Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Why diabolism?

Hello everyone, it’s my bet you all are having a great 2017 already. This year is fresh and like I earlier said on January 1st, we should all walk into it consciously. We should be aware of every step we take. We should think through our actions. We should as well reshuffle our circle and be less sentimental.

Today’s topic is on DIABOLISM and CASTING SPELLS in order to achieve a goal.

First, what is diabolism? This word is not a strange one. We often hear people refer to a particular person or family as diabolic. A mother warning her off springs to have no association with a particular group of people because they are known to be diabolic.
What then is diabolism?

Diabolism is the worship and belief in the devil and negative forces. It is action aided or caused by the devil; sorcery; witchcraft.

In Nigeria, there are lots of stories about how people engage in all sorts of diabolic activities to reach their goals, to destroy people and lots more.
They do this by casting spells, doing some kind of rituals, etc.

It has been going on and on and we even see them in movies. But apart from movies, these things happen in real life and it’s rather too annoying and shameful that despite how civilised, enlightened and exposed we claim to be, people will descend too low to do stuff like this.
Why diabolism?

I made a post on my Instagram page to sample opinions from people on this topic. From what I got, there are many reasons why some people resort to diabolism. The reasons were mainly;
1. Desperation.
2. Low self worth.
3. Impatience.
4. Greed.
5. Jealousy.
6. Envy.
7. Wickedness.

I took a look at the various reasons and found out that they were all negative. What does this say?
There is nothing positive about diabolism and nothing justifiable.

Few years ago, I heard a story about how a certain lady fell ill while at work. In fact, she passed out and had to be rushed to the hospital from the office. Along the line, something had to be collected from her desk in the office and in her semi conscious state she gave the keys to her drawers to her colleagues. What those people saw on opening her drawers was so strange and scary. Carved images and pieces of red clothes, names of everyone in the office.
What happened afterwards is obvious. The lady was shamed, at last nemesis caught up with her. She left that office without being sacked. She left in disgrace.

We hear stories of how some women cast spells and use diabolic means to hypnotise some men to get their love at all costs.
We hear of ladies putting things in their private parts, tongue, using their menses blood or water from their private parts to cook for men in order to have them.

We hear of people who do terribly diabolic things even in corporate settings to have the favour of their superiors and get promoted etc.

Days, months or years after… The spell or what ever it is they have used wears off and they are disgraced.

Now I ask, if these things usually have negative consequences, why do people indulge in them?

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