Poshmarilyn Personality Profile: Meet the best makeup artiste in Umuahia.

Poshmarilyn Personality Profile takes her ride down to the quiet town of Umuahia, a small peaceful town in the south eastern part of Nigeria to meet an extremely passionate makeup artiste who has been recognised by virtue of her work.

CEO KRISBELLA, Christabel Eziaha.

Enjoy the Interview.

Who is Krisbella, what is her inspiration and what are her goals?

Mz_krisbella is a woman of passion, confident and a goal getter. God inspires me and the desire to grow and leave footprints for others to follow. My goals in life is to be the leading beauty entrepreneur brand in the whole world and touch people’s lives in the process.

Tell us about the Krisbella Brand.

Well krisbella as a brand is actually all about beauty and at krisbella makeover we believe make up is not a mask, but a powerful tool to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self. We are all unique in our different ways.

What are the challenges you have encountered as an upcoming makeup artiste and the blessings that come from being a model?

One of the challenges I face as an upcoming makeup artiste is the need to set quality trends for people to look up to and also the need to maintain standards and be a figure to look up to. Having people look up to me as a model is part of my drive for success. It pushes me to soar higher and take leaps of faith, and that in its way is a blessing.

What is your advise to the youths of Nigeria and Africa?

My advise to the youths of Nigeria and Africa is that the sky is never the limit, there are still many other firmaments beyond the sky. Don’t give up on your self, be the best in whatever you do just be different.

What are the 5 things that matter most to you.

5 things that matter most to me is God, my family, my business, my happiness and my friends.

How do people contact you for business?

Well mostly through referrals by previous customers or friends and through social Media; my IG handle is krisbella _makeover and mz_Krisbella that’s my personal account and our Facebook page is @kisbellamakeover. You can also contact me on 0902 563 9386.

It was a heart warming session with KRISBELLA, she is indeed worth emulating. Follow her on all social media platforms and don’t forget to contact her for very classy, creative and unique makeup for all occasions.

Stay inspired.



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