Poshmarilyn Personality Profile: The young talented man behind “EJE”photography.

One of the major aims of the poshmarilyn brand is to give exposure and encouragement to young, talented, hardworking and useful Nigerian and African youths who are doing well in their fields.

Our ever ready wheels of inspiration took us once more to the eastern part of Nigeria where we had the privilege of having a chat with one of the most talented and creative photographers in Africa.

It was a very smooth chat as the unsung hero was oozing of brilliance making everything so interesting.

Enjoy our chat with him.

Who is Jubilee Eze? His inspiration and goals in life?

Eze Jubilee is a young and ambitious Nigerian. The Chairman of the Bee-Capital group, a firm that has interests in Software development, Media and real estate. He is also the CEO of Ejè Photography, a photography firm in Umuahia, Abia State. Popularly known as a photographer and writer, his love and passion for the arts in unparalleled. He is the first of 6. Grew in a modest home in Umuahia. A graduate of Abia State University who studied Public Administration. God lover, devout Christian. Loves music (sings and plays the piano modestly well). Loves to read and to travel.

Jubilee Ezeh
Eje photography

Tell us about the “Eje Photography” brand.

Eje photography as a firm started 7 months ago on the first of January, 2017. Ejè means creativity. Ejè means distinctive difference. Ejè means total excellence. So when we started in January, we started knowing that we were coming into a creative market that had competition at sky levels. Nevertheless, we came in with a difference, a touch of something new and daring. 7 months later, Ejè photography has become one of the foremost Photography firms in Abia State with plans to get 3 new branches in other states in the next 12 months.
At Ejè we believe that everyone is beautiful, that everyone is a model and that under the right conditions, our beauty glows. This believe and it’s positive effect on how we operate, is perhaps our greatest edge.

What are the challenges you have encountered in the photography industry and the blessings that come from being a photographer?

Challenges? Hahaha. Many. They come up everyday. For one, photography equipment are usually very expensive and to get the best images you need to get the best equipment. However, in this part of Nigeria, people do not really appreciate high cost services. There are very few high earners here in Abia, so you wanna buy these equipments other big photographers use but your prices must not be too high. This is a big challenge.
Then there’s the fact that photography is a progressive field. Things change everyday. New skills, new patterns. You must consistently update the team, send them for trainings or your pictures get boring and you lose customers. This require a lot of finances too. But then, these challenges are inevitable so we have adjusted to them and right now, we no longer see them as challenges.
Blessings? Lol. I can go on and on in this one. First, when we started in January, the kind of acceptance we received was overwhelming. 7 months later we have travelled to about 20 States in Nigeria on jobs, received awards. God has been good. The turn over has been so good.
Personal Blessings? I took my first serious shot as a photographer in September last year. And 4 months later I started a photography company. Many friends discouraged me. Family did not understand it. I deferred my Nation Youth Service to focus on this. Dad was not impressed. Was his brilliant son going to settle for being a ‘Camera man’ ? (Lol). 7 months later, through photography, I have been able to come in contact and develop friendships with influential people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.
One of who is the CEO of the PoshMarilyn Society and Oma Living show, Marilyn Oma Anona. I cannot begin to mention names. I have traveled to places I would probably not traveled to otherwise. I have the Ejè Academy where people come to learn Photography, makeup, fashion designing and so many other skills. Why? Because if I had stuck to general plans, I might have found myself in an office where I am paid stipend (probably N100,000) and given no time to pursue my passions.
But as a professional photographer, I make almost ten times that amount monthly and I hope to make more. I can explore other options and develop other angles of my life too.
Family is proud now. Friends understand now. Things have been great. Blessings all round.

What is your advise to the youths of Nigeria and Africa?

4) Advice to Nigerians:- I was in an event yesterday where Mr. Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra spoke and he said “the biggest employers of Labour the next decade would see in Nigeria will not be by people with First Class degree but by people with viable and developed skills”. The emphasis on University education is good but it is totally overblown. A makeup artist might be looked down on but on a job she gets 10-15k, 10 of those in a month is 100-150k. Most graduates do not make that Much in 3 months. The society is full of people who are making fame and money from their skills: writing, photography, music, fashion designing, make up, modelling, dancing… etc. Self employment for now is the best form of employment. So to Nigerian youths, do not sit back and cry wolf because there are no jobs. Get your hands busy, Get your passion, learn a skill become very good at these. Make it s business and make money. There’s nothing as gratifying as doing what you love and making money from it all at once.

What are the things that matter most to you.

Things that matter most to me: God. Family. Work.

How can you be reached by clients and friends for business.

People can add us up on IG: @ejephotos, or on Facebook: Ejèphotography. Or call our number 07080703884.
Personally, I can be found on Facebook as Eze Jubilee, on IG as jubil_stone. And contacted through the same number 07080703884.

Eje photography
Some of their works.

Thanks so much for having this chat with us. We wish you the very best in all your endeavours.

You all should totally hook up with EJE PHOTOGRAPHY.



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