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Mark Anthony Osuchukwu writes: The use of social media to better your talent or skills.

I want to say something that may help a person or two this afternoon.

Listen, in anything you want to do, follow your conviction. Listen to that voice that speaks to you when you’re walking alone in the dark.

Never ever stop doing what you are doing because people reject you.

Few years ago, I began to write officially apart from the primary school and secondary school scribbles.

I added few writers on Facebook here and began to follow them and learn from them.

I was published first by Augustine Ogwo who’s blog became home for me that year. He encouraged me and gave me lots of ideas and how to go about this writing thingy.

I continued doing what I felt was the best until one day Chambers Umezulike wrote a piece that was published by Ynaija and I loved the website and everything.

I ran to his inbox and asked him how he got his work published there. He generously gave me their mail and I sent an article that very day.

I woke up and saw a mail that read: “sorry, your writing is below the standard of our site. Send elsewhere'”

I wanted to die.

I didn’t that day. They scattered my life for me.

I cried and continued writing.

Last year, I sent them and article and they published. I sent again, they published.

They didn’t tell me that my writing has gotten to the standard of their site. At least to resurrect that which was killed years back.

I nor talk.

This year, when Biafra people celebrated the victory of Trump in Rivers state, I sent them an article I titled: “A wedding in America and the reception in Nigeria”

They loved it, people who read it marveled at the sheer creativity I flaunted in the title.

This year again, I wrote against Joy Isi and they published it.

That went viral. ๐Ÿ˜

I left them for a while and was published by Pulse, Yabaleft and Linda Ikeji.

The open letter to Tecno and Joro were feats I love to think about.

The shares, the mails(Both curses and praises) were worth my while.

Last week, in the heat of my letter to Joro, I got a mail from Ynaija asking ME to be their writer/blogger.

They said; “we have a vacancy and we thought of which writer to give the gig and your name came up in the meeting”

It was an emotional moment for me.

I cried. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The same people that said my writing wasn’t good enough are the ones in need of me.

Actually I think it was terrible that year.

I knew I have grown.

I accepted the offer and anything you see on Ynaija’s Anger tracker Blog is written by yours sincerely Mark Anthony Osuchukwu!

Dear young writer, don’t compete with anybody. Just write. Write some more and keep writing.

Nobody cares about you until they need a service you offer.

Don’t do cliques!

Be your own soldier.

Like Hymar will always tell me: “Marksman, na jungle we dey! win some, lose some and soldier on”

Understand this.

Another thing. Never expect things to go your way or work as you planned. You’ll end up disappointed.

I was speaking with Onyeka last weekend and I complained about things not working out as I planned.

He laughed and told me: “nothing works as planned. Just relax, it will be fine”

We are cursed with hope. We have hope smeared on our lips like lip gloss.

Sometimes, its only what keeps us going.

Never say never.

Have a blissful week.

Mr banks!

Whatch his interview on POSHMARILYN TV with OMALIVING Show.

Go through this link https://youtu.be/qMsAi6_UhAA

Stay inspired!!!

Geraldine Abimbola Salau writes: Before Sunrise (Poshmarilyn Peotry)

Geraldine Salau

I wrote this piece, with the thought that we are living in a world that may seem to have lost colour.Its easier to give up and let our dreams die. Regardless of the circumstances, I want to encourage everyone going through a rough part, that there’s more. The storm is all a facade. I hope you find strength in these words.

‘Before sun rise ‘

The mist seemed endless,
Engulfed in haze of gory days,
Leaving no prints on the sea bay,
Paddling to darkness,

My people are mired in disguise,
If only our sun could rise!
And restore our golden hue,
Before the morning dew.

Our feet has been encircled,
Within the walls of monsters,
Our tongues bridled,
Over powered ,
Like trees without roots.
If only our sun could rise!

Ensnared by their venoms,
Blurred visions of tomorrow ,
Like a ceaseless turmoil,
Clad in despondency.

If we could only realize,
Concealed within us,
The strength of legions,
And crumble this mirage into dust,
Beyond the reef,
Our haven of sunshine,
With us an helmet,
Against the barriers of futility,
A camouflaged soul,
Over repression,
Within the sea of hearts,
Lies the fortitude,
Then our sun would rise.

Salau Abimbola Geraldine
Award winning poet
University of Ilorin, Nigeria.

Fashion: POSH STYLE PERSONALITIES, 7 women that will inspire your fashion style.

After a long break, posh style personality is back and it features 7 great women with great sense of fashion and style.
These seven women are not just women who are doing well in their respective fields, but women who are try to always look good despite busy schedules.

Fashion is not shallow as most people think. Fashion is a way to express and introduce your self without having to say a word.

1. Nkiru Umeh known as @angelnikky on Instagram, is a nollywood actor and beauty entrepreneur.
Nkiru who is also a wife and mother knows the importance of looking good and no matter how busy and tight her schedule is, tries her best to look very good.
Her style is classy and unique. She keeps her traditional position as an Igbo woman in mind while dressing up and she emerges for events looking like a queen.

Nkiru Umeh

2. Folashade Samuels known as @mamajazzz on Instagram is a fashion entrepreneur and socialite based in the federal capital territory.
Her job reflects on her. You don’t get surprised getting to know she is a fashion expert. She gets eyes turning whenever she enters into any gathering. It’s one thing to have a great fashion sense, it’s another thing to be classy and unique. Folashade Samuels reminds us of the queen of England with her sense of style.
She is worth emulating.

Folashade Samuels

3. Ozinna Anumudu known as @ozinna on Instagram is fashion entrepreneur and the founder of the brand management consultancy called THE STYLE CONCIERGE and ozinna.com.
Her style of fashion is very easy yet very posh. Uniqueness drives her. She pulls off anything and comes out looking really great.

4. Marilyn Oma Anona known as @omalivingshow on Instagram is the next on our list. She is a media and social entrepreneur.
A TV talk show host who goes beyond the TV to make real impact in the society. Despite having such tight schedules, Marilyn knows that looking good is compulsory. She has a timeless sense of style. She is also very versatile and unique. She is not a fan of trends.

Marilyn Oma Anona

5. Nkiru Nwosu known as @lindisparkus on Instagram is a Lagos based fashion designer.She is the owner of fast growing fashion line known as CUTTIES AND SPARKUS.
she is known for always turning heads with her perfect figure and the right clothes.
She is also very versatile with her choices and ensemble.

Nkiru Nwosu

6. Cassey Bassey known as @casseybassey on Instagram is an Instagram sensation when it comes to style and great photos to showcase style.
Cassandra is a personal style blogger and stylist. She has great love for fashion and it is so glaring. She is a personal shopper and a chef.

Cassey Bassey

7. Evanny Isioma Patrick known as @evanny_patrick on Instagram is the brand ambassador of a beauty salon here in Abuja. She is also a civil servant.
Evanny is a great lover of fashion and loves to look good.

Evanny Patrick

These 7 women will turn heads at any event. Check them out on Instagram and get some style inspiration.

Stay inspired.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: There is more to entrepreneurship than just being the CEO.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Going into any venture for the wrong reasons leads to frustration. In life, if you want to last longer it is best to always put purpose before profit.
This helps you handle life issues better and enables you come out stronger no matter what challenges you encounter.

In Nigeria, so many word have been used to the point that the begin to irritate you or make you not want to be associated with them.
One of such words is “entrepreneur”.

Nigerians from the past 5 years have used this word in such a way that I am sure the word is even tired. Many of us don’t even know the real meaning of the word.

7 out of every Nigerian particularly the youths you engage to find out what they do, they are always quick to blurt out; “I am an entrepreneur,”

Most of them don’t even bother to explain or tell you what industry or aspect of entrepreneurship they are involved in.

They think just saying; ” I am an entrepreneur” defines them.

Entrepreneurship is good.
It is a thing of joy to see that we have embraced it in this part of the world.

But most of us need to be properly schooled and educated on what entrepreneurship really is.

When most Nigerian youths think entrepreneurship, all they think of is the title that comes with owning a business or running a business.

You see them proudly or even arrogantly say; “I am the CEO of…”
Then you see them quickly embrace some funny terms like; “boss lady”, “self made gang”, “in a league of my own”…

They think of not having anyone give them orders…
They are happy!

They think of waking up at what ever time they choose…
They are happy!

To them, they are already successful because of the title, being a boss of your own and not having to take riders from anyone and maybe having one small office of your own.

But this is not even the case.
The journey to becoming a successful and recognised entrepreneur is a tasking and very enormous one that requires a lot.

Let me make it clear…

We all have we’re we fit in.
There must be followers.
There must always be a team.
And being a follower doesnt mean you are unfulfilled.

Some people can only be successful as followers or only when they are followers.

You should know this.

Leadership is not for everyone.
A successful entrepreneur must be a successful leader.

Bosses are not leaders.

For those who are already entrepreneurs, I need to tell you this…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,
Sometimes it takes as much as a decade to build your brand and business.

Don’t start and expect to make it in a year or 2…
That’s the reason many are frustrated!

Good brands take time to build…
Give it time!

Remember, you will fail occasionally…
That’s how you grow and get better!

All the things you were taught and the ones you have been reading are not always applicable in the field…
You learn and get better with experience!

If you have with the mentality of making money instantly then you can’t be an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur looks at the long term.
An entrepreneur must be patient.
An entrepreneur must put purpose before profit.

If you want quick money…
And want to see your money immediately…
Start trading!
Stick to buying and selling!
Stick to your 9 to 5 job.
The people who get easily frustrated as entrepreneurs are the ones who put profit and money before purpose.


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The living and the dead church.

Marilyn oma Anona

I was in a beauty parlour trying to get my pedicure. As we already know, the salon is one place where females engage themselves in conversations. I love to mind my business especially when I see that we are on conflicting sides having heard you speak.

I was minding my business but then I heard one of the ladies tell the other one that she attends a living church๐Ÿ˜.

And some

“I attend a living church!”

Please aunt…
Please uncle…

Which is one is a dead #church?

And one had the dirty stomach to tell me that the #CATHOLIC church is a dead church and the other #orthodox churches!๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

The things I hear!!!

That’s how also, these new generation “clap clap” or “akulumaka” churches were going on and on about how CATHOLICS worship “Virgin Mary” the mother of JESUS CHRIST (which is not true)!
But they worship their pastors, stickers, oil etc!
Please which is worse?

You raise your voice on your #pulpit constructed probably with human head as the foundation and your sermon for the day is how the Catholic Church is evil and the pope is evil…
Like seriously?

That’s all you can offer the empty #followers gathered in front of you?

Apart from being annoying…
You don’t have respect!

You want respect so much but can’t respect others.
You stand in your small church to puke nonsense about the pope, the number one person as far as Christianity is concerned…
But you want respect!

Clap for yourself๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

The new churches that call themselves #Pentecostal churches are the ones that have made nonsense of #Christianity.
Nothing is checked.
No uniformity.
Anyone can stand up and build a church.

I have a call…
He has a call…
She has a call…

And so?
You must build a church of your own because you had a call that can’t even be verified?

The Catholic Church is Christianity…
The Catholic Church is #universal…
The Catholic Church is uniform…

The same sermon preached in #Abagana during the 8am mass today was preached in #Rome.

You don’t wake up to tell anyone that God said this or that just to brainwash and collect from them.

You have to learn to be #respectful.
The orthodox churches are not dead.
Catholic, #Anglican, #Methodist etc are not dead.

The only thing is, they are not #dramatic and are not unnecessarily #noisy.

Thank you.


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A fool can have many followers.

I think people should be punished for FOOLISHNESS.

When I said this to my friend yesterday she laughed hard and I was startled but then I discovered she doesn’t know the impact or the implications of foolishness.

A group of people can ruined as a result of the FOOLISHNESS of one person.

Foolishness like most things in life comes in degrees, is very harmful and can be contagious.

You don’t know how harmful and contagious FOOLISHNESS can be?

If you don’t, then it also means that you don’t know that A FOOL can have many followers too!

A fool can have many followers and this is where foolishness becomes very harmful and contagious.

The fool directly transfers his or her foolishness to their followers and what can be more harmful or contagious?

The followers are constantly fed and you know how it is , pupils or students often learn to become better than the teacher and it therefore means that more and better FOOLISH people will be unleashed into the society which makes it worse.

There are many types of fools.

But the one who doesn’t know he is a FOOL is the worst of them all.

These set of fools pose a lot of danger to themselves and the society.

The second type of fool is the one who is afraid of trying anything because he or she is afraid to appear foolish.
This one can be pardoned a bit because he only damages himself.

But for #oma who was called to inspire, we can’t afford to let a great person waste due to the fear of trying.

So a fool is a fool and we must see that they stop being fools.

If we are able to identify, deal with and fix FOOLISH people…
Organisations, the society will be a lot better and our leaders will perform better!

Staying around foolish people is detrimental to your growth…
Be sensitive and know when to pull the plug.


Written 6/7/15

By Marilyn Omalivingshow Anona


The campaign against jungle justice and sexual assault led by Marilyn Anona

Holidays over!!!
The Campaign against jungle justice is still on.
A woman shared a story of how she was almost beaten up because of 400 Naira somewhere in Abuja.
This is a woman that owns choice cars and lives in one of the high brow areas of Abuja. She tried to explain that there was no way she could have taken 400 Naira.
My goodness!!!
400 Naira.
Instead, the angry people around her didn’t want to hear. Until God showed up.
The woman who said she was looking for her 400 Naira saw the same 400 Naira in her purse.
Imagine that!
Before the money was found, they had said all sorts to her. Things like, you must have been stealing to keep this your skin and buy these expensive clothes you are wearing. Your cup is full today and we will disgrace you.
Imagine that kind of emotional torture.
People are angry for no reason. Some are even angry at the air and that’s one of the reasons why jungle justice is on the increase.
Many innocent people have died or fallen victim to jungle justice.
Let’s leave the ones who you claim deserve what happened to them.
What about the innocent people that have galled victim to jungle justice?
Jungle justice is unacceptable.
It’s getting worse by the day.
If care is not taken, it will get to a point where people start getting mobbed and lynched because of arguments and different views on issues.


People should be responsible.
People should be concerned.

Nonchalance is not a mark of responsibility.

Nonchalance has helped to increase #junglejustice.

It doesn’t concern me…
Therefore, you just chill and watch someone mobbed and lynched!

Most times, the victim is innocent.

There was an incident in Lagos. A woman raised an alarm that her sales boy had stolen her 100,000 Naira.

Trust angry Nigerians…
They descended on this boy without even bothering to ask questions!

They beat him mercilessly and were on the verge of setting him ablaze.

While the beating was ongoing, the woman and some people were inside the shop and this woman suddenly exclaimed; “ewoooooo see the money here!”

The money was there all along but in her hastiness, she didn’t see it but concluded that a guy who had worked with her for months without stealing had stolen the money and foolish to remain in the shop.

Then another drama started…
The angry mob, again descended on the woman!

Do you see the irrationality in jungle justice?

Let’s say the money was not seen at that time…
What becomes of that innocent boy?

Many innocent people have died as a result of this barbaric practice.
It must STOP!!!

A bill should be brought up to make it a duty for persons to ensure that no jungle justice is done near them, so in essence when someone is lynched somewhere, people in that vicinity will be held accountable.
This I think will reduce these acts of barbarism considerably.