The campaign against jungle justice and sexual assault led by Marilyn Anona

Holidays over!!!
The Campaign against jungle justice is still on.
A woman shared a story of how she was almost beaten up because of 400 Naira somewhere in Abuja.
This is a woman that owns choice cars and lives in one of the high brow areas of Abuja. She tried to explain that there was no way she could have taken 400 Naira.
My goodness!!!
400 Naira.
Instead, the angry people around her didn’t want to hear. Until God showed up.
The woman who said she was looking for her 400 Naira saw the same 400 Naira in her purse.
Imagine that!
Before the money was found, they had said all sorts to her. Things like, you must have been stealing to keep this your skin and buy these expensive clothes you are wearing. Your cup is full today and we will disgrace you.
Imagine that kind of emotional torture.
People are angry for no reason. Some are even angry at the air and that’s one of the reasons why jungle justice is on the increase.
Many innocent people have died or fallen victim to jungle justice.
Let’s leave the ones who you claim deserve what happened to them.
What about the innocent people that have galled victim to jungle justice?
Jungle justice is unacceptable.
It’s getting worse by the day.
If care is not taken, it will get to a point where people start getting mobbed and lynched because of arguments and different views on issues.


People should be responsible.
People should be concerned.

Nonchalance is not a mark of responsibility.

Nonchalance has helped to increase #junglejustice.

It doesn’t concern me…
Therefore, you just chill and watch someone mobbed and lynched!

Most times, the victim is innocent.

There was an incident in Lagos. A woman raised an alarm that her sales boy had stolen her 100,000 Naira.

Trust angry Nigerians…
They descended on this boy without even bothering to ask questions!

They beat him mercilessly and were on the verge of setting him ablaze.

While the beating was ongoing, the woman and some people were inside the shop and this woman suddenly exclaimed; “ewoooooo see the money here!”

The money was there all along but in her hastiness, she didn’t see it but concluded that a guy who had worked with her for months without stealing had stolen the money and foolish to remain in the shop.

Then another drama started…
The angry mob, again descended on the woman!

Do you see the irrationality in jungle justice?

Let’s say the money was not seen at that time…
What becomes of that innocent boy?

Many innocent people have died as a result of this barbaric practice.
It must STOP!!!

A bill should be brought up to make it a duty for persons to ensure that no jungle justice is done near them, so in essence when someone is lynched somewhere, people in that vicinity will be held accountable.
This I think will reduce these acts of barbarism considerably.



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