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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Its our turn now!

I often hear a lot of people complain and blame their parents for not giving them the good life they would have loved to have.

I hear some always quick to say that their other age mates are enjoying more because of their parents’ influence.

I hear some people say lots of things that make me get really upset.

Your parents did their best and were at least able to give you food, clothe you, and send you to college… They have more than tried!
They have done their best and at certain point, you should start taking care of them or feel sad for not being able to take care of them.

I have never for a second blamed my parents for not giving me diamonds… Nope!

I am super proud of them and truly appreciate all their efforts. I saw my dad forgo most of the things he loves just to make me and my siblings comfortable.
I watched him sweat all day just for us.
I watched him go through pains, all that were for us.

I watched my mother stand close to him giving her support… They more than tried!

I will be an idiot and a first class ingrate to ever insinuate that my parents didn’t do enough!
They did more than enough!

And truly I feel I owe them!
I owe my dad everything…
And daily, I pray to God to bless me to give him the things I wish to give him now that he is alive and healthy!

I owe him a good car!
I owe him a better house or at least to totally renovate the existing ones!
I owe him holiday trips to choice destinations!
😢😢😢 dear lord, please do bless my hustle.

Remember there are people who are orphans but doing exceptionally well today without even college degrees.

Fellow young people…
Please stop blaming your parents!
Stop blaming them for not being Bill Gates and not performing all the miracles you wish for!

It’s our turn now…
Pray to God to bless you to bless them and also be that miracle working father or mother to your children.

Stay inspired.

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Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Nigerian women and their use of juju.

A lot of Nigerian men need to be careful and prayerful.
Most of the things we see in Nollywood movies are so real.
You deceive your self if you think they are just fiction.
There are many desperate women out there on the streets. They can do anything or go to any length to get a man.
Most times, the reason they want this man boils down to nothing but selfishness, greed, sheer desperation and wickedness.
A lot of women you see on daily basis, crawl in and out of native doctors’ houses getting different substances, charms etc to cast spells on men, charm them, hypnotise them and take their self will away.

These women put these things on different parts of their bodies like; VAGINA, tongue, breasts etc.
some of them put in the man’s food.
Some of them use vaginal water and menses blood to cook.
Some even steal personal effects of these men and take to different alters.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with some guys and was shocked to realise even more. But I was happy to learn that some men are aware of these practices. They elaborated it saying they put some in their vagina and encourage you to sleep with them without condoms… That is the only way the charm becomes active and then they called the name of this charm “KAMAYATA”(I hope I am correct).
These guys went on to state that ABUJA ladies use it a lot.

People are really wicked and stupid!
May God punish all diabolic people.
Men, most of you really need to be careful!
I have seen the strongest of men pulled down by women because of things like this.

Even though the end of these diabolic women is always disastrous and karma has a way of serving the right dish… But a lot can be averted if you men can be more careful, disciplined and prayerful!

Women, protect your circle… Some women are grossly desperate in a way that you can’t even imagine. They know here is a woman and yet they force themselves and go to any length forgetting that the end comes with disgrace and lack of rest and happiness while the nonsense and dirty things they have done last.

We live in a very ugly and dirty world.
May God save us all!

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Missing people; Veronica OTOGO and her friend missing!


Veronica OTOGO and Bisola Mohammed

Veronica OTOGO and Bisola Mohammed

Yesterday was Veronica’s birthday and she hoped to have a little get together to mark it. She went to Chloe’s cupcakes haven Wuse 2 Abuja to get some get cakes and was supposed to get some ice cream from cold stone still in Wuse 2.

But since then, she has not come home and all phones switched off.

She was with her friend Bisola and the last place they were seen Chloe’s.
She was driving a 2014 Toyota highlander (blue colour).

Please anyone who has seen her or an information on how to reach her should contact +234 805 551 1811

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Marilyn Oma Anona supports PSN Africa!


Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of clinical depression which can affect both sexes after childbirth.
Yes men also suffer from PPD but because we think it’s exclusive to women, these men suffer in isolation. Half of all men whose partners have postpartum depression are depressed themselves,”
Symptoms may include sadness, low energy, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced desire for sex, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability.

PPD is a big deal and like all other issues should not be overlooked. It has affected a lot of people, torn families apart and has an indirect effect on the society!

I totally support @psnafrica On the good work they are doing.
Building a stable society starts from the family… Well done!

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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Smoking has no advantage… Stop smoking!



The rate at which young people smoke these days is very alarming.
Sadly, smoking is seen as the new cool!
If you smoke, you are seen as civilised and exposed… And when you don’t, you are seen as timid!

Some even glorify and baptise it by saying they do shisha and not the conventional cigarette.

A smoker is a smoker and shisha is not better… It is only flavoured!

Smoking is bad!
Too detrimental to health!

They say; everything that has a disadvantage has an advantage… But I can’t think of any advantage smoking has.

Another sad thing to smoking is the fact that it is addictive. Most smokers start as teenagers and become overly addicted by adulthood!

By that time, some of them may honestly want to quit, but then it becomes difficult and requires strong discipline and determination to stop!

The major reason why most young people smoke is trend…
Second is peer influence…
Third is background and upbringing…
Fourth is the media ie the things we see in movies and music videos etc…
There are many other reasons but in all smoking is very bad and dangerous.

In the last few years, we have had cases of young people dying or very ill because a vital organ is damaged. We have had to contribute money for some of them to get adequate treatment. Some of these ailments come as a result of lifestyle.

Smoking leads to a lot of diseases, weakens the immune system, gives you bad breath, makes you age faster and gives you a horrible skin.

Smoking can also affect your behaviour adversely thereby putting you into a lot of trouble…
We should all say no to SMOKING!

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5 Fashion Entreprenuers to look out for in 2017.

Fashion is a very important aspect of the human life. Like food, man cannot do without fashion.
It serves a lot of purposes. One of such purpose is covering our nakedness which is a basic need like shelter and food. But it goes beyond just that.
Fashion serves as a means to identify a person. Through fashion, you can to some extent define an individual. You can tell what values they stand for. You can tell their background and even taste. You can also tell to some extent where they are from.

Fashion is art and also can be used to show creativity.

Fashion can also be used for fun and entertainment.

Over the years, a lot of people have come to think that fashion is vain and shallow… But that’s wrong!
Fashion is a big deal!
It is deep!

Inventing styles,designing and all demand both mental and physical effort.

On the part of the consumers,fashion helps your general makeup.
Your style and fashion sense go a long way to determine the type of impression people will have about you.
Fashion is the buffet while style is the dish on the plate.

The fashion industry is getting more serious as the days pass by and with the MADE IN NIGERIA products being supported, more designers and stylists are springing up. Only creativity and carving a special niche for your self can make you stand out.

We have already established designers, tailors and stylists like Mai Atafo, April by Kunbi etc but we have new ones coming up!

Here are 5 fashion entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2017.


Nkiru Nwosu

Nkiru Nwosu

She is a young Nigerian with a strong passion and enthusiasm for fashion. Last year, she launched her sewing and designing outfit called CUTTES AND SPARKUS that makes beautiful and very classy Nigerian clothes. One thing is very sure about them, the quality of their job. And one unique thing about them is the fact that the outfits are given names as though they are human beings. Watch out for them!




Young and flexible with her style, OZINNA is one female fashion entrepreneur to look out for in 2017. She breaks the norm and rules and everything comes out really great at the end.
She is the owner of “THE STYLE CONCIERGE” and “OZINNA.COM”.
Check her out!


Lucas Bello

Lucas Bello

Lucas is no doubt good at many things. A very versatile and multi talented young Nigerian man who left the telecommunication sector to set up his fashion outfit “ELJARGO COUTURE”. ELJARGO couture has designed and clothed a lot of Nigerian celebrities. His designs stand out anytime. He is one person to watch out for in 2017. Apart from being a fashion entrepreneur, LUCAS is an actor, model and business man.


Suzie Ndife

Suzie Ndife

Suzzie Ndife a very passionate and hardworking fashion designer is one young woman who knows her craft. She is overly elegant which she tries to portray through the designs she makes. With barely 4 months into the business, Suzie has done so much that we can’t help but notice and drool. She specialises in making red carpet outfits, wedding outfits and generally glamourous clothes for high profile events.
Watch out for her.




A very charismatic and free spirited young woman, that’s Wife of award winning actor “Blossom Chukwujekwu”, she is a UK trained fashion designer and very good at her craft. She made her own wedding dress and it was an extremely unique design. What fascinates us is her love for the colour red. That does not mean she makes only red dresses and clothes. And he designs are not just for women. She designs for men too.

Watch out for her.

Stay inspired!
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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Gold digging is not gender specific!


Gold digging is not gender specific… Anyone can be a gold digger!; I said to her.

But the thing is, women make it more glaring when they are digging for gold. Maybe because it is the natural responsibility of a man to be the provider!

Like I said last night, being in a relationship with a “GOLD DIGGER” is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Financial security is very important, the influence and the fame etc are also very juicy… But to think that those are the reasons why a person is “claiming to love you” is very sad and heart breaking!

Don’t expect all gold diggers to make it obvious that they are digging for gold!
Sometimes, it is not obvious…
You can only notice if you are sensitive because they drop it like a hint and in the most nonchalant manner!

Some may be direct… While some may just drop hints.

Before I continue, I want you to know that there is a difference between a gold digger and one who is just experiencing hard times.
When one is experiencing hard times, it is genuine and very temporary.
For a gold digger, gold digging never ends!

A gold digger is always dropping hints of having a hard time and being unable to pay their bills. You just met this person and under few weeks, they have filled your ears with worrisome stories of how they lack this and that. Stories of how they can’t do this or that because of no money.

They know you already love them and the love is so sweet and overwhelming at that time… So they manipulate you or try to manipulate you by making those statements. They know you can’t bear to see them suffer!
Gold diggers… Be very sensitive!

A gold digger doesn’t want to borrow… No!
You should give it to them for free. They have this huge sense of entitlement!
Someone with genuine needs ie someone who is just passing through hard times will ask to borrow and you guys even sign papers on when they will pay.

When someone is always complaining of lacking this or that, it’s only natural to advise them to cut down on spending, move to a smaller apartment etc. A genuine person will welcome the idea but a gold digger will hate you for even suggesting that! They will be so angry.

Gold diggers have this entitlement mentality. They think you must care for their needs. And the funny thing is, they are very selfish!
They feel it’s their right to be involved in a project whether it affects their finances or not and someone in their life should understand and pay their bills.

Have you ever met someone who is more interested in asking you questions about your earnings the first few conversation you guys had? This is another sign. This person is weighing you to know if you fit in. The questions are healthy if the relationship is at least some months old. But asking such questions when the relationship is just starting is wrong and I tell you, run for dear life.
It becomes even more funny when it’s not the woman asking the man these questions but a man doing the asking.

Now this is another vital sign!!!
Gold diggers are selfish like I earlier said and also very STINGY.
They love to receive. Even when they receive, they are not grateful because they are never satisfied. They are always like; “common this or that”.
They never help you foot any bill. They always claim not to have. This is bad! Don’t ignore this very sign.
And soon they start running out of patience and start to hate you!

Gold diggers get very excited about your place of residence.
Gold Digger: Oh were do you live!
Oma: Wuse 2

(Then suddenly you become more attractive… And they go!)

Gold Digger: Baby you are pretty o
Oma : ( something is not right) thanks.

If they didn’t meet you in your city, they ask all sorts of prying questions ranging from?
1. What sort of car you drive.
2. Where you live and with who and what your rent is like?

Gold diggers are pathetic people. Once you meet a person pretend not to even have. Hide everything. Never showcase. Let’s see who loves you and not the idea of you.

Gold diggers are shameless and always claim to be broke. No sense of responsibility. They live to receive.

A gold digger will not have the patience to get to know you first; they will only want to find out your current financial position before investing any time in you. What you have determines the level of their feeling.

Speaking from the female angle… Most gold digging men are suckers for career women and women from wealthy homes.

They are not interested in whatever good traits a woman has.

It can’t happen if you don’t have the gold or don’t show them the gold to dig!
Hide the gold if you have it… Pretend for a while and you will see God saving you from a disaster.

Gold Diggers are everywhere!
Be sensitive!