Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Be mindful of what you consume.

Marilyn Oma Anona
Marilyn Oma Anona

Our Host and Producer “Marilyn Oma Anona” Ogo Marilyn OmaAfrica Anona on facebook wrote;

That lady that is online bragging about how she hates men and how she doesn’t have time for them is somewhere in 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa, cooking for a man she hopes to tie down with her cooking skills and sex skills and she is here bragging. When she goes to a guy’s house to cook for him daily and wash his jeans plus sleep with him. But she comes to tell the dingy people who care to listen that she doesn’t have time for men… onye asi!

The other one that brags about being an independent woman and makes noise about how women are now in charge and she doesn’t need a man is carrying a phone bought by one of the numerous men she sleeps around with. Right now, she is begging for money to renew her rent but will come online to deceive shallow people who care to listen.

That lady that brags about not ever going to feed a man is as I write is trying to persuade her unfortunate boyfriend to come and meet her parents for introduction and willing to bring half of the money for the bride price and the entire requirement but will come here to start making a hell of noise.

The other lady whose point of duty is endless ranting about how cruel men are and how she marriage is not an achievement is just crawling out from some diabolic place with pictures of the 3 men she is desperately trying to tie down… but she comes on here to disturb us with noise about how the most honourable thing is to have a career and die a spinster.

And then there is this other divorcee who has been giving you bad advise and telling you that men are not human beings and how the worst thing that happened to her was getting married but her 2nd wedding is next week.

Keep listening and assimilating nonsense!
Keep consuming rubbish!
Keep following the crowd!

Don’t ever have a mind of your own. Most people you see on here are deceitful. They are hypocrites. They are not truthful. They think strength is all about lies and negativity.
Keep consuming trash.

Till tomorrow I still maintain that the crown of a woman is her husband and having a career can never take the space of a husband.
Stop deciding young people… if you hate men and don’t want to get married, it’s your business!
It doesn’t mean marriage is not a good thing or is for the weak.
If you don’t and can’t fall in love, it doesn’t mean you are strong and the ones who fall in love are weak.

Young people are being deceived on daily basis… they have developed the wrong mentality about marriage and relationship and the most effective tool in spreading this deceit is the social media.

We must be mindful of what we consume.
That is why #omalivingshow came up with a special programme called “BUSINESS AND FAMILY LIFELINE”
Main aim is to help young people reach their relationship and business goals.
6th Episode is on 27th of August, 2016.
It promises to be power packed.
There are also lots of give aways and a counselling session.
To get an invite to this show, send a direct message or watsapp 08038815613.

You can check out our previous posts on this page about the show.




  1. Powerful write up!
    I am one those who believe that it pays to be yourself, anytime, any day and anywhere you are per time. I believe that marriage is a good thing but I do not subscribe to belittling myself, nor do the unimaginable things in order to get married and be counted among those who bears ‘Mrs’.

    I believe also that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cooking for a friend once in a while but when it becomes frequent…it begins to look like what Oma described…as a ‘desperado’…trying to please a man or his family by all means. For me, most times, I could visit a friend, eat his food if he’s the type that knows how to cook, I’ll carefully drop our plate in the sink, I’ll leave the kitchen as I met it… Scattered. After all I wasn’t there as his dish washer…I was there as a friend. Look, I cannot start what I can’t sustain nor finish. The moment you start washing for them, you’ll continue.

    It’s time we women begin to cherish and appreciate our self worth and should not sell ourselves on a platter of ‘nothing’…just because we want to get married or belong to a certain class. It’s time we value ourselves.

    Our youth should take advantage of this event to learn as much as they can, as this will help them build a great future ahead.

    It’s indeed time we tell ourselves the real truth, these men got nothing valuable to give you, they’ll use and dumb you…Period!

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