mary%20(5) Marilyn Oma Anona is the President and Founder of PoshMarilyn (PM), an outfit that was established to assist young adults discover, or re-discover themselves as may be pertinent, by infusing in them the core values of love, compassion, integrity, discipline and industry. Her chief aim being, quite simply, to help emerging leaders discover their true destiny by exploiting their God-given potentials to live a life of genuine fulfillment, Marilyn employs her Magazine, Television Program, and Training Sessions to rehabilitate individuals who have seemingly lost focus.
Marilyn, has also developed a unique and revolutionary coaching concept, the Solution Focused Therapy, with which she is making a tremendous positive difference in the lives of others.
A gifted writer and speaker, Marilyn is from Abagana, in Anambra state, and resides in Abuja.
You can reach her at anonamarilyn@yahoo.com.
Like her facebook page *poshmarilyn*
Follow @poshmarilyn on twitter.
You can call in on 08056293964.















    • Hello, thanks for the nomination. Please if you need to give me an urgent message, please call or send me a Facebook message.
      Thanks once more for nominating poshmarilyn blog
      Which award is that?

  1. This is so inspiring, I got an idea @ the last meeting that I attended and am trying to work with it. Oma you are the best

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