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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: An entrepreneur must be brave and much more.


Anybody can be a paid worker… But only special and overly brave people can be entrepreneurs!

It’s very convenient to say; “I am hardworking…
I am at work… Especially in a society like ours where going into an office at 8am and warming the seat while gossiping and religiously attending to your social media till 5pm is counted as work!

It’s very easy when you are not part of the decision making, you don’t even know how the money is made, you don’t pay anyone, you are not saddled with the burden of paying office rent, and bearing all risks associated with business and working… You just dress up daily and receive your pay at the end of the month which is most times unearned in the real sense of it!

Only special and very brave people can go into a business. Being an Entreprenuer isn’t just a mere title or staying at home to give yourself an exaggerated image on the social media. Being an entrepreneur is not just about registration of a business or company name with CAC. It’s a lot more than that.

Entrepreneurship is a big deal but like most words, Nigerians have greatly abused it.

Most entrepreneurs at the early stage of their business sacrifice a lot just to make sure that the business works. They sacrifice to the detriment of their personal lives.
Entrepreneurship is a very risky thing. Very very risky. Most times you are putting everything in the line without knowing what the outcome will be.

Entrepreneurship is for the brave, the leader, the risk taker, the strong, the confident and the one who is burning with ideas and undying passion.
If you love quick money, you can’t be an Entreprenuer.

Studying entrepreneurship in school doesn’t even make you an entrepreneur and most of the things taught in school are not feasible in real life settings. You learn and improve as the days go by.

We celebrate most successful entrepreneurs but most of us never bother to ask what they have passed through to get to where they are.

The burden isn’t one I can even describe. Most times it’s overwhelming. You become overly anxious, you are in despair, you are afraid because sometimes you think you are failing so much and everything is going to shut down. You struggle so much yet some people will beef you when they can’t even wear the shoes if asked to even for a minute.

The truth is, because of the too much emphasis on “BE POSITIVE” a lot of people pretend and act as if they have it all together but in reality, they are suffering… The anxiety is too much!

Most entrepreneurs will prefer to cover up and act as if they don’t have challenges and concerns but in reality, the burden is just too intense and large.
The mental, emotional and psychological turmoil entrepreneurs face is something we must all come together and talk about.

Fake it till you make it, is something I don’t believe in! When you have challenges, speak up and get help and stop carrying on as if you have it all together.

Most entrepreneurs will not tell you the truth, but the struggle is real especially with the economic recession!
Entrepreneurship is for the brave!

Being an Entreprenuer, you have to contend with a lot of things…
Battling to build up a strong team!
Doing almost everything yourself!
Being understaffed or having lots of wrong hands!
Paying salaries!
Experiencing all sorts of setbacks and disappointments!
Office rent!
Office upkeep!
Lack of sleep!
And the list goes on and on!

For some, these are the things that can push them up!
For others, these can kill them!

The same thing that can make you can also kill you… It all depends on how you handle them!

Entrepreneurship isn’t just something anyone can dabble into especially if you are involved in a complex business like mine which is not straight forward and very risky and also capital intensive.

Entrepreneurship is for the brave!

NB: I want you to know that having a skill and being self employed doesn’t necessarily make you an Entreprenuer!
There is a big difference between being self employed and being an Entreprenuer!


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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

Yes entrepreneurship is very good and on daily basis we hear different people and different “emergency” motivational speakers talk to people about becoming entrepreneurs.
Very nice!
But this morning, I am here to tell you that not everyone is cut out to be an Entreprenuer.
Everyone cannot be an Entreprenuer and not being one doesn’t make you less ambitious and it doesn’t also mean that you are less successful

Always remember, “success is relative!”

This life is made up majorly of performers and spectators…
Leaders and followers…
Producers and consumers…

And I tell you, without each other, all are meaningless!

If you are a leader and can carry all the roles and responsibilities that come with being a leader… It means you can be an entrepreneur!
On the other hand, some people find it really great and awesome to take orders from people. They can not handle leadership. They perform better as followers so entrepreneurship may not be for people in this category.

It is best for you to know where you belong.

Again, every Entreprenuer need people to work with because no matter how great you are in terms of intelligence, hardwork and ideas… A tree can never make a forest!
So if entrepreneurs need people to work with, it means that not everyone can be an Entreprenuer. Some are there and will be there to help you build up your dream and that’s how they fulfil their own destiny too and maximise their potentials.
Yes being a follower doesn’t mean you are not ambitious…

If you are not hardworking and smart and have great shock absorber and ready to encounter losses, instability, uncertainty, etc… Then entrepreneurship is not for you!
If you are not confident enough, entrepreneurship is not for you.
The beginning of it is never sweet believe me. You encounter all sorts.
I can’t begin to narrate them to you now but it’s not something to just dabble into.
It requires extreme hardwork, extreme multitasking, a huge sense of responsibility, hunger, lots of opportunity cost and of course heart ache!
It is not something just anyone can do!
Your passion level has to be up there!
Way up!
It’s the passion that keeps you going for a long time before you become stable and even start thinking of breaking even!

I have come to realise that ENTREPRENEURSHIP has become such an over rated word these days too!
Trust Nigerians… We are good in over doing and over using!

Later I will talk about the difference between an Entreprenuer and a self employed person.

But for now, just know that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

It is an uncertain journey that comes with lots of setbacks and failures before you get the real stuff!
If you can’t pass through fire, this is not for you!

You must be brave and highly courageous to even think of venturing!
You must be a risk taker!

Of all the traits, I will list out 3.
These 3 traits go a long way to tell you if entrepreneurship is for you!


If you lack these 3 traits, then you are better off working to see someone’s dreams come through and true and that doesn’t make you less, it simply means you cannot handle the leadership position and function better as a follower and of course you know we all need each other to survive!

Embrace your position and put in all your best so that great results can be achieved.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.