Marilyn Oma Anona writes: There are no ready made jobs anywhere.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Most people dreamt of working with or in the best places upon graduating from the university.

But reality starts setting in the minute you pass out from NYSC.

You find out to your disappointment that there are no ready made jobs especially the types you wish for except of course your parents are highly placed.
You attend countless interviews but not called afterwards or the ones you end up being called for come with very small salaries or very tough work conditions that you do not like.

You write countless applications and submit well over 100 CVs in a month. Time passes by so quick too and from 2 months to 1 year and even 3 years, you are still doing same thing.
You don’t think of any other thing to do other than submitting CV that has no upgrade.
You start to complain and whine about the government being unable to cater for the basic needs of her citizens.

But in the midst of the nagging issue of unemployment are young people who have said NO!!! I can’t be jobless.
NO!!! I must start something on my own and contribute to the growth of this country.
NO!!! I won’t let time just pass by without making good use of it.

These are the set of people I want to talk about today.
They are the entrepreneurs and self employed people.

During the maiden episode of BUSINESS AND FAMILY LIFELINE, we talked about joblessness amongst Nigerian youths. It is a nagging issue and I said it can’t be curbed by whining and complaining. It can’t be curbed by pride and self deceit. It can’t be curbed by having a huge sense of entitlement.

It can only be curbed when we discover our selves and remain true to our selves.

I wonder why people are so crazy about white collar jobs in this time and age. Why are you crazy about white collar jobs when they don’t even exist?

We think “oh I have studied this or that, therefore I must work here or there” and 5 years down you are still submitting CVs.

Echendu Chinenye is a trained engineer who didn’t sit and endlessly submit VCs but decided to develop her talent. Today she is a wonderful seamstress and makes a lot of money by making beautiful clothes for both men and women.
Who says because you are an engineer, that you must work as an engineer?

Ifunanya Anona is a very smart lawyer… She had a second class’s upper both in her school and in the law school and was even given prizes on the call to bar day, but she didn’t fold her arms waiting for Buhari to come and hand jobs over to her. She is also a stylist and fashion designer.

You lay so much emphasis on papers you cannot even defend let alone use. I am a multiple DEGREE holder… And so?
That’s why you have to turn lame? Is that not why you should put your brain to good use???

Every entrepreneur should be celebrated and encouraged because they are the ones that actually contribute to the growth of the society. They don’t wait for things to happen, they make things happen!

Entrepreneurs creat jobs, touch lives, bring innovations and inventions, actively grow the economy and lots more.

They should be encouraged by everyone (individuals and government).

A big shout out to all the entrepreneurs out there (budding or established)… Don’t relent, in due time you will get there!

Mention any entrepreneur you know and say a word of encouragement to them.

Stay inspired.



One comment

  1. The youth are willing to start something profitable and productive on their own, but lack the technical -know -how. Mindset differs, some are creative in nature while some needs guidance and counseling to the way forward. Finally the youths also needs good business ideas to venture into.

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