Marilyn Oma Anona writes: There is more to entrepreneurship than just being the CEO.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Going into any venture for the wrong reasons leads to frustration. In life, if you want to last longer it is best to always put purpose before profit.
This helps you handle life issues better and enables you come out stronger no matter what challenges you encounter.

In Nigeria, so many word have been used to the point that the begin to irritate you or make you not want to be associated with them.
One of such words is “entrepreneur”.

Nigerians from the past 5 years have used this word in such a way that I am sure the word is even tired. Many of us don’t even know the real meaning of the word.

7 out of every Nigerian particularly the youths you engage to find out what they do, they are always quick to blurt out; “I am an entrepreneur,”

Most of them don’t even bother to explain or tell you what industry or aspect of entrepreneurship they are involved in.

They think just saying; ” I am an entrepreneur” defines them.

Entrepreneurship is good.
It is a thing of joy to see that we have embraced it in this part of the world.

But most of us need to be properly schooled and educated on what entrepreneurship really is.

When most Nigerian youths think entrepreneurship, all they think of is the title that comes with owning a business or running a business.

You see them proudly or even arrogantly say; “I am the CEO of…”
Then you see them quickly embrace some funny terms like; “boss lady”, “self made gang”, “in a league of my own”…

They think of not having anyone give them orders…
They are happy!

They think of waking up at what ever time they choose…
They are happy!

To them, they are already successful because of the title, being a boss of your own and not having to take riders from anyone and maybe having one small office of your own.

But this is not even the case.
The journey to becoming a successful and recognised entrepreneur is a tasking and very enormous one that requires a lot.

Let me make it clear…

We all have we’re we fit in.
There must be followers.
There must always be a team.
And being a follower doesnt mean you are unfulfilled.

Some people can only be successful as followers or only when they are followers.

You should know this.

Leadership is not for everyone.
A successful entrepreneur must be a successful leader.

Bosses are not leaders.

For those who are already entrepreneurs, I need to tell you this…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,
Sometimes it takes as much as a decade to build your brand and business.

Don’t start and expect to make it in a year or 2…
That’s the reason many are frustrated!

Good brands take time to build…
Give it time!

Remember, you will fail occasionally…
That’s how you grow and get better!

All the things you were taught and the ones you have been reading are not always applicable in the field…
You learn and get better with experience!

If you have with the mentality of making money instantly then you can’t be an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur looks at the long term.
An entrepreneur must be patient.
An entrepreneur must put purpose before profit.

If you want quick money…
And want to see your money immediately…
Start trading!
Stick to buying and selling!
Stick to your 9 to 5 job.
The people who get easily frustrated as entrepreneurs are the ones who put profit and money before purpose.



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