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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Love does not have to be earned!


We live in a world where kindness is taken or regarded as weakness… But nope!
Kindness is a sign of strength. Kindness for me is a way I connect to my fellow humans emotionally.
It’s my little way of helping to build people instead of tearing or bringing them down.

Again, we live in a world where people think you are weak when you show your emotions… But nope!
I show my emotions and darling, I am a strong woman. I never get ashamed and will never be ashamed for showing how I feel. If I am happy, everyone around me knows that… And if I am sad, I will sob shamelessly and everyone around me will know too and that does not mean I am weak!
Suppressing one’s emotions is a very bad thing to do. It makes you hoard feelings good or bad. When you hoard your feelings good or bad… It has adverse effects on you and the people around you and you can’t inspire anyone!
A lot of people feel very comfortable talking to me about their problems and sharing their bliss with me because I have not painted the picture of a being with a perfect life by covering up my emotions and giving the impression that I am overly happy.
Showing how you feel means you are real and real people are strong people!!! Then again, showing unconditional love isn’t a sign of weakness. Some people will say; “Oma, but this person has not done anything to deserve this love you give them!” And I always say; “love is not earned… If it is earned, then it is not love!”
And I saw something one day that says; “a woman who takes you back after you have cheated, insulted and maltreated her is not loyal… She is weak!” And I laughed because I just knew the writer doesn’t understand!
Only strong people love unconditionally…
Only strong people give when they have not received!
Only strong people forgive when the worst has been done to them!
Unconditional love isn’t weakness… It is one of the best form of strength!

I am not a weak woman… I am a very strong woman!
And I will remain me!


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Being successful isn’t dependent on the certificates you have.


Your level of formal education does not determine how successful you will be. Acquiring tons of certificates is not what is needed to make you great.
Formal education is very important… There is also nothing wrong with upgrading yourself if you really “need” to. I mean I need to upgrade in some areas too and I have my heart set on one of the IVY LEAGUE schools. But if you think that just acquiring papers is enough to make you great or successful, then you are a practical joker.
Being successful isn’t dependent on the certificates you have. It is dependent on who you are as a person… Do you possess certain traits?
Do you have goals?
What do you want out of life?
What drives you?

Let me tell you something…
Do you know that most people hide their weaknesses, laziness and inadequacies behind certificates?
When they now feel like they have acquired enough, they start to carry this huge sense of entitlement about. You often hear them say; “I have my PhD therefore I should be employed by so so and so. I have my M.Sc, I should be doing this and this.
Listen, if with all the papers you have acquired, you are still totally dependent on the society for job creation, then you are a total waste and burden!
Should the society not benefit from your so called wealth of knowledge? Why are you still a burden?
I should think that the essence of spending so much time and money plus energy to acquire a paper is to make our society better… Like I was saying, acquiring papers doesn’t make one successful!
More so what I see around are folks who have paper knowledge but totally disable when it comes to practice. They can define all terms but can’t put to practice what they have learned or claim to have learned… So what’s the point?
Many people really have no business acquiring these papers. For most, it has killed talents, natural abilities and lots more!
There are a lot of educated of people who are not successful because they do not know how to use what they know.
Having all the papers in the world cannot transform a dullard to a smart person.
To be successful, you need to be extremely smart, have set goals, hardworking, focused, be a risk taker and lots more…

Be inspired!!!

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: If people genuinely don’t like you, be concerned!

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

Darling it beats me…
I don’t understand why you are so concerned about those who hate you when there are a million and one people that love you!
Why are you so bothered and always talking about haters who are in most cases imaginary?
Let’s assume there are people who hate you… Let me ask you, must everyone love you?

Always talking about haters is so annoying and I have come to discover that the people who talk about haters the most are the people who are hardly noticed. How can people hate you when no one knows about your existence.
Isn’t it funny?
I have a problem with anyone who is always talking about how much they are hated and probably envied by others. I think such people have very unhealthy minds and are seeking for unnecessary attention.
Yes we all know that there are haters, every living being has at least a few haters… But always making a fuss on how much haters you have is so unattractive… Especially when your life has no essence and uniqueness and nothing outstanding. Please stop it!

HATERS is probably one of the most used and over rated words in recent times. Each time I see a post or caption fuming about how haters won’t let a person be, I just shudder… What an idle being! I just say to myself; “this one wants to be noticed… Delusion!” Even Christ our saviour had many haters, so why are you making a hell of noise?
Sometimes, people don’t hate you.. They don’t just like you! Must everyone like you?
And again, some people are not likeable for one reason or the other!
It could be their stinking attitude…
Forceful nature…
Wicked nature…
Fake nature…
Could be because you brag too much…
You don’t listen or take other people’s opinion…
You boast about how you don’t care, when we all know you are the weakest person on planet earth…
There are just many reasons why people may genuinely not like you!

And then again, some people feel it’s a prestige to be hated and that when you are hated, it means you are doing something right… I usually laugh when I come across this set of people! That people do not like you does not in any way translate to “doing something right” or “being on the right track”… Stop deceiving yourselfl!

When I see some captions or updates from anyone trying to say that they don’t care about how many people hate them and how hating them makes them grow better, I simply see a person who has given people good reasons to be hated.

If people genuinely don’t like you, then you should be concerned… That is if you are normal!
That is part of growth. The reasons they dislike or hate you may be very valid and getting to know and improving on those things will help you in life. Changing those bad traits may be the real thing that will propel you into growth.
Most times, we are just so stagnant but think too highly of ourselves just because of the tiny progress we have managed to reckon. That is not right!

Stop gloating and talking about haters as if your life revolves around negativity.
Always adjust and get better and stop fussing and carrying a negative burden like a trophy.