Geraldine Abimbola Salau writes: Before Sunrise (Poshmarilyn Peotry)

Geraldine Salau

I wrote this piece, with the thought that we are living in a world that may seem to have lost colour.Its easier to give up and let our dreams die. Regardless of the circumstances, I want to encourage everyone going through a rough part, that there’s more. The storm is all a facade. I hope you find strength in these words.

‘Before sun rise ‘

The mist seemed endless,
Engulfed in haze of gory days,
Leaving no prints on the sea bay,
Paddling to darkness,

My people are mired in disguise,
If only our sun could rise!
And restore our golden hue,
Before the morning dew.

Our feet has been encircled,
Within the walls of monsters,
Our tongues bridled,
Over powered ,
Like trees without roots.
If only our sun could rise!

Ensnared by their venoms,
Blurred visions of tomorrow ,
Like a ceaseless turmoil,
Clad in despondency.

If we could only realize,
Concealed within us,
The strength of legions,
And crumble this mirage into dust,
Beyond the reef,
Our haven of sunshine,
With us an helmet,
Against the barriers of futility,
A camouflaged soul,
Over repression,
Within the sea of hearts,
Lies the fortitude,
Then our sun would rise.

Salau Abimbola Geraldine
Award winning poet
University of Ilorin, Nigeria.



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