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The Right Stage Charity/Empowerment Project by Marilyn Oma Anona is 2 years old.

#therightstage CHARITY/EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is 2 years.
It all started like a joke right in my office at Wuse. It was in the evening. I and my “Personal Assistant” at the time were working late.
We were brain about a lot of things but I have always been worried about the millions of children, teenagers and young adults that fit into the target audience of my TV talk show “THE OMALIVING SHOW” but don’t have access to the tv or at least the social media.

Like a joke, the idea dropped and the name dropped same time.

I called my girl and told her immediately… and again the slogan dropped and that is the project we see today.

It has been a very hectic, tiring and rigorous journey. The reason why we are still going on is passion and the real love to actually make positive impact in the society.

We had our first outing on the 5th of May, 2015. About 6 public schools in the FCT were visited. Students and pupils were empowered. Scholarship was given to 5 people, empowerment items were given and gifts were given. The students and pupils were taken on an excursion to Barcelona hotel and refreshment was provided for them.

An inter schools contest was organised and winners were selected.

AIT gave #therightstagecharityandempowermentproject the publicity it deserved.

So far, more than 30 schools have been visited in 3 states. This project is needed if we really desire a better society in future.

Going to these schools, IDP camps etc exposed us t the many needs of these young people. If we neglect them, nagging issues that hamper and impede development will keep rising, vices will keep rising and that means disaster for us all.

This is a nationwide project and great support, sponsors is needed.

We are calling on corporate organisations and well meaning individuals to key into this project.

THE RIGHT STAGE CHARITY/EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is specially appreciating everyone who has supported us in one way or the other all this time.
May God bless you all.

They need it, but lack it… let’s give it to them!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: We are indeed a lazy set of people.

I have observed that one thing that sells very fast in Nigeria is anything that claims to make you lose weight within so so and so days.
They are just everywhere and come with various catchy adverts and slogans.

You see people anxiously making enquiries and making orders!

We are indeed a lazy set of people. We love to take the short cut. We don’t like the long road which pays off in the end. Everything must be sharp sharp. Quick fix!

Slim teas…
Body magic/waist trainers…

Some will tell you how you will magically lose weight under 9 days.
The body magic/waist trainers’ sellers will preach to you how your johnny Bravo figure will magically transform into an hour glass once you use for say a month.


All are lies.

Even though I am lazy when it comes to exercise, the truth must be said…
Exercise is the best and the only way to not only lose weight but also keep fit. The benefits of exercise to our bodies are too numerous. The results may not be fast and magically but with consistency, you will discover that every second is worth it.
All you need to do is acquaint yourself with basic knowledge of the various exercises. What and which you need for the desired effect.
And you will be fine!

Next to exercise is proper dieting. Eating the right things and the right quantity at the right time. We must cultivate a great eating culture.
Luckily, in our country we are blessed with good food. So the choice is yours.

Ingesting all sorts of chemicals (even though the manufacturers and dealers may claim they are 100% organic) is detrimental to your health.
We must stop!

One way to help ourselves is to look out for those who have already embarked on this journey by doing everything natural and organic.
It is possible for you to go from size 18/16 to size 8.
I know people who achieved that.

It is possible for you to give birth and still maintain your size… it happens daily.

Stop looking for easy and sharp sharp in everything. Take pains to do things. Follow due process and in the end, you will discover that the difference is clear.

The popularity of SLIM TEAS and PILLS these days is alarming…
Let the only time we will be forced to take drugs be times when we are ill and don’t have a choice.
For shedding weight, staying fit and healthy…
Let’s go all natural!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Sexual chemistry is not enough.


It’s best you differentiate between the hunter and the gardener and which one of them you need and fall for.


I fall for guys who see me as very intelligent and see my purpose and talent.
A man that wants to nurture me to become my best.

Guys who can engage me in meaningful conversations where we talk about goals and way forward and lots more.

All that; “baby what are you wearing gist”
“Baby are you alone?”
Are a total turn off.

The man I fall for is the man that after series of dates, has not made any sexual move.

I start feeling safe!
That’s just me.

I fall for gardeners!
And as a matter of fact, hunters don’t find me appealing because I am too serious for them.

Only a gardener can work and walk with me.

What about you?


1.Concentrate on building strong and real friendship, check out your compatibility and how you are able to handle aspects of your lives that are not compatible. That’s what will keep you together for long. Sexual chemistry cannot sustain a relationship or marriage. Prioritise right.

This morning I want you to know that a man can love his mother to the high heavens and still not treat his own woman right. Watch every sign of how he treats you. You are not his mother.

3. Don’t be too desperate that you start running into the arms of the one you should be running away from. Chill, what is yours will come and then there will be no stress at all.

4. Single ladies, a comfortable man is good but not equivalent to the perfect man. Don’t let the size of a man’s wallet or the things you see deceive you. The perfect man is the one who fits you in the many ways you can imagine.

5. It is wrong on all levels to fight for someone who is not fighting for you. We must all learn to use our energy for the right things.


Subscribe to the “OMALIVING Show” online TV.

Omaliving Show is a TV talk show and a brand that goes beyond the TV to make real impact in the society by inspiring the uninspired. The motto of the show is “Inspire the Uninspired”.
The catch phrase is “live well and succeed, make it work!”
The show focuses on the youths, dealing with issues such as;
1. Self Discovery
2. Inculcation of values
3. Treating nagging issues
4. Celebrating unsung heroes and icons
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Entertainment
And lots more.

The show was birthed in 2014. Official launch was win 2015. The reception by the general public was immense.
OMALIVING Show wants to explore the digital world by doing YouTube (online TV) for now.

Great contents that are 100% inspirational will be fed weekly on the channel. Fans, followers and friends are encouraged to subscribe.


To subscribe, just type “Oma Anona” on the search engine on YouTube or go through this link

Thank you.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Promote people, it won’t depreciate you.


Marilyn oma anona

I am never afraid of promoting or advertising my fellow women and what they do because their success or their becoming successful can never impede my own success or stop me from being successful.

I am a very confident woman who is overly multi talented and I know that I can be what ever I want to be…
It will only take time!
Knowing this and feeling this way, makes it easy for me to encourage and inspire others to be at their best.

Inspiring people comes naturally to me because of my confidence level.

Some people say that CRITICISM often baptised as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is a great tool to make people become better…
Personally, I don’t believe in criticism whether constructive or not!

I prefer to inspire and encourage people without having to criticise them.
I prefer to capitalise on people’s strength instead of their weakness.

Another thing that makes inspiring, promoting and advertising people particularly women like me very easy for me is…
I never for a second think another woman is more good looking than I am!

In a room of 1000 women, I know within me that I am the most beautiful!

This feeling makes me who I am.
This feeling makes me relaxed.
This feeling makes me flow with others amicably.
This feeling makes me the Oma that you know and love.

Promote and advertise the works of your fellow women…
Their greatness can’t stop yours!

Mention every woman that you want to celebrate and promote today!
Show love!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The pulse of the common man.


Saturday the 8th of April, 2017 was very eventful.
A noble movement initiated and led by a patriot Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield and some intelligent, energetic and passionate youths who are eager to see the society transformed took place.
It was a Saturday and a good day to lie in bed. But these young people took a trip to the hinterlands of Abuja/Nasarawa to know how the commoners, the not so privileged and the masses are coping in this economic hardship.

It was very expository… For the first time I got to know what a mudu is!
I have always heard mudu but I imagined it to be very big.
Yesterday I discovered it was just a small bowl.

One thing is clear…
Many Nigerians are suffering!
Crime rate has increased!
People are angry!

Question is…
How do we get out of this mess?

This is not a question of APC/PDP.
But a quest for improvement in the living conditions of Nigerians.

It’s sad that people can not afford to feed despite how hard they toil. They can’t pay for a roof over their heads and can not afford basic health care.

Most of us have been so passionate about BBNAIJA and followed it consistently for the past 3 months…
I wish for the same passion in following noble causes!

If we can be this passionate, a lot of things will change for good.
Our destiny is in our hands.

Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday.
Some of them are;

Marilyn Oma Anona
Obinna Nkama Eze
Kingsley Chibuike Kisskid Onuchukwu
Akwaugo Precious NG Agu
Anefu Blessingparis


Marilyn Oma Anona writes : ALARMING PASSION.

The level of passion exhibited by Nigerian youths from the day BBNAIJA started was high and too strong.

The devotion was extreme.

I have never seen this level of passion anywhere even when they are asked to work to be paid at the end of the month.

Many Nigerian youths often say proudly; “I hate marketing”…
And of course I tell them they are jokers because no business or idea can succeed without good marketing!

But during this game, I saw thousands of Nigerian youths market the show effortlessly. They marketed it such that those who didn’t have interest in it, started watching (consuming).

Many Nigerian youths will never proudly campaign for or advertise their work place or the brand they represent…
But for 3 months, they were proudly campaigning for the show and their favourite contestants happily even when they know that there is no reward at the end!
This is the last thing they will do for their employer who pays them. They can’t afford to use their credit to do any campaign. Even when you give this credit, they won’t be faithful enough to use it for the purpose.

Now let’s talk about skills acquisition. Many of these Nigerian youths who spent months watching the BBNAIJA game don’t have any skill and have never worked.
You ask them to acquire skills, they tell you they don’t have money… They want it free!
But they spent thousands to buy petrol, recharge DSTV, buy call units to vote their favourite contestants. Is this not pathetic?

Pay to acquire that skill today…
You spent thousands of Naira voting for your favourite contestant!
There is no excuse or reason why you can’t afford a few thousands to learn a skill that will enable you earn a living and even employ others.
There are skills acquisition programs and trainings that go as low and cheap as 10,000naira to 50,000 naira depending on the craft.
Be as passionate as you were for Big brother, save and learn one.

If you go to several walls, pages etc on social media…
You will see photos of different contestants advertised!
Now, you have friends in business…
You see their passion and the things they do…
But you have never supported them in any way!
You won’t advertise them lest they grow bigger than you!
But you conveniently advertise people you don’t even know, spend on them without winking an eye!
But won’t do same for people around you who have taken the bull by the horn by deciding to be entrepreneurs and involved in community development through programs and projects that will make the nation better for us all.

The greatest people in history didn’t attend REALITY GAMES…
They are the people around you who and pushing with little or no resources!
They don’t have to be on TV to be supported…
They are all around you and you see their work!
Support, campaign for them, advertise them just like you do for strangers on TV.

Dear Lord, please help our youths to do the right things.
We need this much passion but in more meaningful ventures.

If you are yet to subscribe to my YouTube channel…
You are not doing right!