The Exemplary Father: Meet Chike Delic Obi and his son “young Delic”.

Chike Delic Obi and young Delic

The society seems to be concentrating on the females alone.
Every turn you take, you hear of and see programs and event all geared towards empowering and enlightening women. It is not a bad thing.

But without the males, the system won’t be so balanced and as such marital and relationship problems will continue. So the men also need to be empowered, enlightened, encouraged and celebrated.

Chike Delic Obi and his son

A good home needs to have a good father and a good mother. A good mother is not enough.

We know that the man especially in Africa has the traditional role of providing and fending for his household and this is likely to get him choked or deny him the opportunity of sharing the desired amount or level of bond and closeness with his children. But then, to be truly successful we must strive to be all rounded.

Chike Delic Obi

There are various aspects of every individual’s life and care should be taken to share and devote time to most of these aspects and fatherhood is not exempted.

What is fatherhood?
A quick definition may tell us that fatherhood is about getting a woman pregnant and having a child at the end of the day, providing for that child till he grows.

But providing for a child is just one aspect of the big job and it is not enough to make you a father.

A true and exemplary father must create time for his child or children to nurture and bond with them.

*** Nurture is not just for the woman.
*** Bonding is not just for the woman. *** Playing with the kids is not just for the woman.
*** Helping the kids out with their assignments is not just for the woman. *** Taking the kids out on a date is not just for the woman.
The examples are just inexhaustible.

Young Delic Obi

A good father must understand his roles. They are as much as a woman’s role. Bringing up children in a home requires the concerted efforts of the man and his wife in order to have children who are happy and balanced in their thinking and behaviour.

Today, “POSHMARILYN” features a Nigerian man who from all indication is an exemplary father.
His name is “CHIKE DELIC OBI”. He has such a busy schedule just like most men who reside in the US and do legitimate jobs. But Delic is seen with young Delic almost on daily basis.
The bonding is “out of this world” and makes most young and “yet to be” married females yearn to have a husband that will be such a father as Delic.

“CHIKE DELIC OBI” is not just an exemplary father but a very devoted, respectful and living husband.

In this age and time when negative stories of bad and broken marriages fill the media and social media space, a tour on his profile gives hope to people who are already giving up on society, marriage and family.

Chike Delic Obi is a father and a husband worthy of emulation.

We need more Wise mothers and more exemplary fathers in our society.

Follow Delic on Facebook : CHIKE DELIC OBI.

Be Enlightened! Be inspired! Be motivated!

Poshmarilyn Society.



  1. Nice write up . It’s two sides of the same coin ,but the father is should play a major .role in this regard which most Nigerian find it difficult if not impossible to stay close to their kids , rather they prefer to club all night , other things being equal . But the trend should change for good .

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