Marilyn Oma Anona writes: We are indeed a lazy set of people.

I have observed that one thing that sells very fast in Nigeria is anything that claims to make you lose weight within so so and so days.
They are just everywhere and come with various catchy adverts and slogans.

You see people anxiously making enquiries and making orders!

We are indeed a lazy set of people. We love to take the short cut. We don’t like the long road which pays off in the end. Everything must be sharp sharp. Quick fix!

Slim teas…
Body magic/waist trainers…

Some will tell you how you will magically lose weight under 9 days.
The body magic/waist trainers’ sellers will preach to you how your johnny Bravo figure will magically transform into an hour glass once you use for say a month.


All are lies.

Even though I am lazy when it comes to exercise, the truth must be said…
Exercise is the best and the only way to not only lose weight but also keep fit. The benefits of exercise to our bodies are too numerous. The results may not be fast and magically but with consistency, you will discover that every second is worth it.
All you need to do is acquaint yourself with basic knowledge of the various exercises. What and which you need for the desired effect.
And you will be fine!

Next to exercise is proper dieting. Eating the right things and the right quantity at the right time. We must cultivate a great eating culture.
Luckily, in our country we are blessed with good food. So the choice is yours.

Ingesting all sorts of chemicals (even though the manufacturers and dealers may claim they are 100% organic) is detrimental to your health.
We must stop!

One way to help ourselves is to look out for those who have already embarked on this journey by doing everything natural and organic.
It is possible for you to go from size 18/16 to size 8.
I know people who achieved that.

It is possible for you to give birth and still maintain your size… it happens daily.

Stop looking for easy and sharp sharp in everything. Take pains to do things. Follow due process and in the end, you will discover that the difference is clear.

The popularity of SLIM TEAS and PILLS these days is alarming…
Let the only time we will be forced to take drugs be times when we are ill and don’t have a choice.
For shedding weight, staying fit and healthy…
Let’s go all natural!



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