Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Its our turn now!

I often hear a lot of people complain and blame their parents for not giving them the good life they would have loved to have.

I hear some always quick to say that their other age mates are enjoying more because of their parents’ influence.

I hear some people say lots of things that make me get really upset.

Your parents did their best and were at least able to give you food, clothe you, and send you to college… They have more than tried!
They have done their best and at certain point, you should start taking care of them or feel sad for not being able to take care of them.

I have never for a second blamed my parents for not giving me diamonds… Nope!

I am super proud of them and truly appreciate all their efforts. I saw my dad forgo most of the things he loves just to make me and my siblings comfortable.
I watched him sweat all day just for us.
I watched him go through pains, all that were for us.

I watched my mother stand close to him giving her support… They more than tried!

I will be an idiot and a first class ingrate to ever insinuate that my parents didn’t do enough!
They did more than enough!

And truly I feel I owe them!
I owe my dad everything…
And daily, I pray to God to bless me to give him the things I wish to give him now that he is alive and healthy!

I owe him a good car!
I owe him a better house or at least to totally renovate the existing ones!
I owe him holiday trips to choice destinations!
😢😢😢 dear lord, please do bless my hustle.

Remember there are people who are orphans but doing exceptionally well today without even college degrees.

Fellow young people…
Please stop blaming your parents!
Stop blaming them for not being Bill Gates and not performing all the miracles you wish for!

It’s our turn now…
Pray to God to bless you to bless them and also be that miracle working father or mother to your children.

Stay inspired.

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Marilyn Oma Anona
Marilyn Oma Anona


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