Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Promote people, it won’t depreciate you.


Marilyn oma anona

I am never afraid of promoting or advertising my fellow women and what they do because their success or their becoming successful can never impede my own success or stop me from being successful.

I am a very confident woman who is overly multi talented and I know that I can be what ever I want to be…
It will only take time!
Knowing this and feeling this way, makes it easy for me to encourage and inspire others to be at their best.

Inspiring people comes naturally to me because of my confidence level.

Some people say that CRITICISM often baptised as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is a great tool to make people become better…
Personally, I don’t believe in criticism whether constructive or not!

I prefer to inspire and encourage people without having to criticise them.
I prefer to capitalise on people’s strength instead of their weakness.

Another thing that makes inspiring, promoting and advertising people particularly women like me very easy for me is…
I never for a second think another woman is more good looking than I am!

In a room of 1000 women, I know within me that I am the most beautiful!

This feeling makes me who I am.
This feeling makes me relaxed.
This feeling makes me flow with others amicably.
This feeling makes me the Oma that you know and love.

Promote and advertise the works of your fellow women…
Their greatness can’t stop yours!

Mention every woman that you want to celebrate and promote today!
Show love!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The pulse of the common man.


Saturday the 8th of April, 2017 was very eventful.
A noble movement initiated and led by a patriot Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield and some intelligent, energetic and passionate youths who are eager to see the society transformed took place.
It was a Saturday and a good day to lie in bed. But these young people took a trip to the hinterlands of Abuja/Nasarawa to know how the commoners, the not so privileged and the masses are coping in this economic hardship.

It was very expository… For the first time I got to know what a mudu is!
I have always heard mudu but I imagined it to be very big.
Yesterday I discovered it was just a small bowl.

One thing is clear…
Many Nigerians are suffering!
Crime rate has increased!
People are angry!

Question is…
How do we get out of this mess?

This is not a question of APC/PDP.
But a quest for improvement in the living conditions of Nigerians.

It’s sad that people can not afford to feed despite how hard they toil. They can’t pay for a roof over their heads and can not afford basic health care.

Most of us have been so passionate about BBNAIJA and followed it consistently for the past 3 months…
I wish for the same passion in following noble causes!

If we can be this passionate, a lot of things will change for good.
Our destiny is in our hands.

Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday.
Some of them are;

Marilyn Oma Anona
Obinna Nkama Eze
Kingsley Chibuike Kisskid Onuchukwu
Akwaugo Precious NG Agu
Anefu Blessingparis


Marilyn Oma Anona writes : ALARMING PASSION.

The level of passion exhibited by Nigerian youths from the day BBNAIJA started was high and too strong.

The devotion was extreme.

I have never seen this level of passion anywhere even when they are asked to work to be paid at the end of the month.

Many Nigerian youths often say proudly; “I hate marketing”…
And of course I tell them they are jokers because no business or idea can succeed without good marketing!

But during this game, I saw thousands of Nigerian youths market the show effortlessly. They marketed it such that those who didn’t have interest in it, started watching (consuming).

Many Nigerian youths will never proudly campaign for or advertise their work place or the brand they represent…
But for 3 months, they were proudly campaigning for the show and their favourite contestants happily even when they know that there is no reward at the end!
This is the last thing they will do for their employer who pays them. They can’t afford to use their credit to do any campaign. Even when you give this credit, they won’t be faithful enough to use it for the purpose.

Now let’s talk about skills acquisition. Many of these Nigerian youths who spent months watching the BBNAIJA game don’t have any skill and have never worked.
You ask them to acquire skills, they tell you they don’t have money… They want it free!
But they spent thousands to buy petrol, recharge DSTV, buy call units to vote their favourite contestants. Is this not pathetic?

Pay to acquire that skill today…
You spent thousands of Naira voting for your favourite contestant!
There is no excuse or reason why you can’t afford a few thousands to learn a skill that will enable you earn a living and even employ others.
There are skills acquisition programs and trainings that go as low and cheap as 10,000naira to 50,000 naira depending on the craft.
Be as passionate as you were for Big brother, save and learn one.

If you go to several walls, pages etc on social media…
You will see photos of different contestants advertised!
Now, you have friends in business…
You see their passion and the things they do…
But you have never supported them in any way!
You won’t advertise them lest they grow bigger than you!
But you conveniently advertise people you don’t even know, spend on them without winking an eye!
But won’t do same for people around you who have taken the bull by the horn by deciding to be entrepreneurs and involved in community development through programs and projects that will make the nation better for us all.

The greatest people in history didn’t attend REALITY GAMES…
They are the people around you who and pushing with little or no resources!
They don’t have to be on TV to be supported…
They are all around you and you see their work!
Support, campaign for them, advertise them just like you do for strangers on TV.

Dear Lord, please help our youths to do the right things.
We need this much passion but in more meaningful ventures.

If you are yet to subscribe to my YouTube channel…
You are not doing right!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: We need this much passion in more meaningful things.

This evening everyone will rest especially those who have had insomnia as a result of Big Brother Naija.

It’s sad to know that a game on TV would divide a nation as much as politics and religion does.

It’s so sad to see youths devote all their time and energy on a game.

This game opened my eyes to how passionate Nigerian youths can be. But it’s sad that we are so passionate about the wrong or not so important things.

If only we can be this passionate and responsible when it comes to lending our voice, our resources etc to fight against corruption and societal vices.
If only we can be this passionate when it comes to questioning our leaders and seeking to know why things are going worse with each passing second, if only we can be this passionate about our jobs and take responsibility in our various offices, if only we can be this passionate about caring for one another (immediate neighbours and friends).

I am so happy the game is ending tonight and I pray some people don’t go mad, suffer a heart attack or fall ill simply because their favourite didn’t win!

They are all winners… This platform has given them all they need to succeed!

No struggle to introduce yourself and what you stand for.

I am very certain that @debie_rise will do well after @bigbrothernaija2017 whether she wins or not. She is passionate and has clearly shown to the world what she is all about.
@iambisola will also do well being multi talented.
Who ever wins, I have nothing to gain or lose.

Thank God it’s finally over.
Greatness is guaranteed by a lot of factors, God being the ultimate. There are many great people in history and more than 95% of them didn’t have to pass through a reality game.
You all calm down.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Social media likes and engagement does not mean support all the time.

In case you don’t know…
People find it easy to follow you when your posts are without direction or purpose!

That’s why gossip and jokes and other frivolous trending stuff have the most engagements.

When you are posting for a purpose…
It doesn’t get the most engagement!

Explains why a stupid pre wedding photo or most of those memes get more than 50 shares in an hour but when you are advertising what you do or doing a campaign for positive impact…
Nobody shares!

Most people don’t support you!
They intentionally don’t want to.

Likes on your posts doesn’t necessarily mean likes…
Most times, they are just relaxed following your posts because it is without purpose and direction!

We will be sure of the love when the post is a productive one.
We will be sure if it is one that has to do with out business and you see those people sharing the posts, referring clients to you, asking questions and being interested in the real thing!

Most people intentionally won’t support you lest you grow bigger than them.
That’s why they won’t share things they know that really matters to you.

The people who truly love you are not necessarily the ones that like your photos and empty posts.

The people that love you are those few people that like posts advertising your business and even sharing it.

You can have a lot of likes on your posts yet when it is time for the real deal, you will discover that you don’t have one supporter, real supporter!

I have a friend who amasses likes on every posts she does…
Last year, she organised an event for the first time in her life, she fixed a price for ticket and was so confident that the event will be sold out because of the number of followers she has!

Days after days…
Weeks after weeks…
People were not coming through to purchase tickets!

Not one person from her multitude of followers bought a ticket to support her event.
Her eyes opened!

I was not surprised…
I have organised events and people turn out in huge numbers when it’s free and they are sure you will feed them!

Fix a price to it, you won’t see none.
The price is the business.

The price must not be money…
It may just be them sharing your meaningful business posts!
You may just need them to share and watch your videos…

They won’t do it!

Worst of all is, not getting this support from the people you have patronised even when you have no need to or other options.

Everyone needs to be sensitive.
I know the people that have never liked my post for a day but I can boast of their support and love.

We need to be able to differentiate these things.

If you are a paid worker…
A salary earner…
An employee with an established organisation…

You need to support your age mates that are entrepreneurs by patronising them and promoting their businesses especially at the early stage of their growth!

That’s the best way to support.
Typing BOSS LADY on their photos as comment is not part of support.

If you have need for their services or products, patronise them and refer them to someone who has the same need.

That is support!!!

Stay inspired!!!


Folashade Samuels fondly known as MAMAJAZZ turns 40 today the 23rd of March, 2017. To mark her birthday, a private party which was basically prayer session organised by her church “THE THRONE HOUSE” Abuja, her family and close friends was held this morning at her residence. It was an intensive prayer session.

After the 2hours of prayers and strong biblical teachings from her pastors, the celebrant and host treated her guests to variety of food and drinks.

Folashade Samuels is an icon who has touched the lives of many people in the society. Her humility despite having achieved a lot is so impressive. She is humane and very kind hearted and indeed one worthy of emulation.

When asked how she has managed to maintain a high level of humility despite being an achiever, she said she attributes it to her nature, upbringing, experiences and the type of man she is married to.

Mrs Folashade Samuel is a happily married woman who takes it upon herself to encourage and inspire young women about marriage.
She loves her husband so much that you can tell just 30 minutes after meeting her.

She is a wonderful woman and we celebrate her on this day.

Mrs Folashade Samuel is the owner of THE SKIN CENTER a high tech skin care and dermatology outfit in Abuja. She is also the owner of MORE FOR LESS BOUTIQUE also located in Abuja.

Her nickname “mamajazz” was coined from her daughter’s name Jasmine.

Folashade and Family.

Folashade and family

Be enlightened… be inspired… be motivated!!!




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