Salau Abimbola Geraldine writes: A poem on jungle justice.

Geraldine Salau

This poem is about jungle justice.
It’s really becoming a menace in the society.
It’s surprising that people stand and watch while a life is taken.
I hope we can all be human again.

A minute
Blissful silence at dawn,
Evening clouds harried,
Holding sway lissome days,
Clad in rivulets of blood,
Dreams in a minute distorted,
Beneath thorns and spikes
Fettered feet, mangled hands in trepidation,
Lone voice buried beneath,
Brazened in depth rings,
Admist cheering of forestrangers ,
Silent whispers sinking with gusto!

Salau Abimbola Geraldine
Award winning Poet
University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


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