Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A fool can have many followers.

I think people should be punished for FOOLISHNESS.

When I said this to my friend yesterday she laughed hard and I was startled but then I discovered she doesn’t know the impact or the implications of foolishness.

A group of people can ruined as a result of the FOOLISHNESS of one person.

Foolishness like most things in life comes in degrees, is very harmful and can be contagious.

You don’t know how harmful and contagious FOOLISHNESS can be?

If you don’t, then it also means that you don’t know that A FOOL can have many followers too!

A fool can have many followers and this is where foolishness becomes very harmful and contagious.

The fool directly transfers his or her foolishness to their followers and what can be more harmful or contagious?

The followers are constantly fed and you know how it is , pupils or students often learn to become better than the teacher and it therefore means that more and better FOOLISH people will be unleashed into the society which makes it worse.

There are many types of fools.

But the one who doesn’t know he is a FOOL is the worst of them all.

These set of fools pose a lot of danger to themselves and the society.

The second type of fool is the one who is afraid of trying anything because he or she is afraid to appear foolish.
This one can be pardoned a bit because he only damages himself.

But for #oma who was called to inspire, we can’t afford to let a great person waste due to the fear of trying.

So a fool is a fool and we must see that they stop being fools.

If we are able to identify, deal with and fix FOOLISH people…
Organisations, the society will be a lot better and our leaders will perform better!

Staying around foolish people is detrimental to your growth…
Be sensitive and know when to pull the plug.


Written 6/7/15

By Marilyn Omalivingshow Anona



  1. Oma my dear , you just stirred me up from sick bed . You described it all . Pity the man who doesn’t KNOW and refuses to acknowledge that he doesn’t KNOW and is not ready to KNOW . Do you have to call such a person an UNKNOWN MAN ? He is better described as a FOOLISHNAN. Foolishness is a disease. Refuse and reject it before it spreads to all other parts of you . Thanks Oma for your inspiring impartations and enlightenment .

  2. Any man who claims to know all and sweeps any other man’s opinion under the carpet is the worst of them all , the most foolish of all.

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