Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A more lasting solution to rape.

Model: Eje’s model
Photography: Eje Photography
Nature of Picture: An act to portray the topic.

For some time now, the issue of rape, sexual assault, sexual molestation and harassment have been in the news.
These occurrences come in various shades and degrees. From the strangest to the most violent.
Sexual offences have increased in our Nigerian society at such a scary rate. It leaves me wondering how we got here.

Back then, sexual offences were rare and mostly associated with countries like South Africa, United States of America, India and so on. But with the reoccurring incidents, I am afraid, Nigeria may have joined the list.

This incidents have made a lot of Nigerians bothered, worried and concerned. Many people have resorted to deep thinking in a bid to tackle this ugly issue.

We all want solutions to these nagging issues.
But the question remains; “how do we get a lasting solution?”

In my quest to treat a nagging issue…
I always try to tackle issues from the base!

I love solutions but not just solutions…
I love lasting ones!

When we talk rape, most people seem to be engrossed with measures or ways by which prospective victims can protect themselves.

It is a good one…
But not very satisfactory!

So we should always work on protecting ourselves while the psychos roam about?

Something has to be done.

These prospective rapists need to stop.

I have said it on several occasions that, too much emphasis on women empowerment has only caused women to suffer more.

We need to have the men empowered!
We need to have them undergo orientation and re-orientation!
We need to have them properly groomed and nurtured in order to be good so that these empowered women will be relaxed and happy.

My friend Chuka Obiwuru-Igbo Nduneseokwu talked about mothers not allowing their daughters sit on an uncle’s thighs.
He raised some points to back it up.
I read his post but I was not satisfied because that cannot stop rape.
That cannot stop sexual assault.
That cannot stop sexual molestation.

It’s still in line with prospective victims advised to take care of themselves and the criminals roaming bout looking for the least protected to descend on.

I saw Chikezie Ifedobi on that post, he said the post didn’t tackle the solution.
I saw his point.
His sister cannot stop him from carrying his niece on his thighs…
He won’t rape his niece!

Many uncles won’t rape their nieces.
I know that.

But while we concentrate on this, I mean carrying the girl child on the thighs by men and preventing it as a way to curb rape and sexual assault…
I want to ask…

What about the FATHERS that rape their biological daughters even at such tender ages as 2 years old.

If we succeed in stopping uncles from carrying their nieces for fear of being raped or assaulted sexually…
How do we stop these fathers?

You see, that is not even a solution.

Again, when we talk of rape and assaulting women…
Not only men are guilty!

We have lesbian women who are specialised in luring underage girls into sexual rendezvous.
These people are not different from the men who are rapists.
It’s all the same clique.

There is no way a child who is less than 16 can give you consent to have sex with her…
They are underage!

To curb or totally eradicate rape, there is need for massive orientation and reorientation and of course implementation of the law.

There is also need for us to take mental health seriously in this part of the world.
One doesn’t have to be roaming to be mad.
Many are mad.

I can never agree that a sane person would want to sleep with a 2 YO baby.

Let us spend our energy and try to correct these abnormal situations and happenings in our society.



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