Marilyn Oma Anona writes: she said the body odour is a spiritual attack.

Body odours are bad. It’s one thing that can irritate every normal human being in minutes. Many are impatient with it and do not have the time to offer solutions… So they just dismiss you and never want to have you around them!
For some of us that would want to help either by telling you privately or buying you deodorant and colognes, most times we enter into trouble being so kind.

I have come in contact with people men and women who have body odour.

While some are temporary as a result of over sweating and repeating clothes… It seems some are permanent and more dangerous.

Either way, body odour is bad and can cost you a lot of things.

In 2014, I met a very pretty lady with a nice figure but she has this bad odour that makes every room she enters smell as though a decomposing corpse is there.
Everyone despised her. One day I decided to talk to her and I was glad when she said she knows about her problem and explained how it has cost her a lot of good things especially friends and romantic relationships.

I tried to tell her things she should do to get rid of or at least minimise the bad odour but she confused me when she said the BODY ODOUR was a spiritual attack that she never had it before. She said it was a tool by her enemies to always disgrace and embarrass her!

Wow! I exclaimed.
Whatever it is, just try and be 10 times cleaner.
Shave pubic hairs, never repeat clothes, wash your body often, use deodorants and of course pray fervently to God for deliverance since you said it is spiritual.
I was happy she took all I said well.

She opened up that she is so depressed concerning the situation. And promised to do all I have said.

Body odour is a great problem and what makes it worse is we live in the tropics.
Those in the temperate regions can get away with a lot of unhygienic practices… But honey please don’t try it here!

What are the causes of Body Odour?

Apart from hygiene, there are several other cause of body odour.

It could be the food you eat!
Infections can make ooze bad odours!
Birth control pills can also cause odours!
It could be that you have sweaty feet!

What ever it is, try so much to eliminate or control whatever it is that makes you smell.

Ladies, you may claim to be neat but repeating your bra ie wearing a bra for over 3 days without washing can make you smell. There is this subtle odour most people don’t perceive that only sensitive people perceive… Dirty bra odour!
Please wash your bras at least after the 3rd day.

And guys, oh my God! That shorts you wear all through the week. The odour makes one want to puke! Stop being lazy… Wash often!

Guys, please if you have sweaty feet… Always air your shoes! This is applicable to some ladies too.

Body odour is not a good thing… It’s very bad!
Please try to be presentable and acceptable in all ways and not just by makeup or the clothes you wear.

Stay inspired!


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