Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The Isi-Agu is one of the most abused aspects of the Igbo identity.

For the past 30 hours, my newsfeed on Facebook has been loaded with mainly things worth knowing about the IGBO tribe which is my tribe.
I touched issues that concerns our spirituality, religion and identity.

This evening, I want to lay some emphasis on one of the distinct style or attire the Igbo man is known with.

This is the ISI-AGU.
The Isi-Agu is one of the most abused aspects of the Igbo identity.

I am an Anambra girl…
My home is not too far from the bank of the river Niger and #OMAMBALA river…
#Ngene flows through my root.

Talking about our #culture and identity as #Igbos…
One of the things that has become greatly #abused as Igbos is our #Isi #Agu!

#Isi Agu is not meant to be worn by women…
It was something of dignity to even own an isi Agu!

It is exclusively for the men, but as with us…
Everything must be abused!

We women have not finished wearing our own attires, but we must rush off to wear Isi Agu!

This isi Agu abuse is sad but most of us don’t know it…
It devalues the #Igbo culture and makes it seen like we have no regards for anything!

Igbo women should stay away from Isi Agu and wear female Igbo outfits if they desire to go cultural so bad.
Not everything has to be swallowed by civilisation.
Not everything should be “funkified” (leave the dictionary, I coined that!).

These are the little things that should be preserved!



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