billions of years . . .
The earth will be here even when we leave.
And we will leave.
The earth isn’t ours, we are just being accommodated by it yet we forget our stay is temporary and want to overburden the earth!

We are leaving one day.
Stop amassing wealth for generations unborn and care for the people you see.
When you are gone, there will be no sign of you left.
The only sign will be the people you have cared for and the things you have done to make the earth more beautiful than how you met it.
Thank God for that.
The earth will be here, and we will be gone.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Loving a rich man is not a big deal.

Marilyn Oma Anona

He was broke and you left him…
You called him all sorts of names…
You destroyed his ego!

If he wasn’t a strong person or if God was not on his side…
He might have committed suicide!

You called off the relationship because according to you, you can’t be caught dead with a non entity like him!

He was working hard but you failed to recognise process…
You wanted it immediately and when you didn’t see it, you deserted him!

Many other ladies did same to him and that was his motivation.
He was determined to make it and today he is made or at least prosperous

Then all of a sudden, the same rejected, ridiculed and abused man becomes THE LADIES’ man!

Ladies now queue up to see him…
Ladies desperately fight to get his attention…

Some cook…
Some buy gifts…

I am not talking about his bed and abode now!
He can have 5 women daily if he wants to!

What changed?
It’s still the same man.
May be fresher because he eats better and lives better but it’s still same man.

Many of the women that run after him now would have done worse than the woman or women that abused in when he had nothing.

But they all pretend and kill themselves to have him because there is a G-Guard parked in his garage and that’s one of his 6 cars!

They now cry and lament about not getting his attention because he lives in a duplex in Wuse 2 all alone!

He has automatically become a husband material because he has a big office!

He makes a post on Facebook and ladies are dying to be recognised through comments!

This man must be in a really difficult position.
Yes because it will be hard to tell who loves him for him and who loves the idea of him or what he is likely to bring to the table.

How many of you ladies can love a man who has nothing to offer?
Nobody likes to suffer, I know that but love is not all about convenience and luxury.

How many of you can love a man who has nothing to offer…
Not even a roof over his head…
Not enough food to eat…
We are not even talking of buying you presents…
How many of you?

I ask boldly because I have been there…
Don’t ask me if it paid off because that is not the issue!

I just want you to pause when you make a noise about loving a well to do man.
Do you love him or what he brings to the table?

Remove those things you see…
Will you still love him?

Loving a man who has money is not a big deal…
At least 90% of women will love such a man!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Dear society, her mistakes stare her in the face… stop despising her!

Unwanted pregnancies.

Unwanted pregnancy can ruin your life and impede your growth.

I have cried for most part of today because of what a young woman is passing through.
Her life has not been the same because she took in and brought forth children at a time in her life when she didn’t need them.

I thank God for the spirit that led her to me. She was thinking suicide because life has become unbearable. Her family even despise her for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

The father of the kids does not care and does not send a penny to her for the upkeep of these children and she is just on her own.

Feeding is a problem…
She needs to go back to school and finish up but she can’t because there is no money…
She can’t get a job in the village and can’t leave the village because her mum says she won’t leave the kids with her.

See how the life of a 26 YO old woman is going.

Please ladies… Protect yourselves!
Nobody will be there for you.

Most spinsters cannot even feed themselves so imagine adding kids to the picture.

It’s not easy taking care of children. Nobody should deceive you.

If you are in school, concentrate on your studies first… Leave man till you are prepared and can shoulder any thing that comes out of it!

The guy will impregnate you and go about his normal business. You will be shamed and ridiculed. The stigma is all yours.
Please think!!!

If an independent woman of 28 and above decides to take in, i won’t be bothered! It’s their decision. Maybe they want to be single mothers.

But if you still live with your parents, you still depend on them for fees and upkeep…
You have no business getting pregnant!

In my opinion, school girls should not be having sex.
Having boyfriends doesn’t mean you must have sex.

Learn from the mistakes of others.

At the end of the day, everyone who is encouraging you and giving you temporary shoulders to lean on will go home and you are alone with the reality of things.

Dear ladies, protect yourselves!
I don’t want to hear, it’s better to keep it than abort it. What I am saying is, no pregnancy in the first place till you are ready for it.

Dear mothers, I know it’s not your wish to have your daughter come home with pregnancy and no husband to be. It is painful. I don’t want to be in such shoes. But then if it happens, despising her is the last thing you should do. Don’t frustrate her further. She didn’t just disappoint you, she disappointed herself. Love her and don’t give neighbours and friends room to victimise and stigmatise her even more. Love her despite the mistake.

Dear men, the same advise of waiting till you are ready goes to you. Boys that can’t properly take their bath should have no business with sex. And the ones that have managed to start bathing well, please shoulder your responsibilities. Don’t abandon a lady you impregnated. It’s the height of wickedness to do so. Take care of those kids. Try.

Dear society, the baby mama has made a mistake. It’s staring her in the face. Stop despising her. Children are still blessings. Being a baby mama or having a child out of wedlock is not the worst thing anybody can do besides it’s not your business. If you can’t assist them, please leave them alone.

Other men, please stop taking advantage of the predicament of these ladies. It’s unfair. Empower them if you but sleeping with them because they need help and insulting them when they refuse is very animalistic. Respect yourself and stop assuming the position of God.

A woman who has children out of wedlock can still become whatever she wants to be.
They are not half human.


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Sexual chemistry is not enough.


It’s best you differentiate between the hunter and the gardener and which one of them you need and fall for.


I fall for guys who see me as very intelligent and see my purpose and talent.
A man that wants to nurture me to become my best.

Guys who can engage me in meaningful conversations where we talk about goals and way forward and lots more.

All that; “baby what are you wearing gist”
“Baby are you alone?”
Are a total turn off.

The man I fall for is the man that after series of dates, has not made any sexual move.

I start feeling safe!
That’s just me.

I fall for gardeners!
And as a matter of fact, hunters don’t find me appealing because I am too serious for them.

Only a gardener can work and walk with me.

What about you?


1.Concentrate on building strong and real friendship, check out your compatibility and how you are able to handle aspects of your lives that are not compatible. That’s what will keep you together for long. Sexual chemistry cannot sustain a relationship or marriage. Prioritise right.

This morning I want you to know that a man can love his mother to the high heavens and still not treat his own woman right. Watch every sign of how he treats you. You are not his mother.

3. Don’t be too desperate that you start running into the arms of the one you should be running away from. Chill, what is yours will come and then there will be no stress at all.

4. Single ladies, a comfortable man is good but not equivalent to the perfect man. Don’t let the size of a man’s wallet or the things you see deceive you. The perfect man is the one who fits you in the many ways you can imagine.

5. It is wrong on all levels to fight for someone who is not fighting for you. We must all learn to use our energy for the right things.


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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Promote people, it won’t depreciate you.


Marilyn oma anona

I am never afraid of promoting or advertising my fellow women and what they do because their success or their becoming successful can never impede my own success or stop me from being successful.

I am a very confident woman who is overly multi talented and I know that I can be what ever I want to be…
It will only take time!
Knowing this and feeling this way, makes it easy for me to encourage and inspire others to be at their best.

Inspiring people comes naturally to me because of my confidence level.

Some people say that CRITICISM often baptised as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is a great tool to make people become better…
Personally, I don’t believe in criticism whether constructive or not!

I prefer to inspire and encourage people without having to criticise them.
I prefer to capitalise on people’s strength instead of their weakness.

Another thing that makes inspiring, promoting and advertising people particularly women like me very easy for me is…
I never for a second think another woman is more good looking than I am!

In a room of 1000 women, I know within me that I am the most beautiful!

This feeling makes me who I am.
This feeling makes me relaxed.
This feeling makes me flow with others amicably.
This feeling makes me the Oma that you know and love.

Promote and advertise the works of your fellow women…
Their greatness can’t stop yours!

Mention every woman that you want to celebrate and promote today!
Show love!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The pulse of the common man.


Saturday the 8th of April, 2017 was very eventful.
A noble movement initiated and led by a patriot Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield and some intelligent, energetic and passionate youths who are eager to see the society transformed took place.
It was a Saturday and a good day to lie in bed. But these young people took a trip to the hinterlands of Abuja/Nasarawa to know how the commoners, the not so privileged and the masses are coping in this economic hardship.

It was very expository… For the first time I got to know what a mudu is!
I have always heard mudu but I imagined it to be very big.
Yesterday I discovered it was just a small bowl.

One thing is clear…
Many Nigerians are suffering!
Crime rate has increased!
People are angry!

Question is…
How do we get out of this mess?

This is not a question of APC/PDP.
But a quest for improvement in the living conditions of Nigerians.

It’s sad that people can not afford to feed despite how hard they toil. They can’t pay for a roof over their heads and can not afford basic health care.

Most of us have been so passionate about BBNAIJA and followed it consistently for the past 3 months…
I wish for the same passion in following noble causes!

If we can be this passionate, a lot of things will change for good.
Our destiny is in our hands.

Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday.
Some of them are;

Marilyn Oma Anona
Obinna Nkama Eze
Kingsley Chibuike Kisskid Onuchukwu
Akwaugo Precious NG Agu
Anefu Blessingparis