The Right Stage Charity/Empowerment Project by Marilyn Oma Anona is 2 years old.

#therightstage CHARITY/EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is 2 years.
It all started like a joke right in my office at Wuse. It was in the evening. I and my “Personal Assistant” at the time were working late.
We were brain about a lot of things but I have always been worried about the millions of children, teenagers and young adults that fit into the target audience of my TV talk show “THE OMALIVING SHOW” but don’t have access to the tv or at least the social media.

Like a joke, the idea dropped and the name dropped same time.

I called my girl and told her immediately… and again the slogan dropped and that is the project we see today.

It has been a very hectic, tiring and rigorous journey. The reason why we are still going on is passion and the real love to actually make positive impact in the society.

We had our first outing on the 5th of May, 2015. About 6 public schools in the FCT were visited. Students and pupils were empowered. Scholarship was given to 5 people, empowerment items were given and gifts were given. The students and pupils were taken on an excursion to Barcelona hotel and refreshment was provided for them.

An inter schools contest was organised and winners were selected.

AIT gave #therightstagecharityandempowermentproject the publicity it deserved.

So far, more than 30 schools have been visited in 3 states. This project is needed if we really desire a better society in future.

Going to these schools, IDP camps etc exposed us t the many needs of these young people. If we neglect them, nagging issues that hamper and impede development will keep rising, vices will keep rising and that means disaster for us all.

This is a nationwide project and great support, sponsors is needed.

We are calling on corporate organisations and well meaning individuals to key into this project.

THE RIGHT STAGE CHARITY/EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is specially appreciating everyone who has supported us in one way or the other all this time.
May God bless you all.

They need it, but lack it… let’s give it to them!



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