Marilyn Oma Anona leads the campaign against “Jungle Justice” with “Sexual Assault” as a subtopic.

The online campaign has been on for 3 weeks.
This campaign is going on with #campaign against #sexualassault

Marilyn Oma Anona

The need became very imperative due to the alarming increase at the rate which these two issues occur.

Awareness, education, orientation and reorientation are tools that must be used to curb or eradicate these terrible nagging issues.

Have you seen a situation where a person was suspected of a crime…
Every situation and happening point directly to him or her… You are so sure as a human being judging by the things you see, feel or hear that this person is guilty…
But then he is charged to court and is awaiting trial…
After a few months, the real criminal is caught!

Now what if this person was killed through #junglejustice and you justify it by saying that he is a criminal and you never get to find out the truth.

Jungle justice is not just a crime…
It is grossly barbaric!

Why don’t we strive to see that our laws are implemented.
They are there for a reason.

Now, from research more than 50% of victims of jungle justice were innocent!

And I tell you this; “anyone capable of butchering and lynching any human for what ever reason is capable of anything!”
And worse than a criminal.

Do you also know that people set people up?

Crime is bad…
I have lost a brother inlaw to thieves.
I have been robbed…
My father has been robbed… That does not still justify JUNGLE JUSTICE.

If this goes on, a time will reach where uncivil people will start to mob and lynch people for mere arguments.

The internet is buzzing!
Jungle justice and sexual assault are unacceptable!

Join the campaign.
Lend your voice to some worthy cause.

Let’s preserve humanity and make the difference between us and animals clearer.

Several people have shared their stories and concerns about this ugly and barbaric practice called jungle justice.

About 70% of the victims of jungle justice were innocent.

Should this be allowed to go on?

AMARA MERCY AKPOTUE, a make up artist based in Anambra state had this to share.

Amara M

I was on a job sometime ago,someone started looking for her phone,I was the only stranger there and they were all giving me “we know you stole it” look,they said they want to search my bag,I gladly let them,they searched everything on me thoroughly but didn’t find the phone.
I finished with the job and went home. One week later I was doing my routine box and work tool clean up and found the phone. I cant even put to word how I felt as I imagined what would have been my fate if they had found the phone in my box. I am still thanking God for saving me. I called and waybilled the phone to them.
Let’s be civil and let the law prove a suspect guilty beyond all reasonable doubt and deal accordingly with him/her if found guilty.
We are not murderers.

Another Nigerian had this to share.

Nnenna Okafor is a health and safety professional and am entrepreneur.
She narrated how her younger brother was almost a victim.

Hear Nnenna:
Great job you are doing dear, to spread awareness on the ills of Jungle Justice. Last year, my youngest brother would have been a victim of jungle justice. He went to visit a friend, on his way back a tricycle scratched the car he was driving. He stopped to check the damage and from nowhere a mob.
A mob started chasing him with sticks, cutlass, knives and screaming “Barawo”. He ran, he called my mum when he hid, he was screaming ” These people want to kill me”. He cut the phone and continued running. Till he got to a good Samaritans house who hid him at his back yard while the mob was threatening to burn the house down if the man didn’t release my brother.
The man called police, called my parents. My parents came along with the police.

That was how my baby brother was saved.

According to them, a guy stole a car in town and coincidentally it was same type of car my brother was driving.

I still have goose bumps when i think of it. I think of those young guys at Aluu, those guys were my brother’s age mates. They had nobody to fight for them, nobody to prevent the unjust act.

These are just few instances.
Can you imagine how many more have fallen victim.

This has to stop.

Let’s raise our voice.

Jungle justice is becoming the order of the day and it should not be so.

Let us concentrate on making sure that the police sit up and perform their jobs better. Let us try to ensure that laws are implemented.

Recently, an upcoming comedian was lynched and butchered on his way to tow his broken car.
His only crime was being out at night. He was killed alongside his mechanics.
How long do we have to watch the society deteriorate?

Chinedu Paul (MC Thi

Crime is bad…
I hate criminals…
But jungle justice is even the worst form of crime.

Now again I ask; “can crime eradicate crime?”


In any village or community where vigilante services are used, 98% of the members of these vigilante groups are mainly criminals…

All they do is kill INNOCENT people to give the impression that they are working meanwhile they are the actual criminals.

Many innocent people have gone through jungle justice.
How long do we have to sit and watch our society deteriorate?

Are we going back to the Stone Age?

Enough is enough!
Join the campaign.

Join the campaign
#omalivingshow #junglejustice #sexualassault #therightstagebyoma #repost #regrann #nigeria #lagos #abuja #africa



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