MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: The campaign against jungle justice.

Campaign against jungle justice

The issue of jungle justice has become a serious societal menace that threatens the peace and security of the people.

There are security issues, lives and properties are nor safe, crime is on the increase, the system is not satisfying us, we blame the police and the legal system, nothing is working… but in all of these, should we take the laws into our hands?

Has jungle justice solved the issue of security?
Has jungle justice curbed crimes?

The answer is a big NO.

Research has shown that more than 60 percent of the victims of jungle justice were innocent.
This is enough reason to give everyone fair hearing and not take laws into our hands.

When we talk jungle justice, several incidents come to our mind.
We remember the ALUU 4.
4 promising young boys mobbed and lynched by angry villagers for absolutely nothing.
After 5 years, justice was done and the perpetrators were brought to book.

We als remember the BAKASSI BOYS of Aba, they were a group of local vigilantes reputed for catching criminals through diabolic means and killing them outrightly without trial.
The bakassi boys killed a lot of assumed criminals but their activities didnt stop crimes in Abia state and Anambra where they were later invited to.
Crimes reduced drastically in Anambra State when PETER OBI became the governor of the state.

We also remember the military man who was killed in Ghana. ADAM MAHAMA was mistaken to be a thief and in less than 5 minutes, an entire community gathered round him, beat him to death and burnt him.
After the act, they realised he was a military man who was only jogging in the morning.

Then we have the BADOO CULT group in lagos state Nigeria and how innocent people have been killed because the angry community assumed they were part of the BADOO cult. We remember Chinedu the upcoming comedian.

There are thieves and criminals everywhere, the system has not satisfied us… but let us think of the many innocent lives that have been killed without trial!

Jungle justice is terrible and has no justification.

We should concentrate on trying to see that our laws are reformed and implemented.
There is also need for massive orientation, reorientation, sensitisation, awareness and campaign amongst the citizens of Nigeria.

Most people need to be aware of the implications of the things they do.

That is the essense of this campaign that is led by MARILYN OMA ANONA the host and producer of Omaliving show, a humanitarian and an entrepreneur.

Lets all come together in one voice and stand against this menace in order to preserve humanity.

In this campaign, we are treating SEXUAL ASSAULT as a subtopic.
Be part of this campaign.

Campaign against jungle justice led by OMA Anona

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