It is not easy for a child in Africa. Childhood should be a very interesting period before one grows to become conscious of the struggles to be successful.

But for an #African child you have to start bearing burdens in different forms even as a child. I use the #african child which comes off as generic, but this is intentional because i want to drive home the harsh #reality which many of us dont see.

The #nigerian child who is probably watching cartoon network somewhere or in the amusement park or on summer vacation does not represent the African child. This is because they are just a very little percentage compared to what is actually on ground.
Most Nigerian kids are from very poor homes, slums and ghettos, IDP Camps and interior villages with no basic amenities. This is the harsh reality.
Many of these children suffer #malnutrition, all sorts of preventable #diseases, child #labour, lack of access to #education , early #marriage, #adolescent births, displacement, homicide, and lots more.

We all know the causes of some of these. According to reports, the African child is the most deprived child in the world.
This is why #therightstagecharity #therightstagebyoma #therightstagehumanity #therightstageempowerment through its numerous projects, strives to touch the lives of these children, teenagers, young adults and women. The schools are on vacation, soon a new session will begin. Let us contribute our quota to developing these young people who are the future of the #society

We are calling on well meaning individuals to donate items for the less privileged children and women in order to ensure that most of them can go to school and feed.

Donate items like; books, sanitary pads, stationaries, food items, school bags and sandals, clippers and lots more. To donate, please send us a message through or DM or or
#bloggers #trending #content #charity #humanity #humanresources #abuja #lagos #anambra #education

Be enlightened! Be inspired!! Be motivated!!!

Child labour in Africa.


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