SOIL set to hit your cinema screen soon!


SOIL Film featuring: Mercy Johnson, Paul Sambo, Sarah Hipson, Chinyere Onah Okorie, Ayke Odiase,Preach Bassey and others as produced by Sunny Ken Awoji and Co- produced by Sarah Hipson, directed by Eddy George will hit the cinema screen soon.


Having spent many years in jail, Fredrick’s lover, Samantha, cannot keep her most cherished secret from her son Eric,who is now the presidential flag bearer of his democratic party.

It’s time for him to know who he really is.His father is still alive after all and despite the abandonment his father had suffered which turned him into a killer just to survive is not enough to thwart Eric’s political ambition with the will of ending child trafficking,molestation and other vices that affect women and children.

Just like a hen broods her eggs, Samantha has remained her son’s refuge and fortress.

The story is full of intrigues,twists and suspense as 3 generations play out in this political action thriller.


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