Marilyn Oma Anona writes : ALARMING PASSION.

The level of passion exhibited by Nigerian youths from the day BBNAIJA started was high and too strong.

The devotion was extreme.

I have never seen this level of passion anywhere even when they are asked to work to be paid at the end of the month.

Many Nigerian youths often say proudly; “I hate marketing”…
And of course I tell them they are jokers because no business or idea can succeed without good marketing!

But during this game, I saw thousands of Nigerian youths market the show effortlessly. They marketed it such that those who didn’t have interest in it, started watching (consuming).

Many Nigerian youths will never proudly campaign for or advertise their work place or the brand they represent…
But for 3 months, they were proudly campaigning for the show and their favourite contestants happily even when they know that there is no reward at the end!
This is the last thing they will do for their employer who pays them. They can’t afford to use their credit to do any campaign. Even when you give this credit, they won’t be faithful enough to use it for the purpose.

Now let’s talk about skills acquisition. Many of these Nigerian youths who spent months watching the BBNAIJA game don’t have any skill and have never worked.
You ask them to acquire skills, they tell you they don’t have money… They want it free!
But they spent thousands to buy petrol, recharge DSTV, buy call units to vote their favourite contestants. Is this not pathetic?

Pay to acquire that skill today…
You spent thousands of Naira voting for your favourite contestant!
There is no excuse or reason why you can’t afford a few thousands to learn a skill that will enable you earn a living and even employ others.
There are skills acquisition programs and trainings that go as low and cheap as 10,000naira to 50,000 naira depending on the craft.
Be as passionate as you were for Big brother, save and learn one.

If you go to several walls, pages etc on social media…
You will see photos of different contestants advertised!
Now, you have friends in business…
You see their passion and the things they do…
But you have never supported them in any way!
You won’t advertise them lest they grow bigger than you!
But you conveniently advertise people you don’t even know, spend on them without winking an eye!
But won’t do same for people around you who have taken the bull by the horn by deciding to be entrepreneurs and involved in community development through programs and projects that will make the nation better for us all.

The greatest people in history didn’t attend REALITY GAMES…
They are the people around you who and pushing with little or no resources!
They don’t have to be on TV to be supported…
They are all around you and you see their work!
Support, campaign for them, advertise them just like you do for strangers on TV.

Dear Lord, please help our youths to do the right things.
We need this much passion but in more meaningful ventures.

If you are yet to subscribe to my YouTube channel…
You are not doing right!



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