Mark Anthony Osuchukwu writes: The use of social media to better your talent or skills.

I want to say something that may help a person or two this afternoon.

Listen, in anything you want to do, follow your conviction. Listen to that voice that speaks to you when you’re walking alone in the dark.

Never ever stop doing what you are doing because people reject you.

Few years ago, I began to write officially apart from the primary school and secondary school scribbles.

I added few writers on Facebook here and began to follow them and learn from them.

I was published first by Augustine Ogwo who’s blog became home for me that year. He encouraged me and gave me lots of ideas and how to go about this writing thingy.

I continued doing what I felt was the best until one day Chambers Umezulike wrote a piece that was published by Ynaija and I loved the website and everything.

I ran to his inbox and asked him how he got his work published there. He generously gave me their mail and I sent an article that very day.

I woke up and saw a mail that read: “sorry, your writing is below the standard of our site. Send elsewhere'”

I wanted to die.

I didn’t that day. They scattered my life for me.

I cried and continued writing.

Last year, I sent them and article and they published. I sent again, they published.

They didn’t tell me that my writing has gotten to the standard of their site. At least to resurrect that which was killed years back.

I nor talk.

This year, when Biafra people celebrated the victory of Trump in Rivers state, I sent them an article I titled: “A wedding in America and the reception in Nigeria”

They loved it, people who read it marveled at the sheer creativity I flaunted in the title.

This year again, I wrote against Joy Isi and they published it.

That went viral. 😏

I left them for a while and was published by Pulse, Yabaleft and Linda Ikeji.

The open letter to Tecno and Joro were feats I love to think about.

The shares, the mails(Both curses and praises) were worth my while.

Last week, in the heat of my letter to Joro, I got a mail from Ynaija asking ME to be their writer/blogger.

They said; “we have a vacancy and we thought of which writer to give the gig and your name came up in the meeting”

It was an emotional moment for me.

I cried. 😊

The same people that said my writing wasn’t good enough are the ones in need of me.

Actually I think it was terrible that year.

I knew I have grown.

I accepted the offer and anything you see on Ynaija’s Anger tracker Blog is written by yours sincerely Mark Anthony Osuchukwu!

Dear young writer, don’t compete with anybody. Just write. Write some more and keep writing.

Nobody cares about you until they need a service you offer.

Don’t do cliques!

Be your own soldier.

Like Hymar will always tell me: “Marksman, na jungle we dey! win some, lose some and soldier on”

Understand this.

Another thing. Never expect things to go your way or work as you planned. You’ll end up disappointed.

I was speaking with Onyeka last weekend and I complained about things not working out as I planned.

He laughed and told me: “nothing works as planned. Just relax, it will be fine”

We are cursed with hope. We have hope smeared on our lips like lip gloss.

Sometimes, its only what keeps us going.

Never say never.

Have a blissful week.

Mr banks!

Whatch his interview on POSHMARILYN TV with OMALIVING Show.

Go through this link

Stay inspired!!!


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