Omaliving Show on poshmarilyn TV.

Omaliving Show
Inspire the uninspired

The omaliving Show, which is a phenomenal televison talk show started officially in 2014. Its debut season was produced at the popular KLINKS studio, surulere Lagos.
It was a break from the usual.
The show started witha lot of uniqueness, quality and creativity. It was a 5 segment show.
After the production of the first season in November, 2014… Omaliving Show premiered on AIT were it aired till the end of the 1st season and half.

Omaliving Show took what looks like a break in order to restrategise having encountered many unexpected challenges especially in the aspect of CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP.

After the recess, Omaliving Show is back with a bang and is using the online TV.
Omaliving Show airs on Poshmarilyn TV on youtube.

After a lot of deliberations, we took the decision to have the show on youtube because the world has gone so digital and smart phones are fast replacing televisions.

There are certain predictions that in a few years, televisions would be almost extinct.

Omaliving Show which is centred on the youths, our value system, the society, nagging issues, entrepreneurship, self discovery, celebrating icons and unsung heroes.
Omaliving Show is all about living a positive life of purpose and making impact in the society.

We have done almost an entire season online and we urge our numerous fans to subscribe and not miss any of them.

The host of omaliving show is a young Nigerian woman Marilyn Oma Anona who goes beyond the glamour associated with being a celebrity and public figure to make real impact.

She has been on the TV for 4 years professionally.

Watch Omaliving Show by going through this link
Please subscribe.

Marilyn oma Anona
Omaliving Show

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