Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Gold digging is not gender specific!


Gold digging is not gender specific… Anyone can be a gold digger!; I said to her.

But the thing is, women make it more glaring when they are digging for gold. Maybe because it is the natural responsibility of a man to be the provider!

Like I said last night, being in a relationship with a “GOLD DIGGER” is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Financial security is very important, the influence and the fame etc are also very juicy… But to think that those are the reasons why a person is “claiming to love you” is very sad and heart breaking!

Don’t expect all gold diggers to make it obvious that they are digging for gold!
Sometimes, it is not obvious…
You can only notice if you are sensitive because they drop it like a hint and in the most nonchalant manner!

Some may be direct… While some may just drop hints.

Before I continue, I want you to know that there is a difference between a gold digger and one who is just experiencing hard times.
When one is experiencing hard times, it is genuine and very temporary.
For a gold digger, gold digging never ends!

A gold digger is always dropping hints of having a hard time and being unable to pay their bills. You just met this person and under few weeks, they have filled your ears with worrisome stories of how they lack this and that. Stories of how they can’t do this or that because of no money.

They know you already love them and the love is so sweet and overwhelming at that time… So they manipulate you or try to manipulate you by making those statements. They know you can’t bear to see them suffer!
Gold diggers… Be very sensitive!

A gold digger doesn’t want to borrow… No!
You should give it to them for free. They have this huge sense of entitlement!
Someone with genuine needs ie someone who is just passing through hard times will ask to borrow and you guys even sign papers on when they will pay.

When someone is always complaining of lacking this or that, it’s only natural to advise them to cut down on spending, move to a smaller apartment etc. A genuine person will welcome the idea but a gold digger will hate you for even suggesting that! They will be so angry.

Gold diggers have this entitlement mentality. They think you must care for their needs. And the funny thing is, they are very selfish!
They feel it’s their right to be involved in a project whether it affects their finances or not and someone in their life should understand and pay their bills.

Have you ever met someone who is more interested in asking you questions about your earnings the first few conversation you guys had? This is another sign. This person is weighing you to know if you fit in. The questions are healthy if the relationship is at least some months old. But asking such questions when the relationship is just starting is wrong and I tell you, run for dear life.
It becomes even more funny when it’s not the woman asking the man these questions but a man doing the asking.

Now this is another vital sign!!!
Gold diggers are selfish like I earlier said and also very STINGY.
They love to receive. Even when they receive, they are not grateful because they are never satisfied. They are always like; “common this or that”.
They never help you foot any bill. They always claim not to have. This is bad! Don’t ignore this very sign.
And soon they start running out of patience and start to hate you!

Gold diggers get very excited about your place of residence.
Gold Digger: Oh were do you live!
Oma: Wuse 2

(Then suddenly you become more attractive… And they go!)

Gold Digger: Baby you are pretty o
Oma : ( something is not right) thanks.

If they didn’t meet you in your city, they ask all sorts of prying questions ranging from?
1. What sort of car you drive.
2. Where you live and with who and what your rent is like?

Gold diggers are pathetic people. Once you meet a person pretend not to even have. Hide everything. Never showcase. Let’s see who loves you and not the idea of you.

Gold diggers are shameless and always claim to be broke. No sense of responsibility. They live to receive.

A gold digger will not have the patience to get to know you first; they will only want to find out your current financial position before investing any time in you. What you have determines the level of their feeling.

Speaking from the female angle… Most gold digging men are suckers for career women and women from wealthy homes.

They are not interested in whatever good traits a woman has.

It can’t happen if you don’t have the gold or don’t show them the gold to dig!
Hide the gold if you have it… Pretend for a while and you will see God saving you from a disaster.

Gold Diggers are everywhere!
Be sensitive!



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