Omaliving Show and The Right Stage Project lead a campaign against jungle justice.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Anybody can be a victim!!!
Jungle justice does not help in any way.
Many innocent people have gone through this act/practice.
It’s the height of barbarism and can’t be justified.

Cassandra Anasioke

It’s becoming a daily occurrence.
It doesn’t make it normal.
We should not keep quiet.
Anybody can be a victim.

Ndy Nwokocha
Obinna Awoke
Ugo Paul

“Marilyn Oma Anona” host and producer of @omalivingshow says a loud and vehement no to jungle justice.
This is a menace and many of us seem not to know how bad it has become.
It’s becoming a daily occurrence and some people see it as normal.
Jungle justice is unacceptable.
It has taken the lives of many innocent people .
The police and the court are there for a reason, and even though they have not been that wonderful…
Jungle justice should not take their place!

Benita Chigbo
Winny Francis
Hank Val
Geraldine Salau

For weeks now, those who have followed me ardently would have noticed series of posts and articles I have written as regards this nagging issue.
It will also be a topic in an episode of the new season of #omalivingshow

We are starting a campaign, 1st online, then a seminar and a march.

If you are against jungle justice, mobbing and lynching…
Send a portrait photo of you. Your full name and social media handles plus a short note expressing your thought about this issue called #jungle justice.
Send in your entry to us.

This will first be done online, followed by a seminar and then physical sensitisation and enlightenment.

Ogochukwu Ephraim
Anefu Blessing
Ifeoma Ikeh

A lot of people don’t know the law and as such behave like animals.
There is need for a reform of the already existing law too so that perpetrators of JUNGLE JUSTICE can be punished.

Let us rise and say no to jungle justice.
It must stop.
Thank you.


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