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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Social media likes and engagement does not mean support all the time.

In case you don’t know…
People find it easy to follow you when your posts are without direction or purpose!

That’s why gossip and jokes and other frivolous trending stuff have the most engagements.

When you are posting for a purpose…
It doesn’t get the most engagement!

Explains why a stupid pre wedding photo or most of those memes get more than 50 shares in an hour but when you are advertising what you do or doing a campaign for positive impact…
Nobody shares!

Most people don’t support you!
They intentionally don’t want to.

Likes on your posts doesn’t necessarily mean likes…
Most times, they are just relaxed following your posts because it is without purpose and direction!

We will be sure of the love when the post is a productive one.
We will be sure if it is one that has to do with out business and you see those people sharing the posts, referring clients to you, asking questions and being interested in the real thing!

Most people intentionally won’t support you lest you grow bigger than them.
That’s why they won’t share things they know that really matters to you.

The people who truly love you are not necessarily the ones that like your photos and empty posts.

The people that love you are those few people that like posts advertising your business and even sharing it.

You can have a lot of likes on your posts yet when it is time for the real deal, you will discover that you don’t have one supporter, real supporter!

I have a friend who amasses likes on every posts she does…
Last year, she organised an event for the first time in her life, she fixed a price for ticket and was so confident that the event will be sold out because of the number of followers she has!

Days after days…
Weeks after weeks…
People were not coming through to purchase tickets!

Not one person from her multitude of followers bought a ticket to support her event.
Her eyes opened!

I was not surprised…
I have organised events and people turn out in huge numbers when it’s free and they are sure you will feed them!

Fix a price to it, you won’t see none.
The price is the business.

The price must not be money…
It may just be them sharing your meaningful business posts!
You may just need them to share and watch your videos…

They won’t do it!

Worst of all is, not getting this support from the people you have patronised even when you have no need to or other options.

Everyone needs to be sensitive.
I know the people that have never liked my post for a day but I can boast of their support and love.

We need to be able to differentiate these things.

If you are a paid worker…
A salary earner…
An employee with an established organisation…

You need to support your age mates that are entrepreneurs by patronising them and promoting their businesses especially at the early stage of their growth!

That’s the best way to support.
Typing BOSS LADY on their photos as comment is not part of support.

If you have need for their services or products, patronise them and refer them to someone who has the same need.

That is support!!!

Stay inspired!!!


Folashade Samuels fondly known as MAMAJAZZ turns 40 today the 23rd of March, 2017. To mark her birthday, a private party which was basically prayer session organised by her church “THE THRONE HOUSE” Abuja, her family and close friends was held this morning at her residence. It was an intensive prayer session.

After the 2hours of prayers and strong biblical teachings from her pastors, the celebrant and host treated her guests to variety of food and drinks.

Folashade Samuels is an icon who has touched the lives of many people in the society. Her humility despite having achieved a lot is so impressive. She is humane and very kind hearted and indeed one worthy of emulation.

When asked how she has managed to maintain a high level of humility despite being an achiever, she said she attributes it to her nature, upbringing, experiences and the type of man she is married to.

Mrs Folashade Samuel is a happily married woman who takes it upon herself to encourage and inspire young women about marriage.
She loves her husband so much that you can tell just 30 minutes after meeting her.

She is a wonderful woman and we celebrate her on this day.

Mrs Folashade Samuel is the owner of THE SKIN CENTER a high tech skin care and dermatology outfit in Abuja. She is also the owner of MORE FOR LESS BOUTIQUE also located in Abuja.

Her nickname “mamajazz” was coined from her daughter’s name Jasmine.

Folashade and Family.

Folashade and family

Be enlightened… be inspired… be motivated!!!