Marilyn Oma Anona writes: BIG BROTHER NAIJA is not the problem, we are!

Marilyn Oma Anona
Marilyn Oma Anona

What if the problem with BBN is not BBN but the people playing the game, partly the viewers and the society.

I mean, the housemates were not forced to go naked…
They were not forced to kiss…
They were not forced to give blow jobs…
They were not forced to discuss sexual and totally dumb topics while farting every second… They are showing to the world what interests them most as individuals.

And to the viewers, I know that if there was anyone in there who OBVIOUSLY stands out by being so positive…
Always discussing meaningful topics that lots of youths watching will learn from…
Doesn’t wear a sexy bikini and refuses to be part of the kissing contest, the sexual behaviours and gists…
Most of the viewers will vote who ever it is out!

Yes that person will be badly criticised and called a pretender and a perfectionist!

That person will be the first or amongst the first persons to be evicted.

Is BBN really the problem or the society have simply come to accept a lot of things as normal and when you are trying to adhere to morals and values, you are seen as boring!

And again, while we complain and whine…
A lot of you should tackle the corporate organisations that won’t sponsor and support great ideas that will obviously help to transform our society.

The pastors clearing and preparing portions for people in hell and those signing petitions are just bunch of idle attention seekers.

I suggest these pastors concentrate on playing their roles in the society.
They should win souls for Christ and make sure that their members are all well behaved. Every one on that show goes to church. So as a pastor you should be ashamed that you have failed in your duty.
If you were not concentrating solely on tithe and seed faith, there would have been less vices in the society!

For those signing petitions, I advise you start to organise programs that will have a positive impact on the viewers and the society and let people for once be rewarded for being principled and morally upright.
That way, a lot of things will change.

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  1. Damn! This just changed my thinking and view. I was amongst those criticizing BBN but then this is an eye opener. People really need to see it, if only a fraction of the country thought like this…. The pastors too lol, well you sure gave them a piece. I wish they all could see this and cover their faces pffft!

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