MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Nigerian women and their use of juju.

A lot of Nigerian men need to be careful and prayerful.
Most of the things we see in Nollywood movies are so real.
You deceive your self if you think they are just fiction.
There are many desperate women out there on the streets. They can do anything or go to any length to get a man.
Most times, the reason they want this man boils down to nothing but selfishness, greed, sheer desperation and wickedness.
A lot of women you see on daily basis, crawl in and out of native doctors’ houses getting different substances, charms etc to cast spells on men, charm them, hypnotise them and take their self will away.

These women put these things on different parts of their bodies like; VAGINA, tongue, breasts etc.
some of them put in the man’s food.
Some of them use vaginal water and menses blood to cook.
Some even steal personal effects of these men and take to different alters.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with some guys and was shocked to realise even more. But I was happy to learn that some men are aware of these practices. They elaborated it saying they put some in their vagina and encourage you to sleep with them without condoms… That is the only way the charm becomes active and then they called the name of this charm “KAMAYATA”(I hope I am correct).
These guys went on to state that ABUJA ladies use it a lot.

People are really wicked and stupid!
May God punish all diabolic people.
Men, most of you really need to be careful!
I have seen the strongest of men pulled down by women because of things like this.

Even though the end of these diabolic women is always disastrous and karma has a way of serving the right dish… But a lot can be averted if you men can be more careful, disciplined and prayerful!

Women, protect your circle… Some women are grossly desperate in a way that you can’t even imagine. They know here is a woman and yet they force themselves and go to any length forgetting that the end comes with disgrace and lack of rest and happiness while the nonsense and dirty things they have done last.

We live in a very ugly and dirty world.
May God save us all!

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