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Are you photogenic?
Do you have a good photo attitude?
Then this is the OPPORTUNITY you have been waiting for.

NAIJA FASHION HOME is coming up with something great.

To be part of this, all you need do is get this form and be part of the “FACE OF NAIJA FASHION HOME CONTEST!”. What is more interesting is the fact that there is no height or size restriction!

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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: BIG BROTHER NAIJA is not the problem, we are!

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

What if the problem with BBN is not BBN but the people playing the game, partly the viewers and the society.

I mean, the housemates were not forced to go naked…
They were not forced to kiss…
They were not forced to give blow jobs…
They were not forced to discuss sexual and totally dumb topics while farting every second… They are showing to the world what interests them most as individuals.

And to the viewers, I know that if there was anyone in there who OBVIOUSLY stands out by being so positive…
Always discussing meaningful topics that lots of youths watching will learn from…
Doesn’t wear a sexy bikini and refuses to be part of the kissing contest, the sexual behaviours and gists…
Most of the viewers will vote who ever it is out!

Yes that person will be badly criticised and called a pretender and a perfectionist!

That person will be the first or amongst the first persons to be evicted.

Is BBN really the problem or the society have simply come to accept a lot of things as normal and when you are trying to adhere to morals and values, you are seen as boring!

And again, while we complain and whine…
A lot of you should tackle the corporate organisations that won’t sponsor and support great ideas that will obviously help to transform our society.

The pastors clearing and preparing portions for people in hell and those signing petitions are just bunch of idle attention seekers.

I suggest these pastors concentrate on playing their roles in the society.
They should win souls for Christ and make sure that their members are all well behaved. Every one on that show goes to church. So as a pastor you should be ashamed that you have failed in your duty.
If you were not concentrating solely on tithe and seed faith, there would have been less vices in the society!

For those signing petitions, I advise you start to organise programs that will have a positive impact on the viewers and the society and let people for once be rewarded for being principled and morally upright.
That way, a lot of things will change.

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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: 10 Nigerians who use Facebook positively.

Social media has made life a lot easier and there are many of them. But amongst all,Facebook was the best for a long time until Instagram took over. A lot of people, companies, brands and organisations have benefitted from Facebook. But like everything, it comes with it’s own disadvantages especially if used negatively.

Facebook is one of the wonders of the modern world and we will forever appreciate Mark Zuckerberg for this innovation and invention.

I threw out questions to fans and followers asking to know who they would nominate for the positive use of Facebook. Funny, some of them mentioned me but I can’t be part of it as the writer. But these 10 people are not my choice but the choice of the people.

Best use of Facebook doesn’t necessarily have to do with number of likes or comments or traffic but the impact made through the things that you post on your profile.

So meet the 10 Nigerians who have been recognised for using Facebook for the right purpose.


Dr Chibuike

Dr Chibuike

Chibuike is a young medical doctor whose passion for medicine is seen once you take a look at his Facebook wall. He uses his Facebook profile to enlighten Nigerians on health issues. If you like quality and meaningful stuff, you should follow him. Kudos Dr.

2. Okolo Oteri Eme.

Okolo Oteri

Okolo Oteri

She is a medical doctor who has a strong passion for the society and it’s inhabitants. She uses her Facebook to talk about social issues, family and career. If you love substance, you should follow her.




A media practitioner and a publisher, SIMBO uses his Facebook as a platform to enlighten the youths on issues that would help them live a life of purpose. By the time you will go through 3 posts on his Facebook wall, you will be glued.




Mike ILE is a Nigerian man who uses his Facebook as a platform to do charity and reach out to the less privileged in the society. He has also used his FACEBOOK to empower lots of Nigerians. He is someone who uses the Facebook platform to make real impact in the society. You should follow him.




A young woman who is vibrant in the things of God and strives to use her Facebook as a platform to draw souls to God. She may not be so popular because of the path she has chosen but believe me, if you really want to be spiritually conscious, she is someone you should follow. She makes lots of sense.




A historian. Chijioke is a lover of the Igbo tribe in the south east Nigeria. He uses his Facebook basically for enlightening his followers who are mostly Igbo especially on the success of the Igbo race and everything worth knowing about the Igbos. If you love history and love Igbos, you should follow him.




If there is anyone who has an I depth knowledge about politics especially Nigerian politics, this is the man. He uses his Facebook as a platform to educate Nigerians about politics. What makes it so cool is the fact that no matter who he supports, he doesn’t do about it the crude way by dishing out insults to those who are in opposition. He is the man to follow if you need more knowledge on Nigerian politic.




Finding a single photo of this young woman was a bit difficult and the reason is why she made it to this list of exceptional FACEBOOK users.
OMERCY is one woman who believes in love, faithfulness and marriage. She gives us hope in a world filled with tales of woe about marriages. On opening her Facebook, all you see is positivity and glaring fulfilment with her marriage and her husband. We love more of this instead of negative stories. Follow her.




Ifunanya a young and highly intelligent Nigerian lawyer uses her Facebook page to inspire Nigerians and give them tips on how to make their ideas work. She is a consultant and this is seen clearly from her page. Need ideas and implementation, she is someone to contact. So follow her.




The stress in the world is too much especially with tough economy, so we all need to laugh once in a while. A visit to this man’s Facebook wall will change your mood no matter how sour it was. If you need to cool off after a hard day’s stress, then visit his wall and I bet you will laugh and laugh.

These are our 10 best.
Endeavour to make good use of this great platform, you never know who takes notice.

Stay inspired!

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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: she said the body odour is a spiritual attack.

Body odours are bad. It’s one thing that can irritate every normal human being in minutes. Many are impatient with it and do not have the time to offer solutions… So they just dismiss you and never want to have you around them!
For some of us that would want to help either by telling you privately or buying you deodorant and colognes, most times we enter into trouble being so kind.

I have come in contact with people men and women who have body odour.

While some are temporary as a result of over sweating and repeating clothes… It seems some are permanent and more dangerous.

Either way, body odour is bad and can cost you a lot of things.

In 2014, I met a very pretty lady with a nice figure but she has this bad odour that makes every room she enters smell as though a decomposing corpse is there.
Everyone despised her. One day I decided to talk to her and I was glad when she said she knows about her problem and explained how it has cost her a lot of good things especially friends and romantic relationships.

I tried to tell her things she should do to get rid of or at least minimise the bad odour but she confused me when she said the BODY ODOUR was a spiritual attack that she never had it before. She said it was a tool by her enemies to always disgrace and embarrass her!

Wow! I exclaimed.
Whatever it is, just try and be 10 times cleaner.
Shave pubic hairs, never repeat clothes, wash your body often, use deodorants and of course pray fervently to God for deliverance since you said it is spiritual.
I was happy she took all I said well.

She opened up that she is so depressed concerning the situation. And promised to do all I have said.

Body odour is a great problem and what makes it worse is we live in the tropics.
Those in the temperate regions can get away with a lot of unhygienic practices… But honey please don’t try it here!

What are the causes of Body Odour?

Apart from hygiene, there are several other cause of body odour.

It could be the food you eat!
Infections can make ooze bad odours!
Birth control pills can also cause odours!
It could be that you have sweaty feet!

What ever it is, try so much to eliminate or control whatever it is that makes you smell.

Ladies, you may claim to be neat but repeating your bra ie wearing a bra for over 3 days without washing can make you smell. There is this subtle odour most people don’t perceive that only sensitive people perceive… Dirty bra odour!
Please wash your bras at least after the 3rd day.

And guys, oh my God! That shorts you wear all through the week. The odour makes one want to puke! Stop being lazy… Wash often!

Guys, please if you have sweaty feet… Always air your shoes! This is applicable to some ladies too.

Body odour is not a good thing… It’s very bad!
Please try to be presentable and acceptable in all ways and not just by makeup or the clothes you wear.

Stay inspired!