Marilyn Oma Anona writes: We need this much passion in more meaningful things.

This evening everyone will rest especially those who have had insomnia as a result of Big Brother Naija.

It’s sad to know that a game on TV would divide a nation as much as politics and religion does.

It’s so sad to see youths devote all their time and energy on a game.

This game opened my eyes to how passionate Nigerian youths can be. But it’s sad that we are so passionate about the wrong or not so important things.

If only we can be this passionate and responsible when it comes to lending our voice, our resources etc to fight against corruption and societal vices.
If only we can be this passionate when it comes to questioning our leaders and seeking to know why things are going worse with each passing second, if only we can be this passionate about our jobs and take responsibility in our various offices, if only we can be this passionate about caring for one another (immediate neighbours and friends).

I am so happy the game is ending tonight and I pray some people don’t go mad, suffer a heart attack or fall ill simply because their favourite didn’t win!

They are all winners… This platform has given them all they need to succeed!

No struggle to introduce yourself and what you stand for.

I am very certain that @debie_rise will do well after @bigbrothernaija2017 whether she wins or not. She is passionate and has clearly shown to the world what she is all about.
@iambisola will also do well being multi talented.
Who ever wins, I have nothing to gain or lose.

Thank God it’s finally over.
Greatness is guaranteed by a lot of factors, God being the ultimate. There are many great people in history and more than 95% of them didn’t have to pass through a reality game.
You all calm down.


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