Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Religion has made a mess of us.

I have said it times without number that we have a lot of fake “god of men” and majority are just “pastorpreneurs” whose chief aim is just to make money.

One of our biggest problems in Nigeria will remain RELIGION!
Nigerians are too religious.

I do believe in miracles…
Oh yes!
As a young girl of 12, having a Christian mother (Christian by practice and lifestyle) she made me go through the Bible, from genesis to revelation.
I read about how JESUS CHRIST performed lots of miracles.

All of the miracles JESUS CHRIST performed were visible, verifiable and valid!
There was no doubt about any of those miracles because the people who were healed or raised from death were clear cases.
Most of the people he healed were popular as a result of the thing they were suffering…
So when Christ healed them, it was clear!

The miracles were so visible, verifiable and valid.

What do we have today?
Evil men and women parading themselves as men of God and miracle workers.
All they do is stage miracles…
Give a script…
Act it…
And then a “fake” miracle…
With the lazy, blind and gullible followers and congregation chanting his name and talking of how God uses him/her!

There was a case in Abuja where one had given a woman some drug so that it will seem like she was dead and then he rose her from death.
Unfortunately, the woman passed on and never woke up.
He couldn’t raise her from death.

Before that incident, a friend had narrated how that same “God of man” had approached her to act out a script…
To fake a healing and miracle!
They promised to pay her 200,000 Naira.
She pretended to be flowing with them so that they don’t get angry and probably harm her.
But she left there and never went to that church again.
The pastor and his team of desperate and evil church workers including wife kept calling her and threatening her sometimes.
She ended up changing her sim.

We wanted to make trouble but then I weighed the whole situation and told her to just change her sim.

2 weeks later, that incident happened.
His plans failed and the woman passed on.
Trouble started!

But you know what?
His church is back again and people still troop there.
Why are people so lazy, gullible and stupid???

You will see several cases of people whose sickness have become so popular that almost all Nigerians know it.
People like the late “PAUL ARISA”!
Why was he not healed by these miracle workers?
At least many souls will be naturally converted seeing the wonders that God works.
When it comes to such cases, all I hear is “faith!”

If your faith is not enough… You won’t get your healing!
How convenient!

So the thousands of people you heal in your churches have enormous faith?

And again, why is it that some of these “god of men” can’t function outside their church?

Many of us are simply too lazy to develop a personal relationship with our maker.
Anything goes.
We are too eager to be told this and that.
We are too eager for miracles (which are often fake)

Most of these pastors will collect money from a family all in the name of family liberation.

Look at the photo below 👇👇👇


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