Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Love does not have to be earned!


We live in a world where kindness is taken or regarded as weakness… But nope!
Kindness is a sign of strength. Kindness for me is a way I connect to my fellow humans emotionally.
It’s my little way of helping to build people instead of tearing or bringing them down.

Again, we live in a world where people think you are weak when you show your emotions… But nope!
I show my emotions and darling, I am a strong woman. I never get ashamed and will never be ashamed for showing how I feel. If I am happy, everyone around me knows that… And if I am sad, I will sob shamelessly and everyone around me will know too and that does not mean I am weak!
Suppressing one’s emotions is a very bad thing to do. It makes you hoard feelings good or bad. When you hoard your feelings good or bad… It has adverse effects on you and the people around you and you can’t inspire anyone!
A lot of people feel very comfortable talking to me about their problems and sharing their bliss with me because I have not painted the picture of a being with a perfect life by covering up my emotions and giving the impression that I am overly happy.
Showing how you feel means you are real and real people are strong people!!! Then again, showing unconditional love isn’t a sign of weakness. Some people will say; “Oma, but this person has not done anything to deserve this love you give them!” And I always say; “love is not earned… If it is earned, then it is not love!”
And I saw something one day that says; “a woman who takes you back after you have cheated, insulted and maltreated her is not loyal… She is weak!” And I laughed because I just knew the writer doesn’t understand!
Only strong people love unconditionally…
Only strong people give when they have not received!
Only strong people forgive when the worst has been done to them!
Unconditional love isn’t weakness… It is one of the best form of strength!

I am not a weak woman… I am a very strong woman!
And I will remain me!



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