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Subscribe to the “OMALIVING Show” online TV.

Omaliving Show is a TV talk show and a brand that goes beyond the TV to make real impact in the society by inspiring the uninspired. The motto of the show is “Inspire the Uninspired”.
The catch phrase is “live well and succeed, make it work!”
The show focuses on the youths, dealing with issues such as;
1. Self Discovery
2. Inculcation of values
3. Treating nagging issues
4. Celebrating unsung heroes and icons
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Entertainment
And lots more.

The show was birthed in 2014. Official launch was win 2015. The reception by the general public was immense.
OMALIVING Show wants to explore the digital world by doing YouTube (online TV) for now.

Great contents that are 100% inspirational will be fed weekly on the channel. Fans, followers and friends are encouraged to subscribe.


To subscribe, just type “Oma Anona” on the search engine on YouTube or go through this link

Thank you.

Omaliving Show presents; “THE UNSUNG HEROES” award 2017.


2016 has been such an eventful year. It came with its own uniqueness and it’s just a few days left for 2017 to come in.

Most business minded and idea filled people and organisations are already drawing up their calendar for 2017.

Omaliving Show is already lining up some events for 2017.

Mistakes were made in 2016, bee things were learnt but in all, the Omaliving Show brand is ready and even more enthusiastic to make more impact.

Amongst the many events lined up is the UNSUNG HEROES AWARD. We are starting the year 2017 with this unique award which is meant to recognise and celebrate young people and role models in various fields.

This is a way to inspire the youths and also encourage more people to tow the right part.

Omaliving Show is about inspiration.

The maiden edition of this event will be in February. Details will be communicated as soon as further arrangements are made.

This award event will also be merged with the RIGHT STAGE CHARITY/EMPOWERMENT PROJECT. Funds are expected to be raised for this project Which has been able to empower a lot of young people without support from the public.

This is the idea of the multi talented and phenomenal host and producer of OMALIVING SHOW “Marilyn Oma Anona”.

Sponsors and partners are also welcome.

2017 will be a great year.

Be enlightened…
Be inspired…
Be motivated…