Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Let the Igbos present a PRESIDENTIAL candidate not candidates.

Marilyn Oma Anona

I would have said; “Read patiently” but I will say “REASON PATIENTLY!”

At the end of the day… The agitation and quest for fair play all boils down to one thing!!!

And that one thing is; “THE MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP!”

Some people, some ethnic groups feel cheated and that ethnic group is IGBO!

The north has led the nation for over 3 decades!

The SW west took over from the military in 1999 and handed over to the SS (GEJ)…
The SE is missing and feels cheated and marginalised!

And even though some people may want to deny it… This is the main reason for the agitation and when most are talking “RESTRUCTURING” they mean this!

But because they are not brave to speak, they hide behind others to scream #restructuring

We are Nigerians…
Nigeria is ours!
We have to make it work!

And for this to happen…

Something new has to be done!

Maybe this great country called Nigeria will do better when the IGBO man is given the mantle of leadership.

Maybe this great Nation called Nigeria will be more united, developed when the Igbo man becomes the leader.

I say this because where a man’s wealth lies is where his interest lies! (IGBO PROVERB) and I think the Bible also mentioned it. Anyways, I used to hear it from my late mother.

Of all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, the IGBOS have the most at stake.
Even a baby knows this and it should not be a subject for debate.

A proper and truthful survey of all the investments in all parts of the country irrespective of ethnicity will point to one ethnic group… IGBO!


Even unimaginable hinter lands have been developed by the Igbos not minding that originally that is not their root.

In my thinking, this is a sign that with an Igbo man of credibility in power, the unity,peace, understanding that was once associated with Nigeria will be restored.
The Igbo man does not think of his locality alone…
Many of us frown that the Igbo man does not think home…
But looking at the bigger and broader picture, it means with an Igbo man as the leader of this beautiful nation, Nigeria will be developed as a nation without any special preference for a particular region or state etc because of positions!

Don’t you think so?

Remember in 2007, the Minister for FCT,Mallam Nasir el-Rufai said IGBOS have acquired about 73 percent of landed property in Abuja. He said the IGBOS should adopt Abuja as their 6th state.
He explained that this is why the Igbos appear to have been the worst victims of the demolition exercise in the territory.
He said 68 percent of the land allocations in the FCT belong to the 19 Northern states, but in actual land ownership, 73 percent belong to the Igbos with the most aggressive in land ownership belonging to the indigenes of Anambra State, while Ebonyi is the least.

This is the same for all states in Nigeria.

The economy of the nation cannot thrive without the Igbo man.
The IGBOS hold nothing back when they go to a place to reside.
The IGBOS are the least clannish in Nigeria.

The resuscitation and beautification of the nation Nigeria may actually lie in the hand of the IGBO man.

He has the highest at stake in Nigeria. He will strive for unity, love, peace and progress.

Let the IGBOS produce a presidential candidate.
A presidential candidate not presidential candidates.



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