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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Things are not always the way they seem.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Nkechi woke up that morning in a happy and very expectant mood.
Expectant, but she didn’t know what she was expecting.

She had made up her mind to go out often, and she got an invitation to attend a small get together for women.

Maybe that’s why she was expectant.

She is not the type that loves social functions. But after several advice from her friends that going out will help her career, she decided to give it a try.

She wore a jumpsuit she had bought that week and stepped into the venue looking like a super goddess!

Everyone admired her outfit. Fashion comes effortlessly to her and she doesn’t struggle to look good.

She practically stole the day.

The day was going well, until…

A phone suddenly started missing in the room where she and other people were.

It was a small event and they were gathered in one room, eating and laughing.

Suddenly, one of them started looking for her phone…
It was a rowdy day and that room was filled to the brim!

They had danced before settling down to a meal.

Nkechi’s handbag was open…
She didn’t take the phone…

She wholeheartedly and genuinely joined others to search for this phone!

It was not found.

While they were all consoling their fellow guest with the host explaining that the phone will be replaced.

Nkechi took the dishes to the kitchen only to emerge and start facing accusation from your friends!

She didn’t steal the phone…
She has never stolen before…
The thought has never crossed her mind!

The phone in question is even cheaper than her own phone.

She tried to explain that if she stole the phone, she won’t be too foolish to leave her bag there.

But no!
They descended on her and hurled insults at her.

God has finally exposed you…
They chanted!

Slay queen…
Independent woman indeed…
So this is how you have been living!

After stealing you will be speaking English.
We will disgrace you today.
God has exposed you.

We must put this on Facebook and Instagram and tag instablog.

She didn’t steal the phone!!!

Either someone did and intentionally set her up…
The phone fell into her bag while they were all dancing!

She cried bitterly…
She was embarrassed…
The trauma was overwhelming!

She will never get over it.
She will never forget.

(Things are not always the way they seem… Don’t be too hasty in judging people and joining popular opinions and verdict. If you are blessed with the gift of discernment and the ability to see beyond, you are blessed!)


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A fool can have many followers.

I think people should be punished for FOOLISHNESS.

When I said this to my friend yesterday she laughed hard and I was startled but then I discovered she doesn’t know the impact or the implications of foolishness.

A group of people can ruined as a result of the FOOLISHNESS of one person.

Foolishness like most things in life comes in degrees, is very harmful and can be contagious.

You don’t know how harmful and contagious FOOLISHNESS can be?

If you don’t, then it also means that you don’t know that A FOOL can have many followers too!

A fool can have many followers and this is where foolishness becomes very harmful and contagious.

The fool directly transfers his or her foolishness to their followers and what can be more harmful or contagious?

The followers are constantly fed and you know how it is , pupils or students often learn to become better than the teacher and it therefore means that more and better FOOLISH people will be unleashed into the society which makes it worse.

There are many types of fools.

But the one who doesn’t know he is a FOOL is the worst of them all.

These set of fools pose a lot of danger to themselves and the society.

The second type of fool is the one who is afraid of trying anything because he or she is afraid to appear foolish.
This one can be pardoned a bit because he only damages himself.

But for #oma who was called to inspire, we can’t afford to let a great person waste due to the fear of trying.

So a fool is a fool and we must see that they stop being fools.

If we are able to identify, deal with and fix FOOLISH people…
Organisations, the society will be a lot better and our leaders will perform better!

Staying around foolish people is detrimental to your growth…
Be sensitive and know when to pull the plug.


Written 6/7/15

By Marilyn Omalivingshow Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Our multi ethnicity is one of the best things about Nigeria.


One of the many causes of our numerous problems as a nation is the belief that some parts of the country is more blessed than the other.

I want every right thinking person to erase that thought from his or her mind.

Every part of this beautiful country is blessed.
We all have our endowment.
We all have our gifts.

No gift is superior!
None is inferior!

All that is needed to make us thrive and succeed is every part producing the best of what they are endowed with.

There are good people in all parts!

Just like we have the bad and the ugly in all parts.
No part is made up entirely of good people.
That should get into our heads.

One of our biggest strengths as a nation is our “Multi Ethnicity!”
It’s so beautiful to have people with different languages, culture and religion in a country.

Yesterday, I had an outing for my charity/empowerment foundation and I observed a lot of things from these young people.

I took time to make them introduce themselves, their state of origin and lots more.

Afterwards, I asked them all to point out who their best friend is.

An Igbo girl has an Hausa or Fulani girl as a best friend and they love each other.
A Yoruba boy has an Igbo boy as best friend and they love each other.

At that level, they see no difference or demarcation.
Love and innocence in their purest forms.

What does this tell you?
We were not born with hatred for each or one another…
It was learnt …
It was brought about by a lot of man made factors…
And I want every right thinking person to stand up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Growing up…
I used to hear a lot of things from IGBOS who are old people now and who even experienced the much talked about Biafran war.

I used to hear things that connote in many ways that the man from the “NORTH” is peaceful, free spirited and without problems!

When you are perceived as peaceful…
They say things like;

“Ina eme Ka Hausa” meaning ( you act like the Hausa people)!

I used to also hear; “Imana o bu Hausa… Onwero nsogbu!” Meaning “she is just like the Hausa person without problems!”

So I am asking now…
What changed?

I have heard many IGBOS say openly that the Hausa man is very honest and content and not greedy.
I know people (IGBO people) who tell me confidently that once they do business with an Hausa person, they are sure of not being cheated!

So what changed?

If the Hausa man is so terrible and hates the IGBO man so much…
Why did many IGBOS settle down comfortably in the north?
Why was land sold to them?

(Don’t tell me it’s because IGBOS bring progress o because apart from Anambra state and maybe some parts of Abia, many parts of Igbo land lack progress and are grossly under developed)

What ever hatred or rift etc that exists between us in Nigeria is man made.
Brought about by greed and corruption of the highest order.

Now the hallelujah challenge is on going and we are a religious set of people so the challenge has a lot of followers.
But the state of the country goes beyond singing hallelujah for one hour in the midnight.

There is work to be done and it starts by everyone of us purging our individual hearts of hate and all manners of negativity that stand in the way of the advancement and progress of humanity and our nation NIGERIA.

Beyond chanting hallelujah, our attitude and life must change for the better.
We must love our neighbours as ourself.

We must play our part to make Nigeria and humanity better.

We have work to do.
Our collective effort is the only thing that can change Nigeria for the better.

Get involved.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: No to jungle justice.

It was 5:45am on Tuesday, he woke up having an unusual tight feeling in his chest. A feeling he couldn’t explain being a mere human. But he was ill at ease. He knelt down and prayed as is his morning tradition. After his prayers, he brought out his “MacBook” to do some work, send his mails before heading out for his morning jogging/power walk. When he was done, he put on his sneakers and jogging suit and made for the door. But on a second thought, he decided to call his precious wife. Normally he should do that when he comes back from his morning exercise but on that day, it was different. He called her and they spoke before he hit the road of the small and remote community he had been posted to for his assignment as a military man in a west African country.

He bolted the door of his apartment, and made for the road. For more than 4 weeks, he has been doing his work out on regular basis. Often greeting the villagers as he passed them. But on this fateful day, he decided to take another route in a bid to get used to other parts of the community. He got confused as he couldn’t find his way back. He decided to ask a woman he saw by the road for directions. He came close to her and in a friendly manner asked her for directions back to his abode.

But on seeing the pistol fastened to his belt, the woman raised an alarm calling on the villagers to come and see a thief an armed robber in their land.
He was confident and therefore didn’t take to his heels because he wasn’t a robber. He patiently tried to explain to the woman that he is an army officer but in a space of seconds, a large crowd not eager to hear him out had drowned his voice and are more concerned with harming him than listen to him or take him to the police station as should be the case even if an armed robber was caught in the scene of a crime.

No they didn’t listen to him and even handing the pistol over to them couldn’t stop them from the task which they were bent on accomplishing. He pleaded, he showed his “IDENTITY CARD” but the responses he got were hard beatings descending on him, people beating him with big planks and sticks, and then others carrying blocks and hurling them directly on his head and chest.
In just a minute, he was dead!
And as if that was not enough, they dragged him on the rough ground to the road and set him ablaze!!!

In less than 3 minutes, the deed was done. A promising future and an entire generation wiped out of the surface of the earth for no just cause. A harmless man who was on assignment to protect was killed for absolutely no reason.
They didn’t know him, at least that’s their claim.
But an entire village showed the actual practice of “DIVISION OF LABOUR” in committing this act against humanity.

After the deed was done, they were all satisfied.

But soon, they realised they had made a horrible mistake and they had killed an innocent man for nothing. Even if he was indeed a thief, he didn’t deserve to be treated that way. But he was not a thief and not close to one. He was a noble man, he was so young, he had a young wife and kids, he had a great future but all that was cut short because of the irrationality, anger and rage of men.

Jungle justice…
There is absolutely no justification!

There has been so many incidents of jungle justice and mobbing in Africa and it’s so disturbing as it seems to be a daily affair now.
There is no day we don’t wake up to hear very disturbing stories of people being beaten and set ablaze for reasons that can’t be justified. The worst part of it is that some of these people are very innocent.

Many cases come to our mind when we think jungle justice.

The ALUU 4.
This shook Nigeria. It was a very sad one. 4 young men were paraded, beaten to death and burnt for absolutely nothing. They were not thieves, they were not murderers. They were young men with none amongst them older than 23 as at that time. One was even an only child but a group of angry villagers descended on them and today, they are history.

The Bakassi.
This was a group known to use all sorts of barbaric activities to destroy thieves and criminals but as always, a lot of people who were innocent fell prey to their practices.
With Bakassi, there was nothing like judgement. You are killed immediately their detection matches flashes red the moment you pass them. That alone shows you are guilty. Imagine that.

And the instances go on and on!!!

Jungle justice is very unacceptable and we cannot sit back and watch it become a culture and tradition.

We must all say no to jungle justice.

Being present in the scene and being a spectator makes you as guilty. It is something to be frowned at and condemned.

Thieves are very evil and destructive. I have had my terrible experiences with them but then, the police and the courts are there for a reason even though I know the system has some reforms to do.

Jungle justice is a no no!

We must say no to it at all levels.

Can go a long way to help curb this menace.

It’s not something to be neglected, ignored or overlooked.


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The earth is fine… The people are messed up!


You are so self-important because all of a sudden things seem to be well with you…
You are now so arrogant, all of a sudden you have forgotten when you used to beg to eat…
You feel so privileged, you don’t care about the sick and hungry…
And what is more annoying?
You are going about the whole place SCREAMING that you want to change and save something!

Everyone is saving something now👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Save the trees…
Save the cockroaches…
Save the dogs…
Save the bla bla bla…

And the height of arrogance…
Save the earth!
Are you serious?
Save the earth?

You don’t even know how to take care of people…
You haven’t learned how to care for one another.
And you want to save the earth?
Hilarious and annoying too!!!

Hey Mr brain dead and self important,
There is nothing wrong with the earth in the first place.
The earth is fine.
The people are messed up !
You are messed up!
Leave the earth alone!!!
Compared to the people, the earth is marvellous.
It’s been here for billions of years . . .
The earth will be here even when we leave.
And we will leave.
The earth isn’t ours, we are just being accommodated by it yet we forget our stay is temporary and want to overburden the earth!

We are leaving one day.
Stop amassing wealth for generations unborn and care for the people you see.
When you are gone, there will be no sign of you left.
The only sign will be the people you have cared for and the things you have done to make the earth more beautiful than how you met it.
Thank God for that.
The earth will be here, and we will be gone.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Dear society, her mistakes stare her in the face… stop despising her!

Unwanted pregnancies.

Unwanted pregnancy can ruin your life and impede your growth.

I have cried for most part of today because of what a young woman is passing through.
Her life has not been the same because she took in and brought forth children at a time in her life when she didn’t need them.

I thank God for the spirit that led her to me. She was thinking suicide because life has become unbearable. Her family even despise her for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

The father of the kids does not care and does not send a penny to her for the upkeep of these children and she is just on her own.

Feeding is a problem…
She needs to go back to school and finish up but she can’t because there is no money…
She can’t get a job in the village and can’t leave the village because her mum says she won’t leave the kids with her.

See how the life of a 26 YO old woman is going.

Please ladies… Protect yourselves!
Nobody will be there for you.

Most spinsters cannot even feed themselves so imagine adding kids to the picture.

It’s not easy taking care of children. Nobody should deceive you.

If you are in school, concentrate on your studies first… Leave man till you are prepared and can shoulder any thing that comes out of it!

The guy will impregnate you and go about his normal business. You will be shamed and ridiculed. The stigma is all yours.
Please think!!!

If an independent woman of 28 and above decides to take in, i won’t be bothered! It’s their decision. Maybe they want to be single mothers.

But if you still live with your parents, you still depend on them for fees and upkeep…
You have no business getting pregnant!

In my opinion, school girls should not be having sex.
Having boyfriends doesn’t mean you must have sex.

Learn from the mistakes of others.

At the end of the day, everyone who is encouraging you and giving you temporary shoulders to lean on will go home and you are alone with the reality of things.

Dear ladies, protect yourselves!
I don’t want to hear, it’s better to keep it than abort it. What I am saying is, no pregnancy in the first place till you are ready for it.

Dear mothers, I know it’s not your wish to have your daughter come home with pregnancy and no husband to be. It is painful. I don’t want to be in such shoes. But then if it happens, despising her is the last thing you should do. Don’t frustrate her further. She didn’t just disappoint you, she disappointed herself. Love her and don’t give neighbours and friends room to victimise and stigmatise her even more. Love her despite the mistake.

Dear men, the same advise of waiting till you are ready goes to you. Boys that can’t properly take their bath should have no business with sex. And the ones that have managed to start bathing well, please shoulder your responsibilities. Don’t abandon a lady you impregnated. It’s the height of wickedness to do so. Take care of those kids. Try.

Dear society, the baby mama has made a mistake. It’s staring her in the face. Stop despising her. Children are still blessings. Being a baby mama or having a child out of wedlock is not the worst thing anybody can do besides it’s not your business. If you can’t assist them, please leave them alone.

Other men, please stop taking advantage of the predicament of these ladies. It’s unfair. Empower them if you but sleeping with them because they need help and insulting them when they refuse is very animalistic. Respect yourself and stop assuming the position of God.

A woman who has children out of wedlock can still become whatever she wants to be.
They are not half human.