Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Traits an entrepreneur must possess.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It is not for the impatient. It is not for the average person. It is for extremely passionate people who want to provide solutions to certain specific issues based on their interest.
It is a journey of uncertainty. It involves constant evolution and motion. It is not routine.
Entrepreneurship is tasking.

Any entrepreneur who says they didn’t doubt themselves at least once is telling a big lie.
There are moments when you will be overwhelmed with confused and scary thoughts.
There are times when you will search yourself and ask questions because you are afraid you have made a big mistake.

The doubt you might experience is natural.
Fears are natural sometimes and these fears can help propel you to greatness if properly managed.
The fears you feel, the worry and the confusion may all be due to the process.
Entrepreneurship requires a process that often appears too lengthy.
I want you to realize that your fears are untrue thoughts you learned from society, your family or a sense of insecurity.

Let go of these fears.
Then focus on what you want to create.
And devise ways to get to your goals.
Embrace the signs that prove you have what it takes to create the life you want.

These days, everyone goes by the title “entrepreneur”. Some just say the word without an indepth knowledge of what it means. I have written several articles trying to explain the difference between entrepreneurship and self employment. I would like for you to search for those articles on my website

But the truth is, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It is for certain people.

There are certain traits or characteristics that an entrepreneur must possess. Are you already an entrepreneur and confused about whether you are on track or are you contemplating?
Here are the traits that prospective entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs should possess.

1. An entrepreneur must be confident. To think of starting and standing on your own in the first place, requires ample confidence that average people don’t dare. When you know that you can make things happen, you trust in your abilities and capabilities…
Only then can you think of being alone. It is also only confidence that makes you persist when all isn’t moving so well.

2. An entrepreneur must be tenacious. This is compulsory. In an episode of OMALIVING show I spoke on tenacity as a very essential tool to achieve our goals. If you are not and can’t be tenacious, entrepreneurship is not for you. You must have the zeal and the patience to see process to the very end. You must be able to withstand tough times which can sometimes last as long as 5 years.
Yes you heard me!!!
When you are tenacious and persevere enough, only then can you be established as an entrepreneur.

3. An entrepreneur must be a risk taker.
First of all, quitting a job or taking a resolution not to ever apply for jobs is risky. Only very few people can do that. Entrepreneurs are fearless and that’s why they never give up.

4. An entrepreneur can adapt.
Can you adapt and change with the tide? If you can, then you can become a great entrepreneur. You adapt to economic boom and recession and find a way to scale through. That’s how you come to the very top.

5. An entrepreneur is restless.
My sister Jobina said to me just last week; “Oma, you are too restless. You don’t rest. And just yesterday, Pastor Desmond said same to me!”

Indeed I am restless. My brain is always ticking. This is because more than a lot goes into running one’s business and building one’s brand. At all times, I am working. It doesn’t matter if I am home or at the office. There is no rest because the mind is awake at all times. I am always on the look out for what might bring that solution that I seek.

6. An entrepreneur focuses on the big picture.
I will say it again and again. If you want immediate returns on investment, then entrepreneurship is not for you. If you can’t have th patience, then it’s not for you. A true entrepreneur looks at the long term and the big picture.

7. An entrepreneur does not conform, has a lot of guts.
If you love to conform… I doubt you are cut out to be an entrepreneur.

8. An entrepreneur loves to create and invent.

9. An entrepreneur is original and loves to carve a niche.
10. An entrepreneur hates routine.

These are some of the few qualities an entrepreneur must possess.



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