Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The Europeans told us our religion is evil… we believed them!

Before the Europeans came, we had an identity. Their coming brought lots of advantages but brought even many disadvantages alongside.

If they didn’t come, we would have been just fine because the truth is, you don’t miss what you know nothing about.

One of the things the coming of the white man did to the average African is the psychological implantation of the belief that any thing African is either evil, or inferior.

Years after the colonial masters left, we are still stuck with these beliefs. The slave trade is technically over but many are still enslaved in their mind.

So much success may not be achieved in trying to get people to retrace their steps, but it is important to enlighten us every once in a while.

The Europeans told us our religion is evil. It’s dead. It’s dark.
We believed him.
Before they came, there was ample sanity. They brought their religion, with its help, some ugly practices like the killing of twins was stopped. This is one of the best things they did. But this same people took human beings as slaves and over laboured them, treated them as animals and even threw some of them into the oceans alive.


I am a chiristan by birth. And many christians would want to tell me that they are christians because they had a personal encounter with JESUS.
I am not about to dabble into an argument, but I know that if the Europeans never came, none of them will have had that personal encounter.
We would have been with our own religion respecting God and his laws.


They have pulled down more than 80% of shrines and destroyed deities…
They told us the reason for pulling them down and destroying them was because they are evil!

But in 2017, we see and experience worse evil than the Nigerian society witnessed before the advent of Christianity and Islam.

Please explain this scam to me.


I need you to know this;
Even before Europeans came with their religion…
We Africans, at least I am sure of Igbos believed in the almighty God.

We call him Chukwu (Chi-ukwu) which means the almighty God!
We also call him Chineke which means the creator!
We also call him olisakeluuwa which means the God that created the world!

In Igboland, we believe that God is the greatest and no one has seen him, can see him or will see him except when you die and go to Enu-igwe (that is God’s abode in heaven!)

That is why no shrine in Igbo land ever had or have (for the few still remaining) the image of Chukwu.

In Igbo traditional religion before the advent of Christianity, we had saints!

Many people don’t know this.

We had saints…

They were called NDI-ICHIE!!!

Now most people erroneously think NDI-ICHIE are mere ancestors…

The NDI-ICHIE are the holy ancestors. Not every ancestor is an ICHIE because not all were holy.

The ancestors we regard as NDI-ICHIE are those that lived their lives on earth according to the Laws of Chukwu, Chineke or Olisa, they are the saints or the kind of souls the christians refer to as saints.

Many times we hear of alusi (deities)
Ona efe alusi!!! (They worship a deity)

Gini bu kwanu alusi? (What is a deity in Igbo?)

Alusis are grouped under 4 elements of nature;

Water/water bodies – Mmili
Land – Ana
Air – Ikuku
Fire – Oku

These elements have gods and goddesses in charge of them and controls everything about them.

In the Igbo religion, the ladder is

Chukwu or Chineke or Olisa
gods and goddesses

NDI ICHIE is higher than gods and goddess.

These gods and goddesses are called “alusi” and possess shrine sometimes.
Sometimes they have human servants,
trees, animals, piece of land etc because they are more closely connected to the earth than the other two subjects of worship in Igbo traditional religion.

To be conitnued.



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