Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Loving a rich man is not a big deal.

Marilyn Oma Anona

He was broke and you left him…
You called him all sorts of names…
You destroyed his ego!

If he wasn’t a strong person or if God was not on his side…
He might have committed suicide!

You called off the relationship because according to you, you can’t be caught dead with a non entity like him!

He was working hard but you failed to recognise process…
You wanted it immediately and when you didn’t see it, you deserted him!

Many other ladies did same to him and that was his motivation.
He was determined to make it and today he is made or at least prosperous

Then all of a sudden, the same rejected, ridiculed and abused man becomes THE LADIES’ man!

Ladies now queue up to see him…
Ladies desperately fight to get his attention…

Some cook…
Some buy gifts…

I am not talking about his bed and abode now!
He can have 5 women daily if he wants to!

What changed?
It’s still the same man.
May be fresher because he eats better and lives better but it’s still same man.

Many of the women that run after him now would have done worse than the woman or women that abused in when he had nothing.

But they all pretend and kill themselves to have him because there is a G-Guard parked in his garage and that’s one of his 6 cars!

They now cry and lament about not getting his attention because he lives in a duplex in Wuse 2 all alone!

He has automatically become a husband material because he has a big office!

He makes a post on Facebook and ladies are dying to be recognised through comments!

This man must be in a really difficult position.
Yes because it will be hard to tell who loves him for him and who loves the idea of him or what he is likely to bring to the table.

How many of you ladies can love a man who has nothing to offer?
Nobody likes to suffer, I know that but love is not all about convenience and luxury.

How many of you can love a man who has nothing to offer…
Not even a roof over his head…
Not enough food to eat…
We are not even talking of buying you presents…
How many of you?

I ask boldly because I have been there…
Don’t ask me if it paid off because that is not the issue!

I just want you to pause when you make a noise about loving a well to do man.
Do you love him or what he brings to the table?

Remove those things you see…
Will you still love him?

Loving a man who has money is not a big deal…
At least 90% of women will love such a man!



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