Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Promote people, it won’t depreciate you.

Marilyn oma anona

I am never afraid of promoting or advertising my fellow women and what they do because their success or their becoming successful can never impede my own success or stop me from being successful.

I am a very confident woman who is overly multi talented and I know that I can be what ever I want to be…
It will only take time!
Knowing this and feeling this way, makes it easy for me to encourage and inspire others to be at their best.

Inspiring people comes naturally to me because of my confidence level.

Some people say that CRITICISM often baptised as CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is a great tool to make people become better…
Personally, I don’t believe in criticism whether constructive or not!

I prefer to inspire and encourage people without having to criticise them.
I prefer to capitalise on people’s strength instead of their weakness.

Another thing that makes inspiring, promoting and advertising people particularly women like me very easy for me is…
I never for a second think another woman is more good looking than I am!

In a room of 1000 women, I know within me that I am the most beautiful!

This feeling makes me who I am.
This feeling makes me relaxed.
This feeling makes me flow with others amicably.
This feeling makes me the Oma that you know and love.

Promote and advertise the works of your fellow women…
Their greatness can’t stop yours!

Mention every woman that you want to celebrate and promote today!
Show love!




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